Nkanu West L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

  • Agbani-Wards

(20 Polling Booths )
Allins commercial kschool agbani (PU: 14/12/01/015)
Central school agbani i (PU: 14/12/01/006)
Central school, agbani ii (PU: 14/12/01/016)
Community school mbogodo i (PU: 14/12/01/001)
Community school mbogodo ii (PU: 14/12/01/002)
Community secondary school agbani (PU: 14/12/01/014)
Group school agbani (PU: 14/12/01/004)
Mgbenu village hall mbogodo (PU: 14/12/01/020)
Ndiagu ogbeke square (PU: 14/12/01/009)
Nvu amakpu village hall (PU: 14/12/01/007)
Nvu-agu amafor village square agbani (PU: 14/12/01/019)
Ogwe-ajeme village square agbani (PU: 14/12/01/018)
Ojiagu town hall (PU: 14/12/01/012)
Primary school ogbeke i (PU: 14/12/01/003)
Primary school ogbeke ii (PU: 14/12/01/011)
Station primary school agbani i (PU: 14/12/01/005)
Station primary school agbani ii (PU: 14/12/01/013)
Ukuruta town hall (PU: 14/12/01/010)
Ukwa village square (PU: 14/12/01/008)
Umuonwe village hall agbani (PU: 14/12/01/017)

  • Akegbe-ugwu (okwuo)-Wards

(6 Polling Booths )
Agwunato town hall (PU: 14/12/03/004)
Community central school akegbe-ugwu (PU: 14/12/03/001)
Community primary school amigbo (PU: 14/12/03/003)
Girls’ high school, akegbe-ugwu (PU: 14/12/03/005)
Obeagu town hall i (PU: 14/12/03/002)
Obeagu town hall ii (PU: 14/12/03/006)

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  • Akpugo ii-Wards

(7 Polling Booths )
Amauzam village square (PU: 14/12/09/006)
Central school, ndiagu obuno (PU: 14/12/09/003)
Nkwo nnajiona amakwo hall ii (PU: 14/12/09/007)
Nkwo nnajiona amankwo hall i (PU: 14/12/09/002)
Nvuaja village square (PU: 14/12/09/001)
Oketoke village square (PU: 14/12/09/005)
Ubogu village square (PU: 14/12/09/004)

  • Akpugo iii-Wards

(16 Polling Booths )
Ameke centrtal village square (PU: 14/12/10/006)
Boys’ secondary school i (PU: 14/12/10/004)
Boys’ secondary school ii (PU: 14/12/10/011)
Central school deji ndiuno, akpugo i (PU: 14/12/10/009)
Central school deji ndiuno, akpugo ii (PU: 14/12/10/014)
Commnity school ihunekwagu i (PU: 14/12/10/010)
Community central school, amede (PU: 14/12/10/003)
Community school amede (PU: 14/12/10/002)
Community school, ihunekwagu ii (PU: 14/12/10/012)
Community secondary school i (PU: 14/12/10/013)
Community secondary school ii (PU: 14/12/10/008)
Eke nvu ameke village square (PU: 14/12/10/001)
Ndiuzu village hall ihunekwagu (PU: 14/12/10/007)
Ogbashi village square ama-ugo agu deji uno i (PU: 14/12/10/015)
Ogbashi village square ama-ugo agu deji uno ii (PU: 14/12/10/016)
Uwani agbede village (PU: 14/12/10/005)

  • Akpugo iv-Wards

(4 Polling Booths )
Ifeanishene village square (PU: 14/12/11/016)
Obodo aja village square (PU: 14/12/11/018)
Onueko village onicha agu (PU: 14/12/11/017)
Uzzam agu village square (PU: 14/12/11/015)

