Obokun L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

(10 Wards )


(6 Polling Booths )
Ayetoro open space (PU: 29/24/05/006)
Eesun maternity centre (PU: 29/24/05/001)
Ibala maternity centre (PU: 29/24/05/002)
Ido-oko grammar school (PU: 29/24/05/005)
Ijana l.a. pry. school (PU: 29/24/05/003)
Ijaregbe methodist pry. school (PU: 29/24/05/004)

Esa – odo

(6 Polling Booths )
Esa-odo apostolic pry. school (PU: 29/24/09/001)
Esa-odo market square (PU: 29/24/09/002)
Esa-odo maternity centre (PU: 29/24/09/004)
Esa-odo st. david’s pry. school (PU: 29/24/09/003)
Esa-odo united primary school (PU: 29/24/09/005)
Oko kojegbin open space (PU: 29/24/09/006)

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(13 Polling Booths )
Esa-oke african church pry. school i (PU: 29/24/07/005)
Esa-oke african church pry. school ii (PU: 29/24/07/006)
Esa-oke farm settlement (PU: 29/24/07/011)
Esa-oke grammar school (PU: 29/24/07/010)
Esa-oke l.a. school i (PU: 29/24/07/007)
Esa-oke l.a. school ii (PU: 29/24/07/008)
Esa-oke st. joseph’s school (PU: 29/24/07/002)
Esa-oke st. peter’s pry. school (PU: 29/24/07/003)
Esa-oke town hall (PU: 29/24/07/001)
Esa-oke united school (PU: 29/24/07/004)
Ido ayegunle pry. school (PU: 29/24/07/013)
Oja-oko open space (PU: 29/24/07/009)
Oke-tafia primary school (PU: 29/24/07/012)

Ibokun (township)

(9 Polling Booths )
Ibokun catholic pry. school (PU: 29/24/01/004)
Ibokun court hall (PU: 29/24/01/007)
Ibokun dispensary (PU: 29/24/01/008)
Ibokun isale alfa (PU: 29/24/01/009)
Ibokun l.a. grammar school (PU: 29/24/01/005)
Ibokun n.u.d. pry. school (PU: 29/24/01/002)
Ibokun post office (PU: 29/24/01/001)
Ibokun st. peter’s pry. schol (PU: 29/24/01/003)
Ibokun, ibokun grammar school (PU: 29/24/01/006)


(6 Polling Booths )
Gbogidigbo open space (PU: 29/24/03/005)
Ikinyinwa st. john’s pry. school (PU: 29/24/03/003)
Ikinyinwa town hall (PU: 29/24/03/004)
Ilahun apostolic pry. school (PU: 29/24/03/001)
Ilahun maternity centre (PU: 29/24/03/002)
Itaosun open space (PU: 29/24/03/006)


(7 Polling Booths )
Ajibamidele egigun open space (PU: 29/24/10/007)
Iketewi community pry. school (PU: 29/24/10/006)
Ilare community school (PU: 29/24/10/005)
Ilare l.i.e. zonal office (PU: 29/24/10/003)
Ilare market square (PU: 29/24/10/004)
Ilare methodist pry. school (PU: 29/24/10/001)
Ilare st. prancis pry. school` (PU: 29/24/10/002)


(13 Polling Booths )
Alafon open space (PU: 29/24/04/008)
Ayetoro l.a. pry. school (PU: 29/24/04/011)
Coker market square (PU: 29/24/04/003)
Idominasi towh hall (PU: 29/24/04/012)
Ilase dispensary (PU: 29/24/04/013)
Ilase n.u.d. pry. school (PU: 29/24/04/001)
Ilase town hall (PU: 29/24/04/002)
Iponda l.a.pry. school (PU: 29/24/04/004)
Iregun methodist pry. school (PU: 29/24/04/006)
Kiloru anglican pry. school (PU: 29/24/04/005)
Olorunda l.a. school (PU: 29/24/04/009)
Oniyere/kati l.a. pry. school (PU: 29/24/04/010)
Oora l.a. pry. school (PU: 29/24/04/007)


(8 Polling Booths )
Imesi-ile ijana pry. school (PU: 29/24/06/001)
Imesi-ile l.a. school i (PU: 29/24/06/006)
Imesi-ile l.a. school ii (PU: 29/24/06/007)
Imesi-ile market square (PU: 29/24/06/008)
Imesi-ile methodist pry. school (PU: 29/24/06/004)
Imesi-ile rural health centre (PU: 29/24/06/003)
Imesi-ile st. paul’s school (PU: 29/24/06/005)
Imesi-ile town hall (PU: 29/24/06/002)


(8 Polling Booths )
Adaowode baptist pry. school (PU: 29/24/02/005)
Erinja, erinja market (PU: 29/24/02/007)
Ipetu-ile methodist pry. school i (PU: 29/24/02/001)
Ipetu-ile methodist pry. school ii (PU: 29/24/02/002)
Ipetu-ile surajudeen pry. schol (PU: 29/24/02/008)
Itiya pry. school (PU: 29/24/02/003)
Oja-titun l.a. pry. school (PU: 29/24/02/006)
Olomu l.a. pry. school (PU: 29/24/02/004)


(7 Polling Booths )
Otan-ile cooperative store (PU: 29/24/08/004)
Otan-ile imuo pry. school (PU: 29/24/08/001)
Otan-ile inigbo pry. school (PU: 29/24/08/005)
Otan-ile market square (PU: 29/24/08/002)
Otan-ile n.u.d. school (PU: 29/24/08/007)
Otan-ile town hall (PU: 29/24/08/006)
Otanile n.u.d. school (PU: 29/24/08/003)

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