Okpe L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

  • Aghalokpe-Wards

Ajagolo primary school, aghalokpe i (PU: 10/13/05/003)
Ajagolo primary school, aghalokpe ii (PU: 10/13/05/004)
Ajaguoyibo town hall, ajaguoyibo i (PU: 10/13/05/010)
Ajaguoyibo town hall, ajaguoyibo ii (PU: 10/13/05/011)
Igudugu town hall, aghalokpe (PU: 10/13/05/013)
Ogoni primary school, aghalokpe i (PU: 10/13/05/005)
Ogoni primary school, aghalokpe ii (PU: 10/13/05/006)
Ogoni primary school, aghalokpe iii (PU: 10/13/05/007)
Ogoni primary school, aghalokpe iv (PU: 10/13/05/008)
Owarowha town hall, aghalokpe (PU: 10/13/05/012)
S.p.c.c. aghalokpe i (PU: 10/13/05/001)
S.p.c.c. aghalokpe ii (PU: 10/13/05/002)
Unurhie town, aghalokpe (PU: 10/13/05/009)

  • Aragba town-Wards

(11 Polling Booths )
Adagbrassa town hall, adagbrassa i (PU: 10/13/06/008)
Adagbrassa town hall, adagbrassa ii (PU: 10/13/06/009)
Adavware town hall, ogiribo/adavware (PU: 10/13/06/010)
Aragba town hall , aragba i (PU: 10/13/06/001)
Aragba town hall , aragba ii (PU: 10/13/06/002)
Aragba town hall , aragba iii (PU: 10/13/06/003)
Aragba town hall , aragba iv (PU: 10/13/06/004)
Edjeba primary school, ovwori (PU: 10/13/06/005)
Ogiribo town hall, ogiribo (PU: 10/13/06/011)
Ovwori primary school, ovwori i (PU: 10/13/06/006)
Ovwori primary school, ovwori ii (PU: 10/13/06/007)

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  • Mereje i-Wards

Egborode primary school, egborode i (PU: 10/13/07/003)
Egborode primary school, egborode ii (PU: 10/13/07/004)
Egborode town hall, egborode i (PU: 10/13/07/005)
Egborode town hall, egborode ii (PU: 10/13/07/006)
Egborode town hall, egborode iii (PU: 10/13/07/007)
Ekokor primary school, ekokor i (PU: 10/13/07/001)
Ekokor primary school, ekokor ii (PU: 10/13/07/002)
Ifuama town hall, eroghor (PU: 10/13/07/012)
Mereje town hall, mereje i (PU: 10/13/07/008)
Mereje town hall, mereje ii (PU: 10/13/07/009)
Mereje town hall, mereje iii (PU: 10/13/07/010)
Mereje town hall, mereje iv (PU: 10/13/07/011)
Okwokolo town hall, okwokolo i (PU: 10/13/07/013)
Okwokolo town hall, okwokolo ii (PU: 10/13/07/014)
Okwuvo town hall, okwuvo i (PU: 10/13/07/015)
Okwuvo town hall, okwuvo ii (PU: 10/13/07/016)

  • Mereje ii-Wards

Adeje primary school, adeje i (PU: 10/13/08/002)
Adeje primary school, adeje ii (PU: 10/13/08/003)
Adeje court, adeje (PU: 10/13/08/001)
Alelodje town hall, alelodje (PU: 10/13/08/015)
Egbeleku primary school, egbeleku (PU: 10/13/08/004)
Iriama primary school, iriama i (PU: 10/13/08/009)
Iriama primary school, iriama ii (PU: 10/13/08/010)
Okuemoefe town hall, okuemoefe (PU: 10/13/08/008)
Okugbogbo town hall, okugbogbo (PU: 10/13/08/007)
Okwejeba primary school, okwejeba (PU: 10/13/08/006)
Okwijorogun town hall, okwijorogun (PU: 10/13/08/005)
Opuraja primary school, opuraja i (PU: 10/13/08/011)
Opuraja primary school, opuraja ii (PU: 10/13/08/012)
Opuraja primary school, opuraja iii (PU: 10/13/08/013)
Opuraja primary school, opuraja iv (PU: 10/13/08/014)
Ukpokpogri town hall, ukpokpogri (PU: 10/13/08/016)

  • Mereje iii-Wards

(15 Polling Booths )
Jakpa town hall, jakpa (PU: 10/13/09/004)
Okobia primary school, okobia i (PU: 10/13/09/010)
Okobia primary school, okobia ii (PU: 10/13/09/011)
Okolovu town hall, okolovu (PU: 10/13/09/013)
Okuegume town hall, okuegume (PU: 10/13/09/012)
Okuetolor town hall, okuetolor i (PU: 10/13/09/007)
Okuetolor town hall, okuetolor ii (PU: 10/13/09/008)
Okuetolor town hall, okuetolor iii (PU: 10/13/09/009)
Okufuoma town hall, okufuoma (PU: 10/13/09/014)
Okuobude town hall, okuobude (PU: 10/13/09/005)
Okuogholo town hall, okuogholo (PU: 10/13/09/006)
Okuovwisi town hall, okuovwisi (PU: 10/13/09/015)
Oyenke primary school, oyenke i (PU: 10/13/09/001)
Oyenke primary school, oyenke ii (PU: 10/13/09/002)
Oyenke primary school, oyenke iii (PU: 10/13/09/003)

