Ovia North-East L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

  • Adolor-Wards

(16 Polling Booths )
Ekiadolor adolor prmary school (PU: 12/14/04/004)
Ekiadolor cooperative house (PU: 12/14/04/003)
Ekiadolor ekiadolor sec. school (PU: 12/14/04/005)
Ekiadolor, opposite college of education ii (PU: 12/14/04/002)
Ekiadolor, opposite college of education i (PU: 12/14/04/001)
Eko-abetu elukotun pimary school (PU: 12/14/04/012)
Isiukhukhu , obanokhua primary school (PU: 12/14/04/009)
Iyowa, ezuwarha primary school (PU: 12/14/04/011)
Ora-ifon, ezomo college (PU: 12/14/04/010)
Ovbiogie, ekhibi primary school iii (PU: 12/14/04/008)
Ovbiogie, ekhibi primary school ii (PU: 12/14/04/007)
Ovbiogie, ekhibi primary school i (PU: 12/14/04/006)
Ukpoke, ukpoke village hall (PU: 12/14/04/013)
Utekon, ise primary school iii (PU: 12/14/04/016)
Utekon, ise primary school ii (PU: 12/14/04/015)
Utekon, ise primary school i (PU: 12/14/04/014)

  • Iguoshodin-Wards

(13 Polling Booths )
Agbonmoba, okungbowa p/school (PU: 12/14/12/004)
Iguadolor, aruosa primary school (PU: 12/14/12/010)
Iguesogban- osayande primary school (PU: 12/14/12/007)
Iguoshodin-nebudin, iguoshodin-nebudin p/sch. (PU: 12/14/12/001)
Iguoshodin-nigbemaba – iguoshodin-nigbemaba p/school (PU: 12/14/12/006)
Iguzama , iguzama primary school (PU: 12/14/12/008)
Iyekeze obanosa p/school (PU: 12/14/12/003)
Obagie, eweka primary school (PU: 12/14/12/013)
Obayantor, obakpolor p/school (PU: 12/14/12/005)
Ogeghe, ogheghe primary school (PU: 12/14/12/012)
Parkers camp, iguoshodin nebudin p/sch. (PU: 12/14/12/002)
Uhogua, uhogua primary school (PU: 12/14/12/011)
Unuamen, esigie primary school (PU: 12/14/12/009)

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  • Isiuwa-Ward

(11 Polling Booths )
Azalama, azalama (PU: 12/14/08/010)
Eko-nobore, nobore p/school (PU: 12/14/08/007)
Evboneka, akugbe p/school (PU: 12/14/08/004)
Evboneka, payne p/school (PU: 12/14/08/005)
Nifor , isiuwa p/school ii (PU: 12/14/08/002)
Nifor, isiuwa p/school i (PU: 12/14/08/001)
Nifor, isiuwa p/school iii (PU: 12/14/08/003)
Ozuguo, esigie p/school (PU: 12/14/08/009)
Ugbogiobo, ogiobo p/school (PU: 12/14/08/006)
Uniaro, aro p/schol (PU: 12/14/08/011)
Uwan, uwan p/school (PU: 12/14/08/008)

  • Oduna-Wards

(13 Polling Booths )
Danikoro danikoro p/ school (PU: 12/14/11/012)
Egbatan, otiku pry. sch. (PU: 12/14/11/006)
Eghudu, eghudu pry. sch. (PU: 12/14/11/005)
Ekenwan orogbua p/school (PU: 12/14/11/008)
Evbuorokho, evbuorokho (PU: 12/14/11/010)
Gele-gele osa p/schol (PU: 12/14/11/011)
Ikpako, obanosa pry. sch. (PU: 12/14/11/007)
Oduna, eweka pry. sch. (PU: 12/14/11/004)
Sallogun, sallogun (PU: 12/14/11/013)
Ugbineh, aken pry. sch i (PU: 12/14/11/002)
Ugbineh, aken pry. sch. ii (PU: 12/14/11/003)
Ughoton, erediauwa p/school (PU: 12/14/11/009)
Urhuokhokho, ikaladerhan pry. sch (PU: 12/14/11/001)

  • Ofunmwegbe-Wards

(8 Polling Booths )
Iguosagie ohenhen primary school ii (PU: 12/14/05/007)
Iguosagie ohenhen primary school i (PU: 12/14/05/006)
Iwu egbaen primary school v (PU: 12/14/05/005)
Iwu egbaen primary school iv (PU: 12/14/05/004)
Iwu egbaen primary school i (PU: 12/14/05/001)
Iwu egbaen primary school ii (PU: 12/14/05/002)
Iwu egbaen primary school iii (PU: 12/14/05/003)
Ofunmwegbe ikuobase primary school (PU: 12/14/05/008)

  • Oghede-Wards

(13 Polling Booths )
Agivbiigie, agivbiigie (PU: 12/14/10/008)
Ekenwan barracks, army childrens’ school iii (PU: 12/14/10/012)
Ekenwan barracks, army childrens’ school ii (PU: 12/14/10/011)
Ekenwan barracks, army childrens’ school i (PU: 12/14/10/010)
Evboro, adolor pry. sch. (PU: 12/14/10/003)
Igbobi, nikaro pry. sch. (PU: 12/14/10/006)
Igo, igo primary school (PU: 12/14/10/009)
Iguehie, edegbe pry. sch. (PU: 12/14/10/013)
Iguogie, iguogie primary school (PU: 12/14/10/001)
Ikoro, ikoro pry. sch. (PU: 12/14/10/005)
Obazuwa, obazuwa pry. sch. (PU: 12/14/10/004)
Oghede, oghede pry. sch. (PU: 12/14/10/007)
Orovie, ogun pry. sch. (PU: 12/14/10/002)

