Obubra L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

(11 Wards )

Ababene Ward 

(13 Polling Booths )
4 corners ababene (PU: 09/13/01/010)
6 corners ababene (PU: 09/13/01/003)
Ababene health centre (PU: 09/13/01/005)
Ababene town hall (PU: 09/13/01/002)
Government primary school ababene (PU: 09/13/01/001)
Ijirewot (PU: 09/13/01/012)
Ochekira town hall (PU: 09/13/01/004)
Ofura primary school (PU: 09/13/01/006)
Play ground, akpatre (PU: 09/13/01/009)
Play ground, joboknode (PU: 09/13/01/011)
Primary school arobom (PU: 09/13/01/007)
Primary school obubem (PU: 09/13/01/008)
Primary school, ababene (PU: 09/13/01/013)

Apiapum Ward 

(10 Polling Booths )
Community secondary school (PU: 09/13/02/005)
Customary court (PU: 09/13/02/004)
Elf filling station (PU: 09/13/02/003)
Iyami play ground (PU: 09/13/02/006)
Nnunkpen bus stop (PU: 09/13/02/009)
Obebema play ground (PU: 09/13/02/007)
Obok-onode play ground (PU: 09/13/02/010)
Pcn apiapum (PU: 09/13/02/001)
Pcn apiapum (PU: 09/13/02/002)
Timber market (PU: 09/13/02/008)

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Iyamoyong Ward 

(16 Polling Booths )
Enona town hall (PU: 09/13/03/004)
Enona town hall (PU: 09/13/03/011)
Iyamoyong market square (PU: 09/13/03/005)
Market square iyamitet (PU: 09/13/03/016)
Okparero town hall (PU: 09/13/03/006)
Oteteh atet town hall (PU: 09/13/03/007)
Play ground agoi road iyamitet (PU: 09/13/03/013)
Play ground ebora iyamoyong (PU: 09/13/03/008)
Play ground ekomorotet (PU: 09/13/03/014)
Play ground iyamitet (PU: 09/13/03/010)
Playground iyamoyong (PU: 09/13/03/002)
Primary school iyamitet (PU: 09/13/03/012)
Primary school okomorotet (PU: 09/13/03/001)
Primary school, iyamitet (PU: 09/13/03/009)
Round about iyamoyong (PU: 09/13/03/003)
Water pump station iyamoyong (PU: 09/13/03/015)

Obubra urban Ward 

(14 Polling Booths )
Court hall, obubra village (PU: 09/13/04/001)
Imabana ochokwu play ground (PU: 09/13/04/008)
Mile i bust stop (PU: 09/13/04/005)
Obubra village play ground i (PU: 09/13/04/011)
Obubra village play ground ii (PU: 09/13/04/012)
Ogada i play ground (PU: 09/13/04/006)
Ogada i play ground (PU: 09/13/04/013)
Ogada ii bus stop (PU: 09/13/04/004)
Owakande i play ground (PU: 09/13/04/003)
Owakande i town hall (PU: 09/13/04/002)
Owakande ii bus stop (PU: 09/13/04/010)
Primary school, imabana itamtet (PU: 09/13/04/009)
Primary school, ogada i (PU: 09/13/04/007)
Round about, obubra urban (PU: 09/13/04/014)

Ochon Ward 

(15 Polling Booths )
Akam ogbagwen play ground (PU: 09/13/05/008)
Edenden play ground (PU: 09/13/05/009)
Edondon primary school (PU: 09/13/05/012)
Isabang play ground (PU: 09/13/05/005)
Ochon bus stop (PU: 09/13/05/003)
Odonget play ground (PU: 09/13/05/004)
Ofunafu play ground (PU: 09/13/05/002)
Ogambang play ground (PU: 09/13/05/014)
Ohana play ground (PU: 09/13/05/011)
Ohana primary school (PU: 09/13/05/013)
Okokori play ground (PU: 09/13/05/010)
Onyenekpen play ground (PU: 09/13/05/006)
Play ground onyenorangha (PU: 09/13/05/007)
Primary school, ochon (PU: 09/13/05/001)
Town hall onyenokpen (PU: 09/13/05/015)

Ofat Ward 

(13 Polling Booths )
Oderegha play ground (PU: 09/13/06/002)
Oderegha town hall (PU: 09/13/06/013)
Ofat okwudo (PU: 09/13/06/007)
Ofat play ground (PU: 09/13/06/008)
Ofat play ground (PU: 09/13/06/012)
Okorokpana play ground (PU: 09/13/06/003)
Onyadama play ground (PU: 09/13/06/009)
Onyadama primary school (PU: 09/13/06/005)
Ovokwa primary school (PU: 09/13/06/004)
Play ground ebo (PU: 09/13/06/006)
Play ground ovokwa (PU: 09/13/06/010)
Primary school, ofat (PU: 09/13/06/001)
Primary school, ofat (PU: 09/13/06/011)

