Opobo/Nkoro L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

(11 Wards )

Dappaye ama-kiri i

(12 Polling Booths )
Class room school building, jekituala (PU: 32/20/05/010)
Comp. square open space,manilla (PU: 32/20/05/003)
Comp. square open space jungo manilla (PU: 32/20/05/005)
Comp. square open space, black fubara ii (PU: 32/20/05/008)
Comp. square open space, fibiri (PU: 32/20/05/002)
Comp. square open space, israel black (PU: 32/20/05/001)
Comp. square open space, ogolo fubara (PU: 32/20/05/011)
Main gate community building, fubara ogolo (PU: 32/20/05/004)
Main gate community hall, tamunowari polo (PU: 32/20/05/012)
Main gate open space hall, gogo fubara (PU: 32/20/05/006)
Main gate open space hall,black fubara i (PU: 32/20/05/007)
Main gate open space hall,fubara fibiri (PU: 32/20/05/009)

Dappaye ama-kiri ii

(16 Polling Booths )
Comp. hall open space, sameppele (PU: 32/20/06/002)
Comp. square open space, charles eppelle i (PU: 32/20/06/006)
Comp. square open space, charles eppelle ii (PU: 32/20/06/007)
Comp. square open space, john tom brown (PU: 32/20/06/009)
Comp. square open space, kalamuso (PU: 32/20/06/003)
Comp. square open space, miinrine eppelle (PU: 32/20/06/012)
Comp. square open space, oko eppelle (PU: 32/20/06/013)
Comp. square open space, peter cookeye (PU: 32/20/06/014)
Comp. square open space, yellow brown (PU: 32/20/06/011)
Comp. square open space,tom brown (PU: 32/20/06/015)
Main gate community building finebone (PU: 32/20/06/008)
Main gate community building, nengia (PU: 32/20/06/010)
Main gate community building, ogbonna (PU: 32/20/06/004)
Main gate community hall, cookey brown (PU: 32/20/06/001)
Main gate community hall, jacob john brown (PU: 32/20/06/005)
Main gate comp. hall, bupo (PU: 32/20/06/016)


(16 Polling Booths )
Comp. square open space, damunabo (PU: 32/20/03/011)
Comp. square open space, doodperer side (PU: 32/20/03/012)
Comp. square open space, ozuochie (PU: 32/20/03/009)
Comp. square open space, atari (PU: 32/20/03/002)
Comp. square open space, mainogolo (PU: 32/20/03/010)
Comp. square open space, shoo peter side (PU: 32/20/03/006)
Main gate community building, ubani (PU: 32/20/03/008)
Main gate community hall, joseph ogolo (PU: 32/20/03/015)
Main gate community hall, juruma iroaya (PU: 32/20/03/016)
Main gate community hall, peter side (PU: 32/20/03/005)
Main gate community hall, town (PU: 32/20/03/001)
Main gate comp. bulding, daminabo (PU: 32/20/03/003)
Main gate open space, atobera (PU: 32/20/03/014)
Main gate open space, okoronkwo (PU: 32/20/03/004)
Main gate open space, opobo town (PU: 32/20/03/013)
Main gate waribo open space, uranta (PU: 32/20/03/007)

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(25 Polling Booths )
Comp. square open space accra/yellow (PU: 32/20/07/018)
Comp. square open space oko-jaja (PU: 32/20/07/017)
Comp. square open space, adaijeh jaja (PU: 32/20/07/025)
Comp. square open space, agewt jaja i (PU: 32/20/07/021)
Comp. square open space, agewt jaja ii (PU: 32/20/07/022)
Comp. square open space, ajiere jaja (PU: 32/20/07/010)
Comp. square open space, chief accra pepple (PU: 32/20/07/023)
Comp. square open space, omubo pepple (PU: 32/20/07/013)
Comp. square open space, ozu-jaja (PU: 32/20/07/005)
Comp. square open space, saturday jaja (PU: 32/20/07/015)
Comp. square open space, thomas jaja (PU: 32/20/07/009)
Comp. square open space, tom jaja (PU: 32/20/07/024)
Main gate community building, jaja (PU: 32/20/07/004)
Main gate bruce jaja (PU: 32/20/07/006)
Main gate community building, sunday jaja (PU: 32/20/07/012)
Main gate comp. building, aaron jaja (PU: 32/20/07/011)
Main gate comp. building, mac pepple (PU: 32/20/07/007)
Main gate comp. building, wariku (PU: 32/20/07/008)
Main gate cyprian jaja (PU: 32/20/07/019)
Main gate open space, anne pepple (PU: 32/20/07/016)
Main gate open space, kampa (PU: 32/20/07/014)
Main gate open space, oko jaja (PU: 32/20/07/020)
Main gate, jim jaja community building (PU: 32/20/07/001)
Palace gate community building, opuwari (PU: 32/20/07/003)
Primary school hall pembe (PU: 32/20/07/002)

