Ohaji/Egbema L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

  • Assa/obile-Wards

(12 Polling Booths )
Afor market square i (PU: 16/18/01/005)
Afor market square ii (PU: 16/18/01/011)
Alioma village square (PU: 16/18/01/006)
Assa market square (PU: 16/18/01/012)
Central school assa i (PU: 16/18/01/003)
Central school assa ii (PU: 16/18/01/004)
Community sch. obile (PU: 16/18/01/007)
Nkwo obile market square (PU: 16/18/01/009)
Primary school obile (PU: 16/18/01/010)
Town sch. assa i (PU: 16/18/01/001)
Town sch. assa ii (PU: 16/18/01/002)
Umueneta village square (PU: 16/18/01/008)

  • Awara/ikwerede-Wards

(14 Polling Booths )
Awara market square i (PU: 16/18/02/005)
Awara market square ii (PU: 16/18/02/013)
Awara market square iii (PU: 16/18/02/014)
Central sch. awara i (PU: 16/18/02/002)
Central sch. awara ii (PU: 16/18/02/003)
Central sch. awara iii (PU: 16/18/02/004)
Central school awara iv (PU: 16/18/02/011)
Central school awara v (PU: 16/18/02/012)
Central school ikwerede (PU: 16/18/02/009)
Ochia dev. pri. sch. , ochia (PU: 16/18/02/001)
Primary sch. awara (PU: 16/18/02/006)
Primary sch. awara (PU: 16/18/02/007)
Town school ikwerede (PU: 16/18/02/008)
Town school ikwerede (PU: 16/18/02/010)

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  • Egbema ‘a’-Wards

(17 Polling Booths )
Abaezi pri. sch./abaezi (PU: 16/18/03/008)
Abaezi primary sch./abaezi (PU: 16/18/03/015)
Abaezi primary school (PU: 16/18/03/017)
Afia orie square (PU: 16/18/03/013)
Egbema hall (PU: 16/18/03/011)
Egbema hall (PU: 16/18/03/016)
Ekenta market square (PU: 16/18/03/014)
Iyioka village sq/iyioka (PU: 16/18/03/012)
Mmahu town hall/mmahu (PU: 16/18/03/003)
Nkwo mmahu sq. / mmahu (PU: 16/18/03/004)
Obeakpu village square/obeakpu (PU: 16/18/03/001)
Pri. sch. abacheke/abacheke i (PU: 16/18/03/009)
Pri. sch. abacheke/abacheke ii (PU: 16/18/03/010)
Pri. sch. mmahu/mmahu ii (PU: 16/18/03/005)
Pri. sch. mmahu/mmahu iii (PU: 16/18/03/006)
Prim. sch. mmahu/mmahu i (PU: 16/18/03/002)
Ubomukwu village sq./ubomukwu (PU: 16/18/03/007)

  • Egbema ‘b’-Wards

(10 Polling Booths )
‘nwari primary school/nwari (PU: 16/18/04/008)
Aliocha ukwugbe market square (PU: 16/18/04/009)
Elua primary school/elua (PU: 16/18/04/007)
Pri. sch. obiakpu/obiakpu i (PU: 16/18/04/001)
Pri. sch. obiakpu/obiakpu ii (PU: 16/18/04/002)
Town sch. obiakpu/obiakpu i (PU: 16/18/04/003)
Town sch. obiakpu/obiakpu ii (PU: 16/18/04/004)
Ukwugba village square i (PU: 16/18/04/005)
Ukwugba village square ii (PU: 16/18/04/006)
Ukwugba village square iii (PU: 16/18/04/010)

  • Egbema ‘c’-Wards

(9 Polling Booths )
Akwaigbo village square/akwaigbo (PU: 16/18/05/001)
Comm. sch. mgbara/mgbara i (PU: 16/18/05/006)
Comm. sch. mgbara/mgbara ii (PU: 16/18/05/007)
Comm. school obokofia/obokofia (PU: 16/18/05/002)
Egbema secondary school (PU: 16/18/05/009)
New heaven square (PU: 16/18/05/008)
Oboro village sq./oboro (PU: 16/18/05/003)
Primary sch. mgbara/mgbara i (PU: 16/18/05/004)
Primary sch. mgbara/mgbara ii (PU: 16/18/05/005)

  • Egbema ‘d’-Wards

(8 Polling Booths )
Comm. pri. sch. opuoma (PU: 16/18/07/008)
Comm. pri. sch. opuoma/opuoma i (PU: 16/18/07/002)
Comm. pri. sch. opuoma/opuoma ii (PU: 16/18/07/003)
Igbo village square/igbo (PU: 16/18/07/004)
Nigeria starch mill/ (PU: 16/18/07/006)
Primary sch. ngada/ngada (PU: 16/18/07/007)
Primary school utu/utu (PU: 16/18/07/005)
St. peters sch. opuoma/opuoma (PU: 16/18/07/001)

  • Egbema ‘e’-Wards

(9 Polling Booths )
Community pri. sch. etekwuru/etekwuru (PU: 16/18/06/008)
Ekugba plant primary sch. ii (PU: 16/18/06/009)
Ekugba plant. primary sch. i (PU: 16/18/06/001)
Ekugba village square (PU: 16/18/06/002)
Etekwuru plant. junction/etekwuru (PU: 16/18/06/006)
Etekwuru primary school/etekwuru (PU: 16/18/06/007)
Town school etekwuru/etekwuru (PU: 16/18/06/003)
Umudike plant. pri. sch./umudike (PU: 16/18/06/005)
Umudike village sq./umudike (PU: 16/18/06/004)

