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Nigeria Traditional Marriage Colours

  1. Red and gold
  2. White and silver
  3. Pink and grey
  4. Red and white
  5. Purple and gold
  6. Champagne gold and peach
  7. Yellow and silver
  8. Champagne gold and orange
  9. Champagne gold and white
  10. Teal and white
  11. White and royal blue
  12. Peach and turquoise blue
  13. Orange and purple
  14. Peach and cream
  15. Baby blue and brown
  16. Silver and yellow
  17. White and white
  18. Gold and cobalt blue
  19. Green and red
  20. Red and silver
  21. Emerald green and gold
  22. Yellow and gold
  23. Champagne gold and gold
  24. Pink and gold
  25. Baby blue and royal blue
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