Kalaibiama i

(16 Polling Booths )
Comp square open space kalaisiama minimah (PU: 32/20/01/003)
Comp square open space kalaisiama adibie minimah (PU: 32/20/01/005)
Comp square open space kalaisiama iloma minimah (PU: 32/20/01/006)
Comp square open space kalaisiama oblulu minimah (PU: 32/20/01/004)
Comp. square kalaibiama brown agewii (PU: 32/20/01/013)
Comp. square kalaibiama diri i (PU: 32/20/01/011)
Comp. square kalaibiama diri ii (PU: 32/20/01/012)
Comp. square kalaibiama ikpodiri (PU: 32/20/01/015)
Comp. square kalaibiama okpukpo (PU: 32/20/01/014)
Comp. square open space, doctor dappa (PU: 32/20/01/009)
Comp. square open space,ocoma (PU: 32/20/01/010)
Main gate community hall, kalaisiama (PU: 32/20/01/001)
Main gate community hall, kalaisiama (PU: 32/20/01/002)
Primary school kalaibiama school avenue (PU: 32/20/01/016)
Primary school kalaibiama, jack tolofari (PU: 32/20/01/007)
Village square open space, kalaisiama aladma leggjack (PU: 32/20/01/008)

Kalaibiama ii

(14 Polling Booths )
Comp. square eppelema, opusunju (PU: 32/20/02/010)
Comp. square open space, adatom pepole (PU: 32/20/02/011)
Comp. square open space, dickjohn (PU: 32/20/02/004)
Comp. square open space, john africa (PU: 32/20/02/007)
Comp. square open space,john africa (PU: 32/20/02/012)
Comp. square, eppelema open space (PU: 32/20/02/014)
Main gate community hall, kalaibiama (PU: 32/20/02/013)
Main gate community hall, main toby (PU: 32/20/02/008)
Main gate stewart comp. hall (PU: 32/20/02/001)
Maingate community building,wogudappa (PU: 32/20/02/003)
Primary school hall, ekeregborokiri (PU: 32/20/02/006)
Town square eppelema, opusunju (PU: 32/20/02/009)
Village square open space, ayamunimah (PU: 32/20/02/005)
Village square, iwoma atoki (PU: 32/20/02/002)

Nkoro i

(6 Polling Booths )
Chief council amayanabo’s palace (PU: 32/20/09/001)
Chief’s palace open space, offruma (PU: 32/20/09/004)
Comp. square open space, kobiri (PU: 32/20/09/003)
Primary school hall, oroni (PU: 32/20/09/005)
Primary school i class room, amabara (PU: 32/20/09/002)
Village square , ayama (PU: 32/20/09/006)

Nkoro ii

(8 Polling Booths )
C.p.s. iwoama school hall, ese (PU: 32/20/10/007)
C.p.s. primary school olom nkoro (PU: 32/20/10/003)
Comp. square iwoama open space (PU: 32/20/10/006)
Comp. square open space nkoro/ataemie (PU: 32/20/10/001)
Maket square, daba/dom/okansi/tamuno (PU: 32/20/10/002)
St. michael church hall, ogoama (PU: 32/20/10/008)
Village square open space sukuama (PU: 32/20/10/004)
Village square portalai open space (PU: 32/20/10/005)

Nkoro iii

(6 Polling Booths )
C.h.s. nkoro building, ikwaro/jobama/nkpete/nkoro (PU: 32/20/11/006)
Comp. square open space , bara (PU: 32/20/11/002)
Comp. square open space ottoni (PU: 32/20/11/003)
Ottoni bara square open space (PU: 32/20/11/004)
Primary school afakani, nkoro (PU: 32/20/11/001)
Village square open space, ayaama ii (PU: 32/20/11/005)

Queens town kalama

(12 Polling Booths )
Class room primary school abasibie ii (PU: 32/20/08/007)
Comp. square open space, captain uranta (PU: 32/20/08/003)
Comp. square open space, emeruwa (PU: 32/20/08/006)
Comp. square open space, obomanu i (PU: 32/20/08/004)
Main gate community hall, captain uranta ii (PU: 32/20/08/009)
Main gate community hall, captain uranta iii (PU: 32/20/08/010)
Main gate community hall, obomanu ii (PU: 32/20/08/011)
Main gate community hall, obomanu iii (PU: 32/20/08/012)
Market square open space, down bello (PU: 32/20/08/008)
Village square open space, abasibie i (PU: 32/20/08/002)
Village square open space, ikiriko (PU: 32/20/08/005)
Village square open space, kalasunju (PU: 32/20/08/001)


(11 Polling Booths )
Commp. square open space, george cookey i (PU: 32/20/04/008)
Community hall open space cookey gam (PU: 32/20/04/002)
Community square open space, apiafi (PU: 32/20/04/003)
Comp. square open space, bellgam (PU: 32/20/04/006)
Comp. square open space, george cookey ii (PU: 32/20/04/009)
Comp. square open space, george pepple (PU: 32/20/04/010)
Comp. square open space, opobo town (PU: 32/20/04/001)
Comp. square open space, piri/diogu (PU: 32/20/04/007)
Comp. square open space, wariso (PU: 32/20/04/005)
Main gate community hall, john cookey (PU: 32/20/04/011)
Main gate community hall, waribo cookey (PU: 32/20/04/004)

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