Owerri Municipal L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

  • Aladinma i-Wards

(8 Polling Booths )
Housing estate primary school i (PU: 16/25/01/001)
Housing estate primary school ii (PU: 16/25/01/002)
Housing estate primary school iii (PU: 16/25/01/003)
Housing estate primary school iv (PU: 16/25/01/004)
Imsu i (PU: 16/25/01/007)
Imsu ii (PU: 16/25/01/008)
Startright primary school i (PU: 16/25/01/005)
Startright primary school ii (PU: 16/25/01/006)

  • Aladinma ii-Wards

(6 Polling Booths )
St. paul’s school i (PU: 16/25/02/004)
St. paul’s school ii (PU: 16/25/02/005)
St. paul’s school iii (PU: 16/25/02/006)
Unity primary school i (PU: 16/25/02/001)
Unity primary school ii (PU: 16/25/02/002)
Unity primary school iii (PU: 16/25/02/003)

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  • Azuzi i-Wards

(13 Polling Booths )
St. paul primary school i (PU: 16/25/05/001)
St. paul primary school ii (PU: 16/25/05/002)
St. paul primary school iii (PU: 16/25/05/003)
St. paul primary school iv (PU: 16/25/05/004)
St. paul primary school v (PU: 16/25/05/005)
St. paul primary school vi (PU: 16/25/05/006)
St. paul primary school vii (PU: 16/25/05/007)
Water side primary school i (PU: 16/25/05/008)
Water side primary school ii (PU: 16/25/05/009)
Water side primary school iii (PU: 16/25/05/010)
Water side primary school iv (PU: 16/25/05/011)
Water side primary school v (PU: 16/25/05/012)
Water side primary school vi (PU: 16/25/05/013)

  • Azuzi ii-Wards

(11 Polling Booths )
Assumpta primary school i (PU: 16/25/06/005)
Assumpta primary school ii (PU: 16/25/06/006)
Assumpta primary school iii (PU: 16/25/06/007)
Emmanuel college i (PU: 16/25/06/001)
Emmanuel college ii (PU: 16/25/06/002)
Emmanuel college iii (PU: 16/25/06/003)
Emmanuel college iv (PU: 16/25/06/004)
Holiness nurs/primary school (PU: 16/25/06/011)
Timber shed hall i (PU: 16/25/06/008)
Timber shed hall ii (PU: 16/25/06/009)
Timber shed hall iii (PU: 16/25/06/010)

  • Azuzi iii-Wards

(10 Polling Booths )
Dev. primary school i (PU: 16/25/07/003)
Dev. primary school ii (PU: 16/25/07/004)
Dev. primary school iii (PU: 16/25/07/005)
Dev. primary school iv (PU: 16/25/07/006)
Nekede mech. village hall i (PU: 16/25/07/001)
Nekede mech. village hall ii (PU: 16/25/07/002)
New market hall i (PU: 16/25/07/007)
New market hall ii (PU: 16/25/07/008)
New market hall iii (PU: 16/25/07/009)
New market hall iv (PU: 16/25/07/010)

  • Azuzi iv-Wards

(12 Polling Booths )
Baptist primary/nursery school i (PU: 16/25/08/008)
Baptist primary/nursery school ii (PU: 16/25/08/009)
Old mbaise park i (PU: 16/25/08/010)
Old mbaise park ii (PU: 16/25/08/011)
Old mbaise park iii (PU: 16/25/08/012)
Uzii primary school i (PU: 16/25/08/001)
Uzii primary school ii (PU: 16/25/08/002)
Uzii primary school iii (PU: 16/25/08/003)
Uzii primary school v (PU: 16/25/08/005)
Uzii primary school vi (PU: 16/25/08/006)
Uzii primary school vii (PU: 16/25/08/007)
Uzii primary schooliv (PU: 16/25/08/004)

  • Gra-Wards

(11 Polling Booths )
Aice pavillion st. (PU: 16/25/09/006)
Daice nursery school (PU: 16/25/09/010)
Education service department i (PU: 16/25/09/007)
Education service department ii (PU: 16/25/09/008)
Government college owerri (PU: 16/25/09/009)
Imo hotels (PU: 16/25/09/011)
Madonna primary school (PU: 16/25/09/003)
Multi-purpose hall i (PU: 16/25/09/001)
Multi-purpose hall ii (PU: 16/25/09/002)
Shell camp primary school i (PU: 16/25/09/004)
Shell camp primary school ii (PU: 16/25/09/005)

  • Ikenegbu i-Wards

(16 Polling Booths )
Mann st. primary school i (PU