Ohaukwu L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

  • Effium ii-Wards

(12 Polling Booths )
Amuda comm. primary school (PU: 11/12/02/010)
Azuedene play ground (PU: 11/12/02/009)
Comm.central school effium (PU: 11/12/02/004)
Effium sub-office hall i (PU: 11/12/02/007)
Effium sub-office hall ii (PU: 11/12/02/008)
Ibenda primary school effium (PU: 11/12/02/005)
Ngangbo ohagolode play ground (booth 1) (PU: 11/12/02/011)
Ngangbo ohagolode play ground (booth 11) (PU: 11/12/02/012)
Ngangbo ukoro play ground (PU: 11/12/02/001)
Nweke ndiagu umuezeokaoha (PU: 11/12/02/006)
Okpobasi play ground (PU: 11/12/02/002)
Umuezeokaoha state school (PU: 11/12/02/003)

  • Effium i-Wards

(6 Polling Booths )
Akparata play ground (PU: 11/12/01/004)
Amainyima play ground (PU: 11/12/01/001)
Central school akparata (PU: 11/12/01/003)
Comm. central school effiumi (PU: 11/12/01/002)
Ohage village square effium (PU: 11/12/01/006)
Okporo forest school (PU: 11/12/01/005)

  • Ezzamgbo-Wards

(11 Polling Booths )
Central school ezzangbo (PU: 11/12/03/003)
Ndiagu play ground ezzangbo (PU: 11/12/03/002)
Nkpor uvuru play ground (PU: 11/12/03/009)
Nkwo market square (PU: 11/12/03/008)
Nsulakpa primary school (PU: 11/12/03/006)
Nwafia ufieoboto mkt. square (PU: 11/12/03/001)
Okpufu play ground (PU: 11/12/03/005)
Practising pri. school ezzangbo (PU: 11/12/03/007)
Umuebe play ground (PU: 11/12/03/004)
Umueze play ground (PU: 11/12/03/010)
Unity pri. school amaovu (PU: 11/12/03/011)

  • Ishi ngbo i-Wards

(3 Polling Booths )
Ejirike pri. school ekwassi (PU: 11/12/04/001)
Ndiagueni play ground (PU: 11/12/04/002)
Ndiaguidaka pri. sch. (PU: 11/12/04/003)

  • Ishi ngbo ii-Wards

(10 Polling Booths )
Aguachi state pri. sch. hall i (PU: 11/12/05/007)
Aguachi state pri. sch. hall ii (PU: 11/12/05/008)
Ejilewe play ground (PU: 11/12/05/010)
Ndiagu akpurata pri. school (PU: 11/12/05/004)
Ndiagueze play ground (PU: 11/12/05/009)
Ndulo ukwuagba play ground booth ii (PU: 11/12/05/002)
Ndulo ukwuagba play ground booth iii (PU: 11/12/05/003)
Ndulo ukwuagba play ground booth i (PU: 11/12/05/001)
Ohabuike pri. sch. hall i (PU: 11/12/05/005)
Ohabuike pri. sch. hall ii (PU: 11/12/05/006)

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  • Ngbo-Wards

(10 Polling Booths )
Central school obodoeje hall i (PU: 11/12/06/004)
Central school obodoeje hall ii (PU: 11/12/06/005)
Hill top pri. sch. abarigwe (PU: 11/12/06/006)
Ndulo umuezeaka play ground (PU: 11/12/06/002)
Obodo ndiede play ground (PU: 11/12/06/001)
Otuokpeye pri. sch. amoffia (PU: 11/12/06/003)
Pri. sch. akpagu amoffia hall i (PU: 11/12/06/008)
Pri. sch. akpagu amoffia hall i i (PU: 11/12/06/009)
Pri. sch. ndiagu utobo (PU: 11/12/06/010)
Umunnakwe pri. sch. abarigwe (PU: 11/12/06/007)

  • Okposhi i-Wards

(8 Polling Booths )
Central school ngbo hall i (PU: 11/12/07/001)
Central school ngbo hall ii (PU: 11/12/07/002)
Enyibchiri play ground booth i (PU: 11/12/07/006)
Enyibchiri play ground booth ii (PU: 11/12/07/007)
Ndiaguigube pri. school (PU: 11/12/07/003)
Obodo ajim play ground (PU: 11/12/07/008)
Odeatang central school i (PU: 11/12/07/004)
Odeatang central school ii (PU: 11/12/07/005)

  • Okposhi ii-Wards

(10 Polling Booths )
Amaffia comm. school (PU: 11/12/08/001)
Comm. primary school igweledeoha hall i (PU: 11/12/08/002)
Comm. primary school igweledeoha hall ii (PU: 11/12/08/003)
Comm. primary school inyimagu hall i (PU: 11/12/08/007)
Comm. primary school inyimagu hall ii (PU: 11/12/08/008)
Comm. primary school ndiagu ngbo (PU: 11/12/08/004)
Efutuekwe play ground (PU: 11/12/08/010)
Ndiaguoge play ground booth i (PU: 11/12/08/005)
Ndiaguoge play ground booth ii (PU: 11/12/08/006)
Ndulo amaffia play ground (PU: 11/12/08/009)

