Nnewi North L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

(10 Wards )

Nnewi-ichi i Ward

(17 Polling Booths )
Akabo obiofia hall (PU: 04/14/01/006)
Akwu umuogbo hall (PU: 04/14/01/005)
Ezelichi hall i (PU: 04/14/01/001)
Ezelichi hall ii (PU: 04/14/01/002)
Nnewichi central school (PU: 04/14/01/011)
Nnewichi central school i (PU: 04/14/01/003)
Nnewichi central school i (PU: 04/14/01/014)
Nnewichi central school ii (PU: 04/14/01/004)
Nnewichi central school ii (PU: 04/14/01/015)
Nwewichi central school iii (PU: 04/14/01/016)
Obiofia central school (PU: 04/14/01/010)
Obiofia comm. school i (PU: 04/14/01/007)
Obiofia comm. school ii (PU: 04/14/01/008)
Obiofia odogwu hall (PU: 04/14/01/009)
Okpuno umuona hall i (PU: 04/14/01/012)
Okpuno umuona hall ii (PU: 04/14/01/013)
Okpuno umuona hall iii (PU: 04/14/01/017)

Nnewi-ichi ii Ward

(20 Polling Booths )
Abubo c/s i (PU: 04/14/02/003)
Abubo c/s i (PU: 04/14/02/011)
Abubo c/s ii (PU: 04/14/02/004)
Abubo c/s ii (PU: 04/14/02/012)
Abubo c/s iii (PU: 04/14/02/005)
Bis comm. school i (PU: 04/14/02/001)
Bis comm. school ii (PU: 04/14/02/002)
Obi ofokalle square (PU: 04/14/02/020)
Oduda c/s i (PU: 04/14/02/008)
Oduda c/s ii (PU: 04/14/02/009)
Okwuani central school i (PU: 04/14/02/018)
Okwuani central school ii (PU: 04/14/02/019)
Okwuezemewi hall i (PU: 04/14/02/010)
Okwuezemewi hall ii (PU: 04/14/02/013)
Okwuezemewi hall iii (PU: 04/14/02/014)
Okwuezemewi hall iv (PU: 04/14/02/015)
Okwuezemewi hall v (PU: 04/14/02/016)
Okwuezemewi hall vi (PU: 04/14/02/017)
Olwuezemewi hall i (PU: 04/14/02/006)
Olwuezemewi hall ii (PU: 04/14/02/007)

Otolo i Ward

(20 Polling Booths )
Cooperative centre i (PU: 04/14/03/001)
Cooperative centre ii (PU: 04/14/03/002)
Cooperative centre iii (PU: 04/14/03/003)
Ndiaku otolo hall i (PU: 04/14/03/014)
Ndiaku otolo hall ii (PU: 04/14/03/015)
Ndiaku otolo hall iii (PU: 04/14/03/016)
Ndimegbu (PU: 04/14/03/007)
Ndingbu hall i (PU: 04/14/03/004)
Ndingbu hall ii (PU: 04/14/03/005)
Ndingbu hall iii (PU: 04/14/03/006)
Nnofor hall i (PU: 04/14/03/019)
Nnofor hall ii (PU: 04/14/03/020)
Okofia central school i (PU: 04/14/03/017)
Okofia central school ii (PU: 04/14/03/018)
Okpuno youth hall i (PU: 04/14/03/011)
Okpuno youth hall ii (PU: 04/14/03/012)
Okpuno youth hall iii (PU: 04/14/03/013)
Unizik hall i (PU: 04/14/03/008)
Unizik hall ii (PU: 04/14/03/009)
Unizik hall iii (PU: 04/14/03/010)

