Nsit-Ibom L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

Ward: Asang 1

Polling Unit: 

(8 Polling Booths )
Pry sch, afia nsit 1 (PU: 03/20/01/006)
Pry sch, mbiokporo 1 (PU: 03/20/01/001)
U.p.e, nduo eduo (PU: 03/20/01/004)
Village hall, afaha nsit (PU: 03/20/01/003)
Village hall, ikot ntuen (PU: 03/20/01/005)
Village hall, mbiokporo 1 (PU: 03/20/01/002)
Village square, akpambang/mbiokporo 1 (PU: 03/20/01/008)
Village square, ikot asat (PU: 03/20/01/007)

Ward: Asang 11

Polling Unit: 

(5 Polling Booths )
Pry sch, ekpene ikpan (PU: 03/20/02/005)
Pry sch, ikot offiok (PU: 03/20/02/002)
Pry sch, ukat nsit (PU: 03/20/02/001)
Village hall, mbak nsit (PU: 03/20/02/003)
Village square, ikot otong (PU: 03/20/02/004)

Ward: Asang 111

Polling Unit:

(7 Polling Booths )
Market square, ikot oku nsit (PU: 03/20/03/001)
Nsit district sch, obot idim (PU: 03/20/03/002)
Pry sch, ikot ntan (PU: 03/20/03/003)
Pry sch, obo atai (PU: 03/20/03/005)
Pry sch, okukuk (PU: 03/20/03/004)
Village square, ikot obio edim (PU: 03/20/03/007)
Village square, mbiakot (PU: 03/20/03/006)

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Ward:  Asang 1v

Polling Unit:

(10 Polling Booths )
Comp. sec. sch, obotim ikot ekong (PU: 03/20/04/001)
Court hall, asang (PU: 03/20/04/006)
Pry sch, obiokpok nsit (PU: 03/20/04/005)
St andrew’s african sch, anyam (PU: 03/20/04/010)
Tech. sch, obotim ikot etim (PU: 03/20/04/004)
Town hall , obotim ikot ekong (PU: 03/20/04/002)
Town hall, ikot offiong (PU: 03/20/04/007)
Town hall, okwo nsit (PU: 03/20/04/009)
Village square, nditung (PU: 03/20/04/008)
Village square, nung ekanem , obotim ikot ekong (PU: 03/20/04/003)

Ward: Asang v

Polling Unit:

(7 Polling Booths )
Central sch, obo ikot ita (PU: 03/20/05/005)
Civic centre, obo ikot ita (PU: 03/20/05/006)
Market square, ikot idem (PU: 03/20/05/003)
Pry sch , obo etok (PU: 03/20/05/004)
Pry. sch, obo ntong (PU: 03/20/05/007)
Village hall, ikot obok (PU: 03/20/05/002)
Village square, ikot idem (PU: 03/20/05/001)

Ward: Mbaiso 1

Polling Unit:

(10 Polling Booths )
Adult edu. centre, ikot obio etan (PU: 03/20/06/009)
Afaha/edebom pry sch (PU: 03/20/06/008)
Health centre, afaha offiong (PU: 03/20/06/005)
Luth. pry sch, afaha offiong (PU: 03/20/06/003)
Nung essien hall, afaha offiong (PU: 03/20/06/007)
Sal. army pry sch, afaha offiong (PU: 03/20/06/002)
Sec. comm. sch, afaha offiong (PU: 03/20/06/004)
St paul’s pry sch, ahaha/afia nsit (PU: 03/20/06/006)
Town hall, afaha offiong (PU: 03/20/06/001)
Village hall, ikot obio etan (PU: 03/20/06/010)

Ward: Mbaiso 11

Polling Unit:

(7 Polling Booths )
Comp. sec sch mbiokporo 11 (PU: 03/20/07/006)
Health centre , afia nsit urua nko (PU: 03/20/07/002)
Pry sch mbiokporo 11 (PU: 03/20/07/005)
Q.i.c pry sch, afia nsit/mbiokporo 11 (PU: 03/20/07/004)
Town hall, afia nsit urua nko (PU: 03/20/07/001)
Village square, ikot abasi nsit (PU: 03/20/07/007)
Youth club hall, afia nsit urua nko (PU: 03/20/07/003)

Ward: Mbaiso 111

Polling Unit:

(8 Polling Booths )
Comp. sec sch, edebom 1 (PU: 03/20/08/001)
Market square, edebom 1 (PU: 03/20/08/004)
Pry sch, afaha abia/ikot obio asanga (PU: 03/20/08/005)
Pry sch, eyiesana, edebom 1 (PU: 03/20/08/002)
Pry sch, nkwot (PU: 03/20/08/007)
St sav. pry sch, edebom 1 (PU: 03/20/08/003)
Village hall, afaha abia (PU: 03/20/08/006)
Village hall, ikot obio asanga (PU: 03/20/08/008)

Ward:  Mbaiso 1v

Polling Unit:

(7 Polling Booths )
Pry sch, ikot akpan (PU: 03/20/09/005)
Pry sch, ikot ebre (PU: 03/20/09/004)
Pry sch, ikot iwud (PU: 03/20/09/007)
Pry sch, ikot odiong (PU: 03/20/09/006)
Pry. sch, ikot nya (PU: 03/20/09/002)
Sec. sch, ikot nya (PU: 03/20/09/001)
Village square, enwang/ikot nya (PU: 03/20/09/003)

Ward: Mbaiso v

Polling Unit:

(7 Polling Booths )
Bus stop, afaha nsit (PU: 03/20/10/003)
College of education, afaha nsit (PU: 03/20/10/004)
Govt. sch, afaha ikot ede (PU: 03/20/10/006)
Pry sch, afaha ntup (PU: 03/20/10/002)
Pry sch, mbiaso (PU: 03/20/10/001)
Town hall, afaha ikot/afaha nsit (PU: 03/20/10/005)
Village hall, ikot akpa etang (PU: 03/20/10/007)

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