Oron L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

Ward: Oron urban ix

Polling Unit: 

(8 Polling Booths )
Eyotong lane junction (PU: 03/25/09/004)
Hospital compound (PU: 03/25/09/003)
Iquita village hall (PU: 03/25/09/006)
Market square, eyotong (PU: 03/25/09/005)
Open space, ebong streyotong village (PU: 03/25/09/007)
Pry sch, eyotong (PU: 03/25/09/008)
Pry sch, iquita i (PU: 03/25/09/001)
Pry sch, iquita ii (PU: 03/25/09/002)

Ward: Oron urban x

Polling Unit: 

(8 Polling Booths )
Govt. sch, uya oron i (PU: 03/25/10/001)
Govt. sch, uya oron ii (PU: 03/25/10/002)
Govt. sch, uya oron iii (PU: 03/25/10/003)
Open space near madam affiong umo’s compound (PU: 03/25/10/007)
Open space, uya oron (PU: 03/25/10/004)
Science sch, uya oron (PU: 03/25/10/008)
St paul’s pry sch i (PU: 03/25/10/005)
St paul’s pry sch i (PU: 03/25/10/006)

Ward: Oron urban 1

Polling Unit: 

(5 Polling Booths )
Beach market (PU: 03/25/01/004)
Iyamba/itu street junction (PU: 03/25/01/005)
Open space, edik ekpu (PU: 03/25/01/002)
Open space, inua esit edik (PU: 03/25/01/001)
Park office, oron (PU: 03/25/01/003)

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Ward: Oron urban 11

Polling Unit: 

(5 Polling Booths )
Open space , akpabio beach (PU: 03/25/02/001)
Open space , along meth avenue junction (PU: 03/25/02/002)
Open space , ine eman (PU: 03/25/02/005)
Open space, andiyo/adam street (PU: 03/25/02/004)
Pry sch, akwa edung (PU: 03/25/02/003)

Ward:  Oron urban 111
Polling Unit: 

(7 Polling Booths )
Azion (PU: 03/25/03/002)
Iyamba/oron road junction (PU: 03/25/03/004)
Odoro street, opposite open space africana (PU: 03/25/03/003)
Open space, calabar street (PU: 03/25/03/005)
Open space, ine afa urut idua (PU: 03/25/03/006)
Uso ating (PU: 03/25/03/001)
Uwe akan/odoro street junction (PU: 03/25/03/007)

Ward: Oron urban 1v
Polling Unit: 

(4 Polling Booths )
Open space, esuk mbiam (PU: 03/25/04/004)
Open space, opposite village head comp (PU: 03/25/04/002)
Open space, village square junction (PU: 03/25/04/003)
Pry sch, ukpata (PU: 03/25/04/001)

Ward: Oron urban v
Polling Unit: 

(5 Polling Booths )
Bottom garden esuk oron (PU: 03/25/05/002)
Meth boys’ high sch (PU: 03/25/05/001)
Open space, esuk mma (PU: 03/25/05/003)
Open space, maritime academy (PU: 03/25/05/005)
Open space, udung okung (PU: 03/25/05/004)

Ward: Oron urban v1
Polling Unit: 

(6 Polling Booths )
Custom house (PU: 03/25/06/003)
Former n.r.c premises (PU: 03/25/06/006)
Mainland technical college (PU: 03/25/06/002)
Mary hanney sec sch (PU: 03/25/06/004)
Open space, ntar fish market (PU: 03/25/06/001)
Pry sch, uko okwong (PU: 03/25/06/005)

Ward: Oron urban v11
Polling Unit: 

(5 Polling Booths )
Army children sch (PU: 03/25/07/005)
Convent sch, oron (PU: 03/25/07/001)
Open space, etim inyang street (PU: 03/25/07/004)
Park monitoring market/court hall (PU: 03/25/07/003)
Pry sch, uko uyukim (PU: 03/25/07/002)

Ward: Oron urban v111
Polling Unit: 

(9 Polling Booths )
Fire service station (PU: 03/25/08/009)
Mary harney road/sec. junction (PU: 03/25/08/004)
Open space, housing estate (PU: 03/25/08/005)
Open space, udung usatai, opposite apostolic church (PU: 03/25/08/007)
Pry sch, eyo abasi i (PU: 03/25/08/001)
Pry sch, eyo abasi ii (PU: 03/25/08/002)
Pry sch, eyo abasi ii (PU: 03/25/08/003)
Village hall, udung ekung (PU: 03/25/08/008)
Water board (PU: 03/25/08/006)

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