Ogoja L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

(10 Wards )

Ekajuk i Ward

(14 Polling Booths )
Health centre, nkpakna (PU: 09/16/01/013)
Playground egbung (PU: 09/16/01/003)
Playground, adigbo (PU: 09/16/01/014)
Playground, bansara (PU: 09/16/01/001)
Playground, bansara (PU: 09/16/01/002)
Playground, ewinimba (PU: 09/16/01/005)
Playground, ngbunafom (PU: 09/16/01/008)
Playground, ntara waterside (PU: 09/16/01/010)
Primary school mfom i (PU: 09/16/01/006)
Primary school mfom ii (PU: 09/16/01/007)
Primary school, eyanjul (PU: 09/16/01/011)
Primary school, ekwaro (PU: 09/16/01/004)
Primary school, emmandack (PU: 09/16/01/012)
Primary school, ntara (PU: 09/16/01/009)

Ekajuk ii Ward 

(11 Polling Booths )
In front of egim ebo, nwang ii (PU: 09/16/02/010)
Play ground, egoja ndim (PU: 09/16/02/007)
Play ground, esam ii (PU: 09/16/02/003)
Play ground, mbarekul (PU: 09/16/02/006)
Play ground, mbock junction (PU: 09/16/02/009)
Playground, abuntak (PU: 09/16/02/011)
Playground, egul (PU: 09/16/02/008)
Playground, ekpugrinya (PU: 09/16/02/004)
Playground, esam i (PU: 09/16/02/002)
Playground, eshinjuck (PU: 09/16/02/001)
Primary school, nwang (PU: 09/16/02/005)

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Mbube east i 

(9 Polling Booths )
Play ground, igung-ojerim (PU: 09/16/03/009)
Play ground, mpang ogberia-ochoro (PU: 09/16/03/004)
Playground, ogberia ogang (PU: 09/16/03/003)
Playground, ojerim ereh (PU: 09/16/03/007)
Primary school, nkim i (PU: 09/16/03/001)
Primary school, nkim ii (PU: 09/16/03/002)
St. francis primary school, ogang-ogberia (PU: 09/16/03/008)
St. peter’s primary school, ojerim i (PU: 09/16/03/005)
St. peter’s primary school, ojerim ii (PU: 09/16/03/006)

Mbube east ii Ward

(10 Polling Booths )
Mpang abang play ground, egbe (PU: 09/16/04/008)
Play ground, aragbang (PU: 09/16/04/001)
Play ground, egbe-egbudu (PU: 09/16/04/006)
Play ground, oboso ereh (PU: 09/16/04/009)
Playground, benkpe (PU: 09/16/04/003)
Playground, kesube, egbe (PU: 09/16/04/007)
Primary school, benkpe (PU: 09/16/04/002)
Primary school, egbe i (PU: 09/16/04/004)
Primary school, oboso aragbang (PU: 09/16/04/010)
Primary school,egbe ii (PU: 09/16/04/005)

Mbube west i Ward 

(14 Polling Booths )
Convent primary school, idum (PU: 09/16/05/006)
Lutheran primary school, ekumtak (PU: 09/16/05/002)
Market square, idum (PU: 09/16/05/012)
Play ground abuekpu, idum (PU: 09/16/05/010)
Play ground mpam mgbinyi, idum i (PU: 09/16/05/008)
Play ground, mpam bekwel (PU: 09/16/05/014)
Play ground, abi irruan idum (PU: 09/16/05/007)
Play ground, abuekpu (PU: 09/16/05/011)
Play ground, mpam atam idum ii (PU: 09/16/05/009)
Play ground, mpam atam, idum (PU: 09/16/05/013)
Play ground, owarakande ekumtak (PU: 09/16/05/005)
Playground, kadama, ekumtak (PU: 09/16/05/003)
Playground, odama egbudu-ekumtak (PU: 09/16/05/001)
Primary school, mpang abang libie ekumt ak (PU: 09/16/05/004)

