Owan East L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

  • Emai i-Wards

(13 Polling Booths )
Emai primary school, afuze ii (PU: 12/16/01/013)
Emai primary school, afuze i (PU: 12/16/01/012)
Inst. of phy education, afuze ii (PU: 12/16/01/002)
Inst. of phy education, afuze i (PU: 12/16/01/001)
Maternity centre, afuze ii (PU: 12/16/01/006)
Maternity centre, afuze i (PU: 12/16/01/005)
Ohobo primary school, afuze ii (PU: 12/16/01/009)
Ohobo primary school, afuze i (PU: 12/16/01/008)
Opposite palace ground, afuze (PU: 12/16/01/011)
Pub. field gallary, afuze (PU: 12/16/01/007)
Space by i.p.e. hostel, afuze (PU: 12/16/01/004)
Space by motor park, afuze (PU: 12/16/01/003)
Space by small market, afuze (PU: 12/16/01/010)

  • Emai ii-Wards

(14 Polling Booths )
Eghu primary school, ojavun i (PU: 12/16/02/004)
Eghu primary school, ojavun ii (PU: 12/16/02/005)
Eteye primary school, eteye (PU: 12/16/02/014)
Igbira camp, ojavun (PU: 12/16/02/003)
Obada primary school, evbiamen i (PU: 12/16/02/010)
Obada primary school, evbiamen ii (PU: 12/16/02/011)
Ogute primary school, ogute i (PU: 12/16/02/008)
Ogute primary school, ogute ii (PU: 12/16/02/009)
Okpokhomi primary school, ojavun ii (PU: 12/16/02/007)
Okpokhomi primary school, ojavun i (PU: 12/16/02/006)
Ownu primary school, ovbiomu i (PU: 12/16/02/001)
Ownu primary school, ovbiomu ii (PU: 12/16/02/002)
St. james ora school, uahomi i (PU: 12/16/02/012)
St. james ora school, uahomi ii (PU: 12/16/02/013)

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  • Igue/ikao-Wards

(14 Polling Booths )
Anana p/school, igue-oke (PU: 12/16/06/001)
Atenokhai primary school, ikao (PU: 12/16/06/011)
Eweya p/school, igue-sale (PU: 12/16/06/004)
Igbira camp, igue-sale (PU: 12/16/06/014)
Igbira camp, igue-sale (PU: 12/16/06/006)
Inuma primary schoo, l ikao iv (PU: 12/16/06/010)
Inuma primary school, ikao iii (PU: 12/16/06/009)
Inuma primary school, ikao ii (PU: 12/16/06/008)
Inuma primary school, ikao i (PU: 12/16/06/007)
Market square, igue-sale (PU: 12/16/06/005)
Near cocoa store, igue-oke (PU: 12/16/06/003)
Sadiku igbira camp, igue-oke (PU: 12/16/06/002)
Utho village squar, ikao i (PU: 12/16/06/012)
Utho village square, ikao ii (PU: 12/16/06/013)

  • Ihievbe i-Wards

(11 Polling Booths )
Customary court, edon road (PU: 12/16/03/009)
Emabun igbira camp, ihievbe (PU: 12/16/03/011)
Ivbieve primary school, ihievbe i (PU: 12/16/03/001)
Ivbieve primary school, ihievbe ii (PU: 12/16/03/002)
Market square ivbiore, ogha (PU: 12/16/03/008)
Maternity centre, ihievbe (PU: 12/16/03/005)
Near motor garage, ihievbe (PU: 12/16/03/003)
Oboh intn school, ihievbe (PU: 12/16/03/004)
Obokhuoduma primary school, ihievbe (PU: 12/16/03/010)
Space by customary court, ihievbe ii (PU: 12/16/03/007)
Space by customary court, ihievbe i (PU: 12/16/03/006)

  • Ihievbe ii-Wards

(12 Polling Booths )
Ekhueye primary school, ekhueye ii (PU: 12/16/04/005)
Ekhueye primary school, ekhueye i (PU: 12/16/04/004)
Igbira camp along igara rd., ogbon ii (PU: 12/16/04/012)
Igbira camp along igara rd., ogbon i (PU: 12/16/04/011)
Osamaran field, okhuame (PU: 12/16/04/008)
Osamaran p/schoo, okhuame i (PU: 12/16/04/006)
Osamaran p/school, okhuame ii (PU: 12/16/04/007)
Otuajabor primary school, otua iii (PU: 12/16/04/003)
Otuajabor primary school, otua ii (PU: 12/16/04/002)
Otuajabor primary school, otua i (PU: 12/16/04/001)
Primary school, ogben ii (PU: 12/16/04/010)
Primary school, ogben i (PU: 12/16/04/009)

  • Ivbiadaobi-Wards

(17 Polling Booths )
Eke primary school ivbiaro ii (PU: 12/16/10/012)
Eke primary school, ivbiaro i (PU: 12/16/10/011)
Ekeke primary school, erah (PU: 12/16/10/007)
Emokpaere primary school, ivbiaro (PU: 12/16/10/013)
Emokpaere primary school, ovbiaro (PU: 12/16/10/017)
Erah grammar school, erah i (PU: 12/16/10/003)
Erah grammer school, erah ii (PU: 12/16/10/004)
Esun primary school, ivbiaro i (PU: 12/16/10/014)
Esun primary school, ivbiaro ii (PU: 12/16/10/015)
Esun primary school, ivbiaro iii (PU: 12/16/10/016)
Eswriri primary school , erah (PU: 12/16/10/006)
Igbira camp ekeke, eran (PU: 12/16/10/008)
Ivbiolwco pimary school, erah ii (PU: 12/16/10/002)
Ivbiolwco pimary school, erah i (PU: 12/16/10/001)
Maternity centre, ivbiaro (PU: 12/16/10/010)
Near bawa’s compound, ivbiaro (PU: 12/16/10/009)
Oamen primary school, erah (PU: 12/16/10/005)