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Otolo iii Ward

(25 Polling Booths )
Agu social club i (PU: 04/14/05/017)
Agu social club ii (PU: 04/14/05/018)
Agu social club iii (PU: 04/14/05/022)
Agu social club iv (PU: 04/14/05/023)
Agu social club v (PU: 04/14/05/024)
Agu social club vi (PU: 04/14/05/025)
Ebenator c/s i (PU: 04/14/05/007)
Ebenator c/s ii (PU: 04/14/05/008)
Ebenator c/s iii (PU: 04/14/05/009)
Ebenator c/s iv (PU: 04/14/05/010)
Ebenator c/s v (PU: 04/14/05/011)
Ebenator c/s vi (PU: 04/14/05/012)
Ebenator c/s vii (PU: 04/14/05/020)
Ebenator c/s viii (PU: 04/14/05/021)
Ezekwuabo c/s i (PU: 04/14/05/001)
Ezekwuabo c/s ii (PU: 04/14/05/002)
Ezekwuabo c/s iii (PU: 04/14/05/003)
Eziogwugwu hall i (PU: 04/14/05/013)
Eziogwugwu hall ii (PU: 04/14/05/019)
Mbanagu hall i (PU: 04/14/05/014)
Mbanagu hall ii (PU: 04/14/05/015)
Mbanagu hall iii (PU: 04/14/05/016)
Nsunanor c/s i (PU: 04/14/05/004)
Nsunanor c/s ii (PU: 04/14/05/005)
Nsunanor c/s iii (PU: 04/14/05/006)

Otolo ii Ward

(20 Polling Booths )
Enem comm school i (PU: 04/14/04/007)
Enem comm school ii (PU: 04/14/04/008)
Enem comm school iii (PU: 04/14/04/009)
Enem hall i (PU: 04/14/04/001)
Enem hall ii (PU: 04/14/04/002)
Enem hall iii (PU: 04/14/04/003)
Enem hall iv (PU: 04/14/04/004)
Enem hall v (PU: 04/14/04/020)
Obiofia hall i (PU: 04/14/04/005)
Obiofia hall ii (PU: 04/14/04/006)
Obiofia umuenem c/s i (PU: 04/14/04/010)
Obiofia umuenem c/s ii (PU: 04/14/04/011)
Ogbe cent school (PU: 04/14/04/019)
St. charlse egbu i (PU: 04/14/04/017)
St. charlse egbu ii (PU: 04/14/04/018)
Uzukpe village square i (PU: 04/14/04/012)
Uzukpe village square ii (PU: 04/14/04/013)
Uzukpe village square iii (PU: 04/14/04/014)
Uzukpe village square iv (PU: 04/14/04/015)
Uzukpe village square v (PU: 04/14/04/016)

Umudim i Ward

(20 Polling Booths )
Akabo okechi hall (PU: 04/14/06/020)
Inyaba central school i (PU: 04/14/06/001)
Inyaba central school ii (PU: 04/14/06/002)
Obi akabo hall i (PU: 04/14/06/017)
Obi akabo hall ii (PU: 04/14/06/018)
Obi akabo hall iii (PU: 04/14/06/019)
Obi ezeonu hall i (PU: 04/14/06/006)
Obi ezeonu hall ii (PU: 04/14/06/007)
Obi ezeonu hall iii (PU: 04/14/06/008)
Obi umudim hall i (PU: 04/14/06/005)
Obi umudim hall ii (PU: 04/14/06/016)
Umunealam hall i (PU: 04/14/06/003)
Umunealam hall ii (PU: 04/14/06/004)
Uru hall i (PU: 04/14/06/009)
Uru hall ii (PU: 04/14/06/010)
Uru hall iii (PU: 04/14/06/011)
Uru hall iv (PU: 04/14/06/012)
Uru hall v (PU: 04/14/06/013)
Uru hall vi (PU: 04/14/06/014)
Uru hall vii (PU: 04/14/06/015)

Umudim ii Ward

(21 Polling Booths )
Akamili c/s i (agbo) (PU: 04/14/07/009)
Akamili c/s i (hill) (PU: 04/14/07/015)
Akamili c/s ii (PU: 04/14/07/010)
Akamili c/s ii (PU: 04/14/07/016)
Akamili c/s iii (PU: 04/14/07/011)
Akamili c/s iii (PU: 04/14/07/017)
Eme court i (PU: 04/14/07/006)
Eme court ii (PU: 04/14/07/007)
Eme court iii (PU: 04/14/07/008)
Ezemba hall (PU: 04/14/07/020)
Ezemba hall (elwuli l/out) (PU: 04/14/07/019)
Obi okpunoegbu i (PU: 04/14/07/018)
Obi okpunoegbu ii (PU: 04/14/07/021)
Umudim central school i (PU: 04/14/07/001)
Umudim central school ii (PU: 04/14/07/002)
Umudim central school ii (PU: 04/14/07/003)
Umudinkwa comm. school i (PU: 04/14/07/012)
Umudinkwa comm. school ii (PU: 04/14/07/013)
Umudinkwa comm. school iii (PU: 04/14/07/014)
Umuezenna c/s i (PU: 04/14/07/004)
Umuezenna c/s ii (PU: 04/14/07/005)

