Nigerian Consulting Companies

some consulting companies in Nigeria

KPMG Consulting

KPMG is a world renowned consulting firm. They are a tax firm providing audit, tax and advisory services. KPMG is a multinational business/financial organization with a really strong work force network in Nigeria. Their audit, tax and advisory services are really top notch.

Accenture Consulting

Accenture consulting is one of the top dogs in the media consultation category. They have companies in over 30 countries and have been in operation in Nigeria since 2002 and they’ve always been living up to their standard of transformational thinking and quality delivery.


Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC) Consulting

PWC is a multinational company providing series of professional services to her clients. Price Water Cooper is arguably the largest professional service provider in the world. Their services cut across tax audit, insurance, business development, legal consultation and so on.


Phillips Consulting

Phillips Consulting is a very popular consulting firm in Nigeria. Their services cut across human resources, branding and business development, financial services and even extends to health services and management.


Deloitte Consulting

Named the best company to work for in Nigeria in 2015, Deloitte, owned by the popular Akintola Williams has services cutting across audit, financial advisory, human capital, legal operations, risk management, business strategy and tax.


Novatia Consulting

Novatia Consulting is an award winning top management consulting company in Nigeria. Their services include: brand building, business development, process improvement, risk analysis, project management, supply chain management and so on.

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Matog Consulting

Matog consulting delivers on consulting standards. They also have a strong workforce network with many years of service experience. Their services cut across financial advisory, health management, PR and business publicity, product development and IT.


Ashford & McGuire Consulting

Ashford and McGuire is a company ranked among the top indigenous management consulting companies in Nigeria with dynamic value streams. Their services include people development, business development strategy, and financial advisory.


Platinum Stream Consulting

Platinum Stream Consulting is a branch out of the popular platinum stream media. The company provides services like audit services, business branding and packaging, staff training and human resource, business registration and development strategy.


Fosad Consulting

Fosad consulting is a renowned consulting firm in Nigeria with a lot of positive feedbacks from their clients. They’ve been in operation in Nigeria for over 15 years and some of their services include marketing strategy, business registration and publicity, personnel management and training and financial aid.

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