Ohimini L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

(10 Wards )

Agadagba Ward 

(11 Polling Booths )
Class room/akwunu primary school (PU: 07/17/01/002)
Class room/ebu primary school (PU: 07/17/01/003)
Class room/ohigbine primary school (PU: 07/17/01/001)
Class room/opkligidi primary school (PU: 07/17/01/004)
Open space akpenwo open space (PU: 07/17/01/010)
Open space/akpuka play ground (PU: 07/17/01/008)
Open space/ankpa open space (PU: 07/17/01/005)
Open space/edifa (PU: 07/17/01/009)
Open space/emichi play ground (PU: 07/17/01/006)
Open space/igbano maje (PU: 07/17/01/007)
Play ground/akwunu village (PU: 07/17/01/011)

Awume ehaje Ward 

(4 Polling Booths )
Class room/ipiga primary school (PU: 07/17/02/002)
Open space/ajegbe primary school (PU: 07/17/02/001)
Open space/ekpulu primary school (PU: 07/17/02/003)
Open space/olai-ochigbe (PU: 07/17/02/004)

Awume icho Ward 

(5 Polling Booths )
Class room/akputulo primary school (PU: 07/17/03/002)
Class room/ejule primary school (PU: 07/17/03/001)
Class room/ondo/olabe primary school (PU: 07/17/03/004)
Class room/otoli primary school (PU: 07/17/03/003)
Open space/olaiga – open space (PU: 07/17/03/005)

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Ehatokpe Ward 

(5 Polling Booths )
Class room/ehatokpe primary school (PU: 07/17/04/002)
Open space/ai-oke ugene (PU: 07/17/04/004)
Open space/anmeji open space (PU: 07/17/04/003)
Open space/ola-ame (PU: 07/17/04/005)
Play ground/ugene play ground (PU: 07/17/04/001)

Idekpa Ward 

(6 Polling Booths )
Class room/idekpa primary school (PU: 07/17/05/001)
Open space/olaigbechi (PU: 07/17/05/006)
Open space/onyilaba (PU: 07/17/05/004)
Open space/ukpobi anyuwa (PU: 07/17/05/003)
Play grounds/eyi-ukpobi (PU: 07/17/05/005)
Primary school/odelle (PU: 07/17/05/002)

Ochobo Ward 

(4 Polling Booths )
Open space/ai-agabi open space (PU: 07/17/06/004)
Open space/ai-odufu open space (PU: 07/17/06/003)
Open space/ai-ogwuche (PU: 07/17/06/002)
Open space/ochobo open space (PU: 07/17/06/001)

Oglewu ehaje Ward 

(6 Polling Booths )
Class room/ijami primary school (PU: 07/17/07/002)
Open space/anmoda (PU: 07/17/07/006)
Open space/atlo open space (PU: 07/17/07/001)
Open space/idabi open space (PU: 07/17/07/004)
Open space/leper settlement (PU: 07/17/07/005)
Play ground/agboke primary school (PU: 07/17/07/003)

Oglewu icho Ward 

(9 Polling Booths )
Class room/alaglanu primary school (PU: 07/17/08/005)
Class room/ankpechi primary school (PU: 07/17/08/004)
Class room/eboya primary school (PU: 07/17/08/003)
Open space/ai-elaji (PU: 07/17/08/008)
Open space/ai-oga open space (PU: 07/17/08/002)
Open space/elulu open space (PU: 07/17/08/007)
Open space/okete ojali (PU: 07/17/08/006)
Play ground/anwule west (PU: 07/17/08/009)
Primary school/anwuke primary school (PU: 07/17/08/001)

Onyagede icho (ogoli) Ward 

(6 Polling Booths )
Class room/inyoji sec. school (PU: 07/17/10/004)
Class room/odega primary school (PU: 07/17/10/001)
Open space/adankali open space (PU: 07/17/10/002)
Open space/ai-adama/iyaya (PU: 07/17/10/003)
Open space/ogoli open space (PU: 07/17/10/005)
Primary school/otoje village (PU: 07/17/10/006)

Onyagede-ehaje (alle) Ward 

(6 Polling Booths )
Market square/abakpa barracks (PU: 07/17/09/005)
Open space/abakpa barracks (PU: 07/17/09/001)
Open space/olahama (PU: 07/17/09/003)
Open space/unmonomi (PU: 07/17/09/006)
Primary school/amoke (PU: 07/17/09/004)
Primary school/ogodu (PU: 07/17/09/002)


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