  • Ekwuato-Wards

(14 Polling Booths )
Central sch. umuokanne/umuokanne (PU: 16/18/08/003)
Community school abakuru/abakuru (PU: 16/18/08/009)
Community school mgbirichi/mgbirichi i (PU: 16/18/08/010)
Community school mgbirichi/mgbirichi ii (PU: 16/18/08/011)
Community school mgbirichi/mgbirichi iii (PU: 16/18/08/012)
Community school mgbirichi/mgbirichi iv (PU: 16/18/08/013)
District field umuokanne/umuokanne (PU: 16/18/08/004)
District field umuokanne/umuokanne (PU: 16/18/08/014)
Primary sch. umuokanne/umuokanne i (PU: 16/18/08/005)
Primary sch. umuokanne/umuokanne ii (PU: 16/18/08/006)
Town sch. umuokanne/umuokanne i (PU: 16/18/08/001)
Town sch. umuokanne/umuokanne ii (PU: 16/18/08/002)
Union primary sch. mgbirichi/mgbirichi i (PU: 16/18/08/007)
Union primary sch. mgbirichi/mgbirichi ii (PU: 16/18/08/008)

  • Obitti/mgbishi-Wards

(16 Polling Booths )
Central sch. mgbuisi/mgbuisi (PU: 16/18/09/008)
Central school mgbisi/mgbisi (PU: 16/18/09/015)
Community sch. umuorsu/umuorsu (PU: 16/18/09/011)
Orie obiti market sq./obiti (PU: 16/18/09/002)
Primary sch. nkwarahia/nkwarahia i (PU: 16/18/09/006)
Primary sch. nkwarahia/nkwarahia ii (PU: 16/18/09/007)
Primary sch. obiti/obiti i (PU: 16/18/09/003)
Primary sch. obiti/obiti ii (PU: 16/18/09/004)
Primary school obiti (PU: 16/18/09/016)
Primary school umuorsu/umuorsu (PU: 16/18/09/012)
Rubber est. market square obiti/obiti (PU: 16/18/09/014)
Town hall ilile/ilile (PU: 16/18/09/010)
Town sch. obitti/obitti i (PU: 16/18/09/001)
Town school ilile/ilile (PU: 16/18/09/009)
Town school obiti/obiti ii (PU: 16/18/09/005)
Umuonu market square/umuonu (PU: 16/18/09/013)

  • Ohoba-Wards

(19 Polling Booths )
Adapalm primary school i (PU: 16/18/10/012)
Adapalm primary school ii (PU: 16/18/10/013)
Afor obosima market sq./obosima (PU: 16/18/10/014)
Alaka village sq./alaka (PU: 16/18/10/003)
Central school ohoba i (PU: 16/18/10/005)
Central school ohoba ii (PU: 16/18/10/006)
Central school umunwaku/umunwaku (PU: 16/18/10/008)
Eziama village sq./eziama (PU: 16/18/10/007)
Nkwo well market square i (PU: 16/18/10/001)
Nkwo well market square ii (PU: 16/18/10/002)
Nkwo well market square iii (PU: 16/18/10/004)
Nkwo well market square iv (PU: 16/18/10/019)
Obogwe village hall/obogwe i (PU: 16/18/10/009)
Obogwe village hall/obogwe ii (PU: 16/18/10/010)
Primary school obosima/obosima i (PU: 16/18/10/015)
Primary school obosima/obosima ii (PU: 16/18/10/018)
Town school obosima/obosima (PU: 16/18/10/016)
Umunwaku pri./school/umunwaku (PU: 16/18/10/011)
Umunwaku primary school/umunwaku (PU: 16/18/10/017)

  • Umuagwo-Wards

(15 Polling Booths )
Central school umuagwo/umuagwo i (PU: 16/18/11/008)
Central school umuagwo/umuagwo ii (PU: 16/18/11/009)
Central school umuagwo/umuagwo iii (PU: 16/18/11/010)
Central school umuagwo/umuagwo iv (PU: 16/18/11/011)
Comm. primary sch. umukene/umukene (PU: 16/18/11/003)
Comm. primary school, umukene/umukene (PU: 16/18/11/014)
Community pri. sch. etioha/etioha (PU: 16/18/11/001)
Court premises umuelu/umuelu i (PU: 16/18/11/012)
Court premises umuelu/umuelu ii (PU: 16/18/11/013)
Okeohia village sq./okeohia (PU: 16/18/11/004)
Town school umuagwo/umuagwo i (PU: 16/18/11/005)
Town school umuagwo/umuagwo ii (PU: 16/18/11/006)
Town school umuagwo/umuagwo iii (PU: 16/18/11/007)
Town school umuagwo/umuagwo iv (PU: 16/18/11/015)
Waterside primary school (PU: 16/18/11/002)

  • Umuapu-Wards

(11 Polling Booths )
Community primary school umuapu (PU: 16/18/12/011)
Community primary school umuapu/umuapu (PU: 16/18/12/001)
Community school umuapu/umuapu i (PU: 16/18/12/004)
Community school umuapu/umuapu ii (PU: 16/18/12/005)
Community school umuapu/umuapu iii (PU: 16/18/12/006)
Ihie primary school/ihie (PU: 16/18/12/009)
Ihie village square/ihie (PU: 16/18/12/010)
Primary school umuapu/umuapu i (PU: 16/18/12/002)
Primary school umuapu/umuapu ii (PU: 16/18/12/003)
Town school ihie/ihie i (PU: 16/18/12/007)
Town school ihie/ihie ii (PU: 16/18/12/008)

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