Ofodua Ward 

(11 Polling Booths )
Holy child convent primary school (PU: 09/13/07/001)
Ofodua water side play ground i (PU: 09/13/07/003)
Ofodua water side play ground ii (PU: 09/13/07/004)
Play ground ijoda (PU: 09/13/07/009)
Play ground mughe (PU: 09/13/07/011)
Play ground mughe i (PU: 09/13/07/007)
Play ground ochikpo (PU: 09/13/07/008)
Play ground ofodua (PU: 09/13/07/002)
Primary school, onyekpenden i (PU: 09/13/07/005)
Primary school, onyekpenden ii (PU: 09/13/07/006)
Town hall ofodua (PU: 09/13/07/010)

Ofumbongha/yala Ward 

(15 Polling Booths )
Market square nkum akpambe (PU: 09/13/08/015)
Obokpa play ground (PU: 09/13/08/009)
Ofumbongha play ground i (PU: 09/13/08/001)
Ofumbongha play ground ii (PU: 09/13/08/002)
Ofumbongha play ground ii (PU: 09/13/08/003)
Ofumbongha play ground iv (PU: 09/13/08/004)
Okokoma play ground (PU: 09/13/08/008)
Okpangut play ground (PU: 09/13/08/014)
Osakan play ground (PU: 09/13/08/006)
Osini play ground (PU: 09/13/08/005)
Play ground, nkum akpambe (PU: 09/13/08/011)
Primary school nkum akpambe (PU: 09/13/08/010)
Primary school ofumbongha iv (PU: 09/13/08/012)
Primary school osakan (PU: 09/13/08/013)
Primary school, araragha (PU: 09/13/08/007)

Osopong i Ward 

(18 Polling Booths )
Court hall, ogurude (PU: 09/13/09/002)
Ijutum primary school (PU: 09/13/09/008)
Play ground ofonama (PU: 09/13/09/014)
Play ground ofonekom (PU: 09/13/09/012)
Play ground ogamana (PU: 09/13/09/015)
Play ground ogurokpon (PU: 09/13/09/003)
Play ground omene (PU: 09/13/09/013)
Play ground owakande ekpa (PU: 09/13/09/017)
Play ground, eja (PU: 09/13/09/011)
Play ground, idoru (PU: 09/13/09/009)
Play ground, ogurude (PU: 09/13/09/018)
Primamry school, ogurude (PU: 09/13/09/001)
Primary school apiapum tet (PU: 09/13/09/010)
Primary school ijeghe ibum (PU: 09/13/09/016)
Primary school okpechi (PU: 09/13/09/004)
Primary school, ijeghe orangha (PU: 09/13/09/007)
Primary school, ofonmana (PU: 09/13/09/005)
Primary school, okimbongha (PU: 09/13/09/006)

Osopong ii Ward 

(18 Polling Booths )
Pcn isobo bikobiko (PU: 09/13/10/010)
Pcn isobo itaka (PU: 09/13/10/009)
Play ground azuofia enyigba (PU: 09/13/10/012)
Play ground ebura echara (PU: 09/13/10/016)
Play ground egu echara (PU: 09/13/10/013)
Play ground enyibilhiri (PU: 09/13/10/008)
Play ground ichorikpa (PU: 09/13/10/014)
Play ground izoda otaka (PU: 09/13/10/015)
Play ground ndi-igwe bikobiko (PU: 09/13/10/017)
Play ground ndubia (PU: 09/13/10/003)
Play ground odageri jedda (PU: 09/13/10/005)
Play ground ohenna jedda (PU: 09/13/10/004)
Play ground onyenyim (PU: 09/13/10/002)
Play ground, isobo otaka (PU: 09/13/10/018)
Play ground, minikum (PU: 09/13/10/006)
Play ground, ndio mejiotaka (PU: 09/13/10/011)
Playground, ofia oji (PU: 09/13/10/001)
Primary school onyadalogu (PU: 09/13/10/007)

Ovonum Ward 

(12 Polling Booths )
Bus stop ofatura (PU: 09/13/11/012)
Bus stop ovonum (PU: 09/13/11/007)
Hausa quarter, ofatura (PU: 09/13/11/009)
Ibca ovonum (PU: 09/13/11/003)
Play ground okupe (PU: 09/13/11/010)
Play ground ovonum (PU: 09/13/11/002)
Play ground owonokwe (PU: 09/13/11/008)
Play ground, ofatura (PU: 09/13/11/011)
Play ground, ovonum (PU: 09/13/11/006)
Primary school ahaha (PU: 09/13/11/005)
Primary school, ofatura (PU: 09/13/11/004)
Primary school, ovonum (PU: 09/13/11/001)

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