  • Akugbo iv-Wards

(14 Polling Booths )
Amoji village hall (PU: 14/12/11/013)
Community school deji ndiagu i (PU: 14/12/11/001)
Community school deji ndiagu ii (PU: 14/12/11/012)
Community school ugwuafor (PU: 14/12/11/003)
Enugu-agu village square (PU: 14/12/11/006)
Group school deji ndiagu (PU: 14/12/11/002)
Ogonano village square ogbozine i (PU: 14/12/11/011)
Onichagu village square (PU: 14/12/11/014)
Onu-akpata village square (PU: 14/12/11/008)
Onuafor aniede village hall (PU: 14/12/11/010)
Onueke town hall (PU: 14/12/11/009)
Primary school onuzagba (PU: 14/12/11/004)
Uvagba town hall ii (PU: 14/12/11/007)
Uvuagba town hall i (PU: 14/12/11/005)

  • Amodu-Wards

(9 Polling Booths )
Achara orie odenigbo square (PU: 14/12/04/008)
Amodu achalla town hall i (PU: 14/12/04/004)
Amodu night market square i (PU: 14/12/04/003)
Community school amodu i (PU: 14/12/04/001)
Community school amodu ii (PU: 14/12/04/002)
Enugu-ugbuakpu square (PU: 14/12/04/007)
Ihu-uno ani agu square (PU: 14/12/04/009)
Union primary school amodu i (PU: 14/12/04/005)
Union primary school amodu ii (PU: 14/12/04/006)

  • Amurri-Wards

(19 Polling Booths )
Affia nwakpata square (PU: 14/12/02/012)
Amachara square (PU: 14/12/02/017)
Community central schol eziokwe i (PU: 14/12/02/002)
Community central schol eziokwe ii (PU: 14/12/02/003)
Community central school umuigbo (PU: 14/12/02/005)
Community primary school enuagu (PU: 14/12/02/008)
Community primary school enuagu (PU: 14/12/02/016)
Community school amankanu (PU: 14/12/02/007)
Ihungwu village square (PU: 14/12/02/011)
Nkwo market square (PU: 14/12/02/018)
Obinagu eziokwe village square (PU: 14/12/02/013)
Obodo ide umuagbu-enugu village square (PU: 14/12/02/015)
Obodo ojiri village square (PU: 14/12/02/001)
Obodo ojiri village square ii (PU: 14/12/02/019)
Obodo okolo chukwu village square (PU: 14/12/02/014)
Primary school amankanu (PU: 14/12/02/006)
Primary school obeagu (PU: 14/12/02/004)
Umuedum village hall (PU: 14/12/02/010)
Upata primary school i (PU: 14/12/02/009)

  • Ibite akegbe ugwu-Wards

(14 Polling Booths )
Central school akegbe-ugwu i (PU: 14/12/13/006)
Central school akegbe-ugwu ii (PU: 14/12/13/010)
Comprehensive secondary school akpasha (PU: 14/12/13/009)
Egbu village market square (PU: 14/12/13/008)
Nkwo onugwu market square (PU: 14/12/13/003)
Obodo eneoko village square (PU: 14/12/13/007)
Ogbo-owo village square i (PU: 14/12/13/013)
Ogbo-owo village square ii (PU: 14/12/13/014)
Primary school amagu i (PU: 14/12/13/004)
Primary school amagu ii (PU: 14/12/13/011)
Primary school attakwu i (PU: 14/12/13/001)
Primary school attakwu ii (PU: 14/12/13/002)
S.s.t. akegbe-ugwu (PU: 14/12/13/012)
Ugwu oyovo market square (PU: 14/12/13/005)

  • Ndiuno uwani (akpugo i)-Wards

(6 Polling Booths )
Amaetiti central village hall (PU: 14/12/14/002)
Central school akpugo i (PU: 14/12/14/004)
Central school akpugo ii (PU: 14/12/14/005)
Ndiuno uwani comm. school ii (PU: 14/12/14/006)
Ndiuno uwani community school i (PU: 14/12/14/001)
Onueke village square hall (PU: 14/12/14/003)