Mbube west ii Ward 

(10 Polling Booths )
Christ the king primary school, odajie (PU: 09/16/06/007)
Market square, odajie (PU: 09/16/06/009)
Play ground adagom odajie (PU: 09/16/06/008)
Play ground edide ii (PU: 09/16/06/004)
Play ground mkpat, odajie ii (PU: 09/16/06/006)
Play ground, asaba odajie (PU: 09/16/06/010)
Play ground, mkpat, odajie i (PU: 09/16/06/005)
Playground edide i (PU: 09/16/06/003)
Playground, bansan (PU: 09/16/06/002)
St. joseph primary school bansan (PU: 09/16/06/001)

Nkum iborr Ward 

(11 Polling Booths )
Ating alladim playground (PU: 09/16/07/011)
Play ground ating ukpe (PU: 09/16/07/009)
Play ground, ikabe (PU: 09/16/07/005)
Play ground, nkpote ukep (PU: 09/16/07/010)
Playground, nfekpa, igodor (PU: 09/16/07/003)
Primary school mbagide (PU: 09/16/07/006)
Primary school, igodor (PU: 09/16/07/002)
Primary school, ikandagah (PU: 09/16/07/004)
St. mark’s primary school ukpagada ii (PU: 09/16/07/008)
St. mark’s primary school, ukpagada i (PU: 09/16/07/007)
St. vincent primary school, alladim (PU: 09/16/07/001)

Nkum irede Ward 

(8 Polling Booths )
Customary court nkum (PU: 09/16/08/008)
Play ground ishindane, ibil ii (PU: 09/16/08/004)
Play ground itung, ibil (PU: 09/16/08/006)
Play ground, ibil (PU: 09/16/08/007)
Playground aburu mbede, ibil i (PU: 09/16/08/001)
Playground aburu mbede, ibil ii (PU: 09/16/08/002)
Playground ishindane, ibil i (PU: 09/16/08/003)
Primary school, ibil (PU: 09/16/08/005)

Ogoja urban i Ward 

(18 Polling Booths )
Garki okuku road (PU: 09/16/09/004)
Holy child convent primary school, agiga i (PU: 09/16/09/001)
Holy child convent primary school, agiga ii (PU: 09/16/09/002)
Holy child convent primary school, agiga iii (PU: 09/16/09/003)
Maternity hospital moniaya (PU: 09/16/09/007)
Near b.i.r. office (PU: 09/16/09/008)
Play ground ikaptang, ishibori. ii (PU: 09/16/09/010)
Play ground ukamusha, ishibori. i (PU: 09/16/09/009)
Play ground, ishibori (PU: 09/16/09/013)
Playground ishibori (PU: 09/16/09/018)
St. andrew’s primary school i (PU: 09/16/09/011)
St. andrew’s primary school i (PU: 09/16/09/012)
St. ben’s dem primary school igoli. i (PU: 09/16/09/005)
St. ben’s dem. primary school, igoli. ii (PU: 09/16/09/006)
St. ben’s primary school, ishibori. ii (PU: 09/16/09/015)
St. ben’s primary school, ishibori. i (PU: 09/16/09/014)
St. ben’s primary school, ishibori. iii (PU: 09/16/09/016)
St. ben’s pry. sch. ishibori (PU: 09/16/09/017)

Ogoja urban ii Ward

(13 Polling Booths )
Boki road by mech. workshop abakpa (PU: 09/16/10/011)
Motor park abakpa (PU: 09/16/10/009)
Njerman lane abakpa (PU: 09/16/10/012)
Ntol comp. sec. sch. / ndok (PU: 09/16/10/002)
Ntol comprehensive secondary school ndok (PU: 09/16/10/001)
Play ground ogboja (PU: 09/16/10/006)
Play ground ogboja (PU: 09/16/10/007)
Play ground okende (PU: 09/16/10/010)
Play ground, adagom (PU: 09/16/10/013)
Play ground, ogboja (PU: 09/16/10/008)
Playground, ndok america (PU: 09/16/10/003)
St. theresa’s primary school ogboja (PU: 09/16/10/004)
St. theresa’s primary school, ogbaja (PU: 09/16/10/005)

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