Uruagu i Ward

(22 Polling Booths )
Akwuegbo c/s i (PU: 04/14/08/007)
Akwuegbo c/s ii (PU: 04/14/08/008)
Akwuegbo c/s iii (PU: 04/14/08/009)
Akwuegbo c/s iv (PU: 04/14/08/010)
Cooperative centre i (PU: 04/14/08/011)
Cooperative centre ii (PU: 04/14/08/012)
Cooperative centre iii (PU: 04/14/08/013)
Iba okpunoeze hall i (PU: 04/14/08/016)
Iba okpunoeze hall ii (PU: 04/14/08/017)
Iba okpunoeze hall iii (PU: 04/14/08/018)
Nwafor hall i (PU: 04/14/08/003)
Nwafor hall ii (PU: 04/14/08/004)
Nwafor hall iii (PU: 04/14/08/005)
Nwafor hall iv (PU: 04/14/08/006)
Nwafor hall v (PU: 04/14/08/021)
Nwafor hall vi (PU: 04/14/08/022)
Okpunoeze c/s i (PU: 04/14/08/001)
Okpunoeze c/s ii (PU: 04/14/08/002)
Okpunoeze c/s iii (PU: 04/14/08/019)
Okpunoeze c/s iv (PU: 04/14/08/020)
Uruagu c/s i (PU: 04/14/08/014)
Uruagu c/s ii (PU: 04/14/08/015)

Uruagu ii Ward

(23 Polling Booths )
Akaboeze comm. p/s i (PU: 04/14/09/003)
Akaboeze comm. p/s ii (PU: 04/14/09/004)
Akaboukwu hall i (PU: 04/14/09/012)
Akaboukwu hall ii (PU: 04/14/09/013)
Akaboukwu hall iii (PU: 04/14/09/014)
Alagoezem comm. p/s (PU: 04/14/09/019)
Comm. p/s uruagu i (PU: 04/14/09/001)
Comm. p/s uruagu ii (PU: 04/14/09/002)
Comm. p/s uruagu iii (PU: 04/14/09/021)
Comm. p/s uruagu iv (PU: 04/14/09/022)
Edoji c/s i (PU: 04/14/09/009)
Edoji c/s ii (PU: 04/14/09/010)
Edoji c/s iii (PU: 04/14/09/011)
Edoji c/s iv (PU: 04/14/09/023)
Obiagu village hall i (PU: 04/14/09/008)
Obiagu village hall ii (PU: 04/14/09/020)
Umuezeagu p/s i (PU: 04/14/09/005)
Umuezeagu p/s ii (PU: 04/14/09/006)
Umuezeagu p/s iii (PU: 04/14/09/007)
Umumejiaku village hall i (PU: 04/14/09/015)
Umumejiaku village hall ii (PU: 04/14/09/016)
Umumejiaku village hall iii (PU: 04/14/09/017)
Umumejiaku village hall iv (PU: 04/14/09/018)

Uruagu iii Ward

(10 Polling Booths )
Model p/school i (PU: 04/14/10/004)
Model p/school ii (PU: 04/14/10/005)
Model p/school iii (PU: 04/14/10/006)
Model p/school iv (PU: 04/14/10/007)
Model p/school v (PU: 04/14/10/008)
Okpuno uzodike village hall i (PU: 04/14/10/001)
Okpuno uzodike village hall ii (PU: 04/14/10/002)
Okpuno uzodike village hall iii (PU: 04/14/10/003)
Okpuno uzodike village hall iv (PU: 04/14/10/009)
Okpuno uzodike village hall v (PU: 04/14/10/010)


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