  • Obe-Wards

(16 Polling Booths )
Boys’ secondary school obe (PU: 14/12/06/006)
Boys’ secondary school obe ii (PU: 14/12/06/010)
Community central school i (PU: 14/12/06/001)
Community central school ii (PU: 14/12/06/002)
Community school enugu obe i (PU: 14/12/06/005)
Community school enugu obe ii (PU: 14/12/06/009)
Eziobodo enugu obe village square (PU: 14/12/06/013)
Girls’ secondary school obe i (PU: 14/12/06/007)
Obodo onu village square i (PU: 14/12/06/003)
Obodo onu village square ii (PU: 14/12/06/011)
Orie market village square (PU: 14/12/06/015)
Ugwu mkpume village square (PU: 14/12/06/012)
Ugwu nkpume market square (PU: 14/12/06/016)
Ukwudara ihuwuako village square (PU: 14/12/06/014)
Union primary school (PU: 14/12/06/004)
Union primary school obe ii (PU: 14/12/06/008)

  • Obinagu uwani (akpugo i)-Wards

(9 Polling Booths )
Amakpu town hall (PU: 14/12/08/005)
Amaowelle town hall (PU: 14/12/08/002)
Aniyi town hall (PU: 14/12/08/003)
Comm. sec. school obinagu iii (PU: 14/12/08/009)
Community school ameke (PU: 14/12/08/004)
Community secondary school obinagu i (PU: 14/12/08/006)
Community secondary school obinagu ii (PU: 14/12/08/007)
Obinagu uwani ogirishi village square (PU: 14/12/08/001)
Obinagu uwani ogirishi village square i (PU: 14/12/08/008)

  • Obuoffia-Wards

(8 Polling Booths )
Central school obuoffia i (PU: 14/12/05/001)
Central school obuoffia ii (PU: 14/12/05/008)
Enugu village hall (PU: 14/12/05/002)
Iheani awkunanaw central hall ii (PU: 14/12/05/007)
Isiofor town hall obuoffia (PU: 14/12/05/003)
Kiheani awkunanaw central hall (PU: 14/12/05/004)
Obuoffia obe, obuoffia village square (PU: 14/12/05/006)
Umuiba hall obuoffia (PU: 14/12/05/005)

  • Ozalla-Wards

(22 Polling Booths )
Boys’ secondary school (PU: 14/12/07/012)
Central school ozalla i (PU: 14/12/07/008)
Central school ozalla ii (PU: 14/12/07/009)
Community primary school amigbo i (PU: 14/12/07/001)
Community primary school amigbo ii (PU: 14/12/07/018)
Community primary school obeagwu (PU: 14/12/07/005)
Court premises (PU: 14/12/07/010)
Eke market square (PU: 14/12/07/007)
Ndiuno enuagu agu village square (PU: 14/12/07/021)
Nkwo market square (PU: 14/12/07/002)
Obodo okwe community hall (PU: 14/12/07/003)
Onu-akparata umuekwe village square (PU: 14/12/07/019)
River-side primary school (PU: 14/12/07/004)
River-side primary school ii (PU: 14/12/07/017)
Ugwu-ohane village hall (PU: 14/12/07/006)
Ukpaette village square i (PU: 14/12/07/015)
Umu-okolouba hall (PU: 14/12/07/011)
Umuagu village square (PU: 14/12/07/013)
Umuaniagu village square (PU: 14/12/07/016)
Umuhu ozalla (PU: 14/12/07/022)
Umungwu village square-umuokolouba (PU: 14/12/07/020)
Umuonyia anee village hall (PU: 14/12/07/014)

  • Umueze-Wards

(5 Polling Booths )
Boys’ secondary school, umueze i (PU: 14/12/12/004)
Community school i, umueze (PU: 14/12/12/002)
Community school ii, umueze (PU: 14/12/12/003)
Ndiagu etiti village square (PU: 14/12/12/001)
Ndiagu etiti village square (PU: 14/12/12/005)


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