Nsit-Atai L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

Ward: Eastern nsit 1

Polling Unit: 

(9 Polling Booths )
Market square, ikot ekong (PU: 03/19/01/002)
Market square, ikot inyang (PU: 03/19/01/007)
Pry sch, odot 111 (PU: 03/19/01/006)
Town hall, akpang ofop (PU: 03/19/01/009)
Town hall, odot 11. i (PU: 03/19/01/003)
Town hall, odot 11. ii (PU: 03/19/01/004)
Town hall, odot 111 (PU: 03/19/01/005)
Village square, ikot nyoho edo (PU: 03/19/01/008)
Village square, odot 1 (PU: 03/19/01/001)

Ward: Eastern nsit 11

Polling Unit: 

(8 Polling Booths )
Pry sch, abasi nsit (PU: 03/19/02/007)
Pry sch, iwok 1. i (PU: 03/19/02/002)
Pry sch, iwok 1. ii (PU: 03/19/02/003)
Sec sch, iwok 1 (PU: 03/19/02/004)
Town hall, iwok 1 (PU: 03/19/02/008)
Town hall, iwok 111 (PU: 03/19/02/006)
Village square, etobodom (PU: 03/19/02/001)
Village square, iwok 11 (PU: 03/19/02/005)

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Ward:  Eastern nsit 111

Polling Unit: 

(8 Polling Booths )
Pry sch, ubetim (PU: 03/19/03/005)
Town hall, idiaba (PU: 03/19/03/001)
Town hall, ikot ebiyan (PU: 03/19/03/008)
Town hall, ikot udotang (PU: 03/19/03/004)
Town hall,afahabang (PU: 03/19/03/002)
Village square, ikot otu (PU: 03/19/03/007)
Village square, ikot udotang (PU: 03/19/03/003)
Village square, ubetim (PU: 03/19/03/006)

Ward: Eastern nsit 1v

Polling Unit: 

(7 Polling Booths )
Pry sch, ikot mkpo (PU: 03/19/04/006)
Pry sch, ndon ikot itie udung. i (PU: 03/19/04/003)
Pry sch, ndon ikot itie udung. ii (PU: 03/19/04/004)
Pry sch, ndon umum (PU: 03/19/04/007)
Town hall, obio akpan (PU: 03/19/04/001)
Village square, ikot erong (PU: 03/19/04/002)
Village square, ndon ikot itie udung (PU: 03/19/04/005)

Ward:  Eastern nsit ix

Polling Unit:

(7 Polling Booths )
Market square, adia nsit (PU: 03/19/09/001)
Pry sch, ikot ekpot (PU: 03/19/09/006)
Pry sch, ikot ukpong (PU: 03/19/09/004)
Town hall, ibakang (PU: 03/19/09/007)
Town hall, ikot obon (PU: 03/19/09/002)
Village square, ikot ntuen (PU: 03/19/09/005)
Village square, nsasak (PU: 03/19/09/003)

Ward:  Eastern nsit v

Polling Unit:

(8 Polling Booths )
Pry sch, ikot akpabio (PU: 03/19/05/008)
Pry sch, ikot itie udung (PU: 03/19/05/003)
Sec sch, ikot asua (PU: 03/19/05/007)
Town hall, ikot obong (PU: 03/19/05/002)
Village square, ikot idiakpa ikot ntuen. i (PU: 03/19/05/005)
Village square, ikot idiakpa ikot ntuen. ii (PU: 03/19/05/006)
Village square, ikot itie udung (PU: 03/19/05/004)
Village square, ikot obong (PU: 03/19/05/001)

Ward:  Eastern nsit v1

Polling Unit:

(6 Polling Booths )
Pry sch, ebite (PU: 03/19/06/005)
Pry sch, ikot akpanike (PU: 03/19/06/003)
Pry sch, ikot edebe (PU: 03/19/06/001)
Village square, ikot akpanike (PU: 03/19/06/004)
Village square, ikot edebe (PU: 03/19/06/002)
Village square, ndon ekpe (PU: 03/19/06/006)

Ward: Eastern nsit v11

Polling Unit:

(8 Polling Booths )
Sec sch, ibedu (PU: 03/19/07/003)
Town hall, four towns, ikot eket (PU: 03/19/07/008)
Town hall, ibiakpan (PU: 03/19/07/007)
Town hall, ikot abia ama (PU: 03/19/07/005)
Village square, ibedu (PU: 03/19/07/002)
Village square, idikpa (PU: 03/19/07/001)
Village square, ikot abia enye (PU: 03/19/07/004)
Village square, ikot esen nsit (PU: 03/19/07/006)

Ward: Eastern nsit v111

Polling Unit:

(6 Polling Booths )
Pry sch, ikot nkpene (PU: 03/19/08/004)
Pry sch, okoro nsit i (PU: 03/19/08/002)
Pry sch, okoro nsit ii (PU: 03/19/08/003)
Town hall, unyehe nsit (PU: 03/19/08/001)
Village square, idifa (PU: 03/19/08/005)
Village square, ikot ubok udom (PU: 03/19/08/006)

Ward: Eastern nsit x

Polling Unit:

(8 Polling Booths )
Pry sch, nda nsit (PU: 03/19/10/006)
Pry sch, ikot uyo (PU: 03/19/10/003)
Town hall, ikot essien i (PU: 03/19/10/001)
Town hall, ikot essien ii (PU: 03/19/10/002)
Village square, afia (PU: 03/19/10/004)
Village square, ikot esop (PU: 03/19/10/007)
Village square, ikot udofia (PU: 03/19/10/008)
Village square, nda nsit (PU: 03/19/10/005)

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