  • Umu ogudu akpu i-Wards

(12 Polling Booths )
Aguebele umuimama play ground booth i (PU: 11/12/11/009)
Aguebele umuimama play ground booth ii (PU: 11/12/11/010)
Central school umuoguduakpu hall i (PU: 11/12/11/004)
Central school umuoguduakpu hall ii (PU: 11/12/11/005)
Ndiaguona play ground booth i (PU: 11/12/11/006)
Ndiaguona play ground booth ii (PU: 11/12/11/007)
Ndulo umuoguduakpu play ground (PU: 11/12/11/012)
Nwafia obodo ogbaeni booth i (PU: 11/12/11/001)
Nwafia obodo ogbaeni booth i i (PU: 11/12/11/002)
Nwafia obodo ogbaeni booth iii (PU: 11/12/11/003)
Nwaobodougba play ground (PU: 11/12/11/008)
Oshiaguama play ground (PU: 11/12/11/011)

  • Umu ogudu akpu ii-Wards

(10 Polling Booths )
Comm. school umuogudu hall i (PU: 11/12/12/009)
Comm. school umuogudu hall ii (PU: 11/12/12/010)
Ijinike high school umuoguduakpu hall i (PU: 11/12/12/001)
Ijinike high school umuoguduakpu hall ii (PU: 11/12/12/002)
Ndiagu orie mkt. sq. i (PU: 11/12/12/007)
Ndiagu orie mkt. sq. ii (PU: 11/12/12/008)
Nwiniyi market square booth i (PU: 11/12/12/003)
Nwiniyi market square booth ii (PU: 11/12/12/004)
State school oriaja hall (PU: 11/12/12/005)
Umuogudu akpu (PU: 11/12/12/006)

  • Umu ogudu oshia-Wards

(14 Polling Booths )
Abarigwe pri. school (PU: 11/12/10/011)
Central school ndiagu udu (PU: 11/12/10/002)
Central school okorogbata hall i (PU: 11/12/10/003)
Central school okorogbata hall ii (PU: 11/12/10/004)
Comm. primary school egwegwe hall i (PU: 11/12/10/005)
Comm. primary school egwegwe hall ii (PU: 11/12/10/006)
Obodo umuinyi play ground (PU: 11/12/10/013)
Ogene play ground (PU: 11/12/10/012)
Ogwuduanno play ground (PU: 11/12/10/014)
Oshia ngbo central school hall i (PU: 11/12/10/007)
Oshia ngbo central school hall ii (PU: 11/12/10/008)
Ugum ngbo comm. primary school hall i (PU: 11/12/10/009)
Ugum ngbo comm. primary school hall ii (PU: 11/12/10/010)
Ukpeshi primary school ndulo (PU: 11/12/10/001)

  • Umuagara / amechi-Wards

(12 Polling Booths )
Amaechi ndiagueshi primary school (PU: 11/12/09/006)
Amanta comm. primary school (PU: 11/12/09/010)
Amechi comm. school (PU: 11/12/09/001)
Eguechara play ground (PU: 11/12/09/012)
Nworie ndiagu market square (PU: 11/12/09/004)
Obodo ndiaguinyi play ground (PU: 11/12/09/009)
Obodoakara play ground (PU: 11/12/09/002)
Obodondiagueshi play ground (PU: 11/12/09/003)
Oshiewolo primary school (PU: 11/12/09/011)
Royal comprehensive school (PU: 11/12/09/007)
Umuagara comm. primary school ezzangbo (PU: 11/12/09/008)
Umuoru primary school (PU: 11/12/09/005)

  • Wigbeke i-Wards

(4 Polling Booths )
Ekpitom village square booth i (PU: 11/12/13/003)
Ekpitom village square booth ii (PU: 11/12/13/004)
Inyafor village square booth i (PU: 11/12/13/001)
Inyafor village square booth ii (PU: 11/12/13/002)

  • Wigbeke ii-Wards

(11 Polling Booths )
Ameka / amajim primary school (PU: 11/12/14/006)
Igwebuike primary school (PU: 11/12/14/010)
Inikiri market square booth i (PU: 11/12/14/003)
Inikiri market square booth ii (PU: 11/12/14/004)
Onuebeta primary school (PU: 11/12/14/007)
Onueroro market square (PU: 11/12/14/011)
Ugoeze primary school (PU: 11/12/14/005)
Umueze primary school hall i (PU: 11/12/14/008)
Umueze primary school hall ii (PU: 11/12/14/009)
Umuezokaoha central school effium hall i (PU: 11/12/14/001)
Umuezokaoha central school effium hall ii (PU: 11/12/14/002)

  • Wigbeke iii-Wards

(4 Polling Booths )
Ogbagere village square booth i (PU: 11/12/15/003)
Ogbagere village square booth ii (PU: 11/12/15/004)
Uffiacha village square booth i (PU: 11/12/15/001)
Uffiacha village square booth ii (PU: 11/12/15/002)

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