  • Okada east-Wards

(7 Polling Booths )
Egboha , egboha (PU: 12/14/02/007)
Iguiye – obanosa primary school (PU: 12/14/02/003)
Iguobo , oboh primary school i (PU: 12/14/02/004)
Iguobo, oboh primary school ii (PU: 12/14/02/005)
Isiuwa, ehiaghe primary school (PU: 12/14/02/006)
Iyanomo, iyanomo primary school (PU: 12/14/02/002)
Ugbokun, ugbokun primary school (PU: 12/14/02/001)

  • Okada west-Wards

(5 Polling Booths )
Iguomo, ovonramwen primary school (PU: 12/14/01/005)
Okada, ikaladerhan primary school ii (PU: 12/14/01/002)
Okada, ikaladerhan primary school i (PU: 12/14/01/001)
Okada, okada grammar school i (PU: 12/14/01/003)
Okada, okada grammar school ii (PU: 12/14/01/004)

  • Okokhuo-Wards

(12 Polling Booths )
Abumwenre, ozolua p/school (PU: 12/14/09/004)
Abumwenre, town hall (PU: 12/14/09/005)
Agekpanu, odiase pry. sch. (PU: 12/14/09/010)
Agemokpae, agemokpae (PU: 12/14/09/006)
Emah, emah p/school (PU: 12/14/09/007)
Iguhoro, oriri primary school (PU: 12/14/09/012)
Iguogho, ogho pry. sch. (PU: 12/14/09/009)
Okokhuo, okokhuo p/school iii (PU: 12/14/09/003)
Okokhuo, okokhuo p/school i (PU: 12/14/09/001)
Okokhuo, okokhuo p/school ii (PU: 12/14/09/002)
Ugboke, ugboke pry. sch. (PU: 12/14/09/008)
Ugbokuli, ugbokuli (PU: 12/14/09/011)

  • Oluku-Wards

(13 Polling Booths )
Ekosodin, ekosodin primary school iii (PU: 12/14/06/013)
Ekosodin, ekosodin primary school ii (PU: 12/14/06/012)
Ekosodin, ekosodin primary school i (PU: 12/14/06/011)
Idumwowina, owina primary school (PU: 12/14/06/007)
Isiohor, army children school i (PU: 12/14/06/005)
Isiohor, army children school ii (PU: 12/14/06/006)
Okhumwun elaba primary school (PU: 12/14/06/001)
Oluku , eresoyen primary school iii (PU: 12/14/06/004)
Oluku, eresoyen primary school ii (PU: 12/14/06/003)
Oluku, eresoyen primary school i (PU: 12/14/06/002)
Ugbowo, uniben staff school i (PU: 12/14/06/008)
Ugbowo, uniben staff school ii (PU: 12/14/06/009)
Ugbowo, uniben staff school iii (PU: 12/14/06/010)

  • Uhen-Wards

(8 Polling Booths )
Egbeta, egbeta p/school ii (PU: 12/14/03/002)
Egbeta, egbeta p/school i (PU: 12/14/03/001)
Ogbesse, edaiken primary school (PU: 12/14/03/007)
Olumoye, ose primary school (PU: 12/14/03/008)
Ugbuwe eghianruwa primary school (PU: 12/14/03/004)
Uhen, arazuwa primary school (PU: 12/14/03/006)
Uhen, health centre (PU: 12/14/03/005)
Utesse, ogiyan primary school (PU: 12/14/03/003)

  • Uhiere-Wards

(17 Polling Booths )
Agbanikaka, market place (PU: 12/14/07/016)
Aihuobabekun, crowther primary school (PU: 12/14/07/002)
Eko-ekpetin, eko-ekpetin village square (PU: 12/14/07/009)
Idumwenhigie idumwenhigie p/school (PU: 12/14/07/007)
Igbekhue, osaro p/school (PU: 12/14/07/010)
Obarenren, odaro primary school ii (PU: 12/14/07/004)
Obarenren, odaro primary school i (PU: 12/14/07/003)
Obazuwa ii, obazuwa ii (PU: 12/14/07/001)
Odighi, amayo primary school ii (PU: 12/14/07/012)
Odighi, amayo primary school i (PU: 12/14/07/011)
Odiguetue, ehi p/school (PU: 12/14/07/013)
Ofitebe , ofitebe (PU: 12/14/07/017)
Okhuen camp, okhuen camp (PU: 12/14/07/005)
Okhuo erediauwa grammar. school (PU: 12/14/07/006)
Osasimwionba imadiyi p/school (PU: 12/14/07/008)
Owan, owan p/school (PU: 12/14/07/015)
Uhiere, ikpesira p/school (PU: 12/14/07/014)

  • Utoka-Wards

(8 Polling Booths )
Agiyoba imose primary school (PU: 12/14/13/007)
Aguwangue, aguwangue (PU: 12/14/13/008)
Ite, ite primary school (PU: 12/14/13/006)
Ovah, ohen-osa primary school ii (PU: 12/14/13/002)
Ovah, ohen-osa primary school i (PU: 12/14/13/001)
Utoka, aruigie primary school ii (PU: 12/14/13/004)
Utoka, aruigie primary school iii (PU: 12/14/13/005)
Utoka, aruigie primry school i (PU: 12/14/13/003)

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