  • Ivbianion-Wards

(17 Polling Booths )
Akugbe primary school, arokho iii (PU: 12/16/07/003)
Akugbe primary school, arokho ii (PU: 12/16/07/002)
Akugbe primary school, arokho i (PU: 12/16/07/001)
Enyaka camp, uroe (PU: 12/16/07/014)
Igbifun primary school, ohanma (PU: 12/16/07/016)
Igbira camp, arokho (PU: 12/16/07/006)
Iruoke village square, arokho (PU: 12/16/07/012)
Ivbigun primary school, ohanmi (PU: 12/16/07/015)
Market square, arokho (PU: 12/16/07/005)
Motor park, arokho (PU: 12/16/07/010)
Near market square, arokho (PU: 12/16/07/004)
Near motor cam, arokho (PU: 12/16/07/011)
Ohanmi village square, ohanmi (PU: 12/16/07/017)
Okpongo field, arokho (PU: 12/16/07/008)
Okpongo pry. school, arokho (PU: 12/16/07/007)
Ubiale primary school, uroe (PU: 12/16/07/013)
Yisa camp, arokho (PU: 12/16/07/009)

  • Otuo i-Wards

(17 Polling Booths )
Aloho azama college road, otuo (PU: 12/16/08/008)
Aloho azama open space , otuo (PU: 12/16/08/009)
By oluma motor park, otuo (PU: 12/16/08/004)
Idesa primary school, otuo (PU: 12/16/08/012)
Idesa primay school, otuo (PU: 12/16/08/017)
Igbira town hall, otuo (PU: 12/16/08/015)
Ihueran town hall, otuo (PU: 12/16/08/016)
Luma town hall, otuo (PU: 12/16/08/005)
Luma town hall, otuo (PU: 12/16/08/006)
Near imafun new site, otuo (PU: 12/16/08/001)
Near maternity centre, otuo (PU: 12/16/08/010)
Near the town hall, otuo (PU: 12/16/08/003)
Ogba town square , otuo (PU: 12/16/08/011)
Olila town hall, otuo (PU: 12/16/08/013)
Otuo dispensary (field), otuo (PU: 12/16/08/007)
Oziokho town hall, otuo (PU: 12/16/08/014)
Town hall, otuo (PU: 12/16/08/002)

  • Otuo ii-Wards

(17 Polling Booths )
Agugbodo primary school, otuo (PU: 12/16/09/017)
Amohon quarters, otuo (PU: 12/16/09/014)
Amoya town hall, otuo (PU: 12/16/09/009)
Ayetoro isumede (isisi camp) (PU: 12/16/09/016)
Imakhize play ground, otuo i (PU: 12/16/09/003)
Imakhize play ground, otuo ii (PU: 12/16/09/004)
Imarvbe town hall, otuo (PU: 12/16/09/011)
Imoukpe town hall, otuo (PU: 12/16/09/001)
Imovie town square, otuo (PU: 12/16/09/012)
Imovie town square, otuo (PU: 12/16/09/013)
Oghriogbo primary school, otuo (PU: 12/16/09/015)
Ohigba town hall, otuo (PU: 12/16/09/008)
Osiekepe town hall, otuo (PU: 12/16/09/007)
Town square, otuo (PU: 12/16/09/010)
Uzama town hall, otuo i (PU: 12/16/09/005)
Uzama town hall, otuo ii (PU: 12/16/09/006)
Women centre, otuo (PU: 12/16/09/002)

  • Uokha/ake-Ward

(15 Polling Booths )
Ake igboro, ake (PU: 12/16/05/013)
Ake primary school, ake ii (PU: 12/16/05/010)
Ake primary school, ake i (PU: 12/16/05/009)
Eweka primary school, uokha i (PU: 12/16/05/005)
Eweka primary school, uokha ii (PU: 12/16/05/006)
Health centre, ake (PU: 12/16/05/011)
Lawani camp, uokha (PU: 12/16/05/008)
Open field eweka p/school, uokha (PU: 12/16/05/007)
Open space by ake market (PU: 12/16/05/012)
Otion primary school, uokha i (PU: 12/16/05/001)
Otion primary school, uokha ii (PU: 12/16/05/002)
Otugo grammar school, ake (PU: 12/16/05/014)
Owa village square, ake (PU: 12/16/05/015)
Space near y. maternity, uokha (PU: 12/16/05/004)
Uokha maternity (field), uokha (PU: 12/16/05/003)

  • Warrake-Ward

(13 Polling Booths )
Agbalosun primary schoo, warrake (PU: 12/16/11/008)
Customary court, warrake (PU: 12/16/11/001)
Igbira camp iyakhara (PU: 12/16/11/009)
Market square b/w afokoso, warrake (PU: 12/16/11/006)
Market square b/w afokoso, warrake (PU: 12/16/11/007)
Market square b/w uzofor, warrake (PU: 12/16/11/011)
Market square proper, warrake (PU: 12/16/11/012)
Maternity centre, warrake (PU: 12/16/11/010)
Near coco produce store, warrake (PU: 12/16/11/004)
Near cocoa produce store, iyadon (PU: 12/16/11/013)
Near customary court, warrake (PU: 12/16/11/002)
Space by customary court, warrake (PU: 12/16/11/003)
Ugbovboje primary school, warrake (PU: 12/16/11/005)

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