Okobo L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

Ward: Akai/mbukpo/udung

Polling Unit: 

(7 Polling Booths )
Market square, afaha akai (PU: 03/23/05/004)
Market square, akai ndyo (PU: 03/23/05/003)
Pry sch, mbokpu oduobo (PU: 03/23/05/001)
Town hall 1, afaha akai. i (PU: 03/23/05/006)
Town hall 11, afaha akai. ii (PU: 03/23/05/007)
Village square , mbokpu oduobo (PU: 03/23/05/002)
Village square, udung ukpong (PU: 03/23/05/005)

Ward:  Ekeya

Polling Unit: 

(9 Polling Booths )
Convent sch, anua ekeya (PU: 03/23/10/003)
Govt. sch ekpene ukim (PU: 03/23/10/005)
Market square, idibi enin (PU: 03/23/10/004)
Market square, nung ukana ii (PU: 03/23/10/002)
Meth. sch, esuk inwang (PU: 03/23/10/008)
Village square, ekpene ukim (PU: 03/23/10/009)
Village square, nung ukana i (PU: 03/23/10/001)
Village square, obot inwang (PU: 03/23/10/007)
Village square, ufok esuk (PU: 03/23/10/006)

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Ward:  Eweme 1

Polling Unit:

(7 Polling Booths )
Govt. sch oyoku asang (PU: 03/23/06/006)
Govt. sch, urue ita (PU: 03/23/06/001)
St. brigrid’s sch, udung afiang (PU: 03/23/06/002)
Village square, eyo offong (PU: 03/23/06/007)
Village square, udung amkpe (PU: 03/23/06/005)
Village square, udung ulo (PU: 03/23/06/003)
Village square, udung umo (PU: 03/23/06/004)

Ward:  Eweme 11

Polling Unit:

(7 Polling Booths )
Govt. sch eweme (PU: 03/23/07/001)
Market square, isa okiuso (PU: 03/23/07/004)
Meth. sch nsie (PU: 03/23/07/006)
Q.i.c sch, ebighi anwa-oro (PU: 03/23/07/003)
St john’s sch, nsie (PU: 03/23/07/007)
Village square, eweme (PU: 03/23/07/002)
Village square, isa okiuso (PU: 03/23/07/005)

Ward:  Nung atai/ube 1

Polling Unit:

(11 Polling Booths )
Mbawa hall, ebighi edu (PU: 03/23/03/001)
St simon’s sch, ebighi (PU: 03/23/03/005)
Town hall, ube (PU: 03/23/03/004)
Village square, akiba – obo (PU: 03/23/03/007)
Village square, ebighi edu (PU: 03/23/03/002)
Village square, ebighi okobo (PU: 03/23/03/006)
Village square, ikot antai ema (PU: 03/23/03/011)
Village square, ikot iquo/ikot odiong (PU: 03/23/03/009)
Village square, ikot osukpong/ikot okokon (PU: 03/23/03/010)
Village square, nda (PU: 03/23/03/008)
Village square, ube (PU: 03/23/03/003)

Ward: Nung atai/ube 11

Polling Unit:

(9 Polling Booths )
Co-op hall , obufi (PU: 03/23/04/002)
Meth. sch, nung atai odobo (PU: 03/23/04/008)
St james sch, obufi (PU: 03/23/04/001)
St paul’s sch, nung udom odobo (PU: 03/23/04/007)
St peter’s sch, nung atai eta (PU: 03/23/04/005)
Village hall, nung atai eta (PU: 03/23/04/006)
Village square, atipa odobo (PU: 03/23/04/009)
Village square, ebighi eta (PU: 03/23/04/004)
Village square, obufi (PU: 03/23/04/003)

Ward: Offi 1

Polling Unit:

(9 Polling Booths )
Govt sch, utine eyekung (PU: 03/23/08/002)
St andrew’s sch, oti-oro (PU: 03/23/08/001)
St joseph’s sch, ebighi anwa ikpi (PU: 03/23/08/005)
Village square, etieke utine eto (PU: 03/23/08/004)
Village square, eyo nku (PU: 03/23/08/006)
Village square, itak ekim (PU: 03/23/08/009)
Village square, itak okiuso (PU: 03/23/08/008)
Village square, itak uyati (PU: 03/23/08/007)
Village square, utine nduong (PU: 03/23/08/003)

Ward:  Offi 11

Polling Unit:

(11 Polling Booths )
Market square, atiabang (PU: 03/23/09/001)
Meth. sch offi (PU: 03/23/09/006)
Obio isong afaha osu (PU: 03/23/09/007)
St james’ sch, otieke (PU: 03/23/09/005)
St joseph’s sch, uruting (PU: 03/23/09/003)
Village hall, eyobiafaha atiabang (PU: 03/23/09/002)
Village square, afaha osu (PU: 03/23/09/008)
Village square, eyede (PU: 03/23/09/010)
Village square, ikono (PU: 03/23/09/011)
Village square, osu offi (PU: 03/23/09/004)
Village square, ubak (PU: 03/23/09/009)

Ward: Okopedi 1

Polling Unit:

(7 Polling Booths )
Central sch, okobo (PU: 03/23/01/002)
Market square, ibawa (PU: 03/23/01/005)
Village square, afaha nsung (PU: 03/23/01/007)
Village square, akanawana (PU: 03/23/01/003)
Village square, atipa (PU: 03/23/01/004)
Village square, ekpene ukim (PU: 03/23/01/006)
Village square, mbieduo/anua okopedi (PU: 03/23/01/001)

Ward: Okopedi 11

Polling Unit:

(7 Polling Booths )
Co-op hall atai ammamong (PU: 03/23/02/002)
St patrick’s sch ape ammamong (PU: 03/23/02/006)
St theresa’s sch, nsating (PU: 03/23/02/003)
Village square ape ammamong (PU: 03/23/02/007)
Village square, ammamong (PU: 03/23/02/001)
Village square, atai otope (PU: 03/23/02/005)
Village square, nsating okopedi (PU: 03/23/02/004)

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