  • Oha i-Wards

Oghwere primary school, oha town i (PU: 10/13/03/001)
Oghwere primary school, oha town ii (PU: 10/13/03/002)
Oha town hall, oha town i (PU: 10/13/03/003)
Oha town hall, oha town ii (PU: 10/13/03/004)
Oha town hall, oha town iii (PU: 10/13/03/005)
Okozi town hall, okozi i (PU: 10/13/03/013)
Okozi town hall, okozi ii (PU: 10/13/03/014)
Okuodiete town hall, okuodiete (PU: 10/13/03/012)
Okuokoko town hall, okuokoko i (PU: 10/13/03/006)
Okuokoko town hall, okuokoko ii (PU: 10/13/03/007)
Okuokpire town hall, okuorire i (PU: 10/13/03/016)
Okuokpire town hall, okuorire ii (PU: 10/13/03/017)
Okuorone town hall, okuorone (PU: 10/13/03/015)
Osubi town hall, osubi i (PU: 10/13/03/008)
Osubi town hall, osubi ii (PU: 10/13/03/009)
Ugolo town hall, ugolo i (PU: 10/13/03/010)
Ugolo town hall, ugolo ii (PU: 10/13/03/011)

  • Oha ii-Wards

Adagbrassa town hall, adagbrassa i (PU: 10/13/04/001)
Adagbrassa town hall, adagbrassa ii (PU: 10/13/04/002)
Adagbrassa town hall, adagbrassa iii (PU: 10/13/04/003)
Adagbrassa town hall, adagbrassa iv (PU: 10/13/04/004)
Amuokpokpo town hall, amuokpokpo i (PU: 10/13/04/006)
Amuokpokpo town hall, amuokpokpo ii (PU: 10/13/04/007)
Evwriyen primary school, evwriyen i (PU: 10/13/04/012)
Evwriyen primary school, evwriyen ii (PU: 10/13/04/013)
Odjedi town hall, odjedi (PU: 10/13/04/005)
Okwidiemo primary school, okwidiemo (PU: 10/13/04/014)
Okwighere town hall, okwighere (PU: 10/13/04/011)
Okwitaire town hall, okwitaire (PU: 10/13/04/008)
Ughwagba town hall, ughwagba i (PU: 10/13/04/009)
Ughwagba town hall, ughwagba ii (PU: 10/13/04/010)

  • Orerokpe-Wards

Adane – okpe primary school, orerokpe i (PU: 10/13/01/005)
Adane – okpe primary school, orerokpe ii (PU: 10/13/01/006)
Adane – okpe primary school, orerokpe iii (PU: 10/13/01/007)
Adane – okpe primary school, orerokpe iv (PU: 10/13/01/008)
Adane – okpe primary school, orerokpe v (PU: 10/13/01/009)
Customary court, orodje road (PU: 10/13/01/010)
Okuoloho primary school, okuoloho i (PU: 10/13/01/013)
Okuoloho primary school, okuoloho ii (PU: 10/13/01/014)
Orhe primary school, orerokpe i (PU: 10/13/01/011)
Orhe primary school, orerokpe ii (PU: 10/13/01/012)
Palace gate i (PU: 10/13/01/003)
Palace gate ii (PU: 10/13/01/004)
Pavillion police station i (PU: 10/13/01/001)
Pavillion police station ii (PU: 10/13/01/002)

  • Oviri – okpe-Wards

(13 Polling Booths )
Iris primary school, oviri – okpe (PU: 10/13/02/002)
Okorodudu primary school, oviri – okpe i (PU: 10/13/02/003)
Okorodudu primary school, oviri – okpe ii (PU: 10/13/02/004)
Okorodudu primary school, oviri – okpe iii (PU: 10/13/02/005)
Okorodudu primary school, oviri – okpe iv (PU: 10/13/02/006)
Okorodudu primary school, oviri – okpe v (PU: 10/13/02/007)
Okorodudu primary school, oviri – okpe vi (PU: 10/13/02/008)
Okorodudu primary school, oviri – okpe (PU: 10/13/02/001)
Umiaghwa primary school, umiaghwa i (PU: 10/13/02/009)
Umiaghwa primary school, umiaghwa ii (PU: 10/13/02/010)
Umiaghwa primary school, umiaghwa iii (PU: 10/13/02/011)
Umiaghwa primary school, umiaghwa iv (PU: 10/13/02/012)
Umiaghwa primary school, umiaghwa v (PU: 10/13/02/013)

  • Ughoton-Wards

Idodo town hall, ughoton (PU: 10/13/10/006)
Jeddo primary school, jeddo i (PU: 10/13/10/018)
Jeddo primary school, jeddo ii (PU: 10/13/10/019)
Jeddo town hall, jeddo (PU: 10/13/10/011)
Jeddo udumuegheleta, jeddo (PU: 10/13/10/012)
Ometa primary school, ughoton (PU: 10/13/10/003)
Ubrete hall, ughoton i (PU: 10/13/10/001)
Ubrete hall, ughoton ii (PU: 10/13/10/002)
Udumuaghoro, , jeddo (PU: 10/13/10/017)
Udumueyibarah, jeddo (PU: 10/13/10/015)
Udumurie town hall, jeddo i (PU: 10/13/10/013)
Udumurie town hall, jeddo ii (PU: 10/13/10/014)
Ugbokodo town hall, ugbokodo i (PU: 10/13/10/007)
Ugbokodo town hall, ugbokodo ii (PU: 10/13/10/008)
Ugbokodo town hall, ugbokodo iii (PU: 10/13/10/009)
Ugbokodo town hall, ugbokodo iv (PU: 10/13/10/010)
Ughoton town hall, ughoton (PU: 10/13/10/005)
Ughoton primary school, ughoton (PU: 10/13/10/004)
Umuete, jeddo (PU: 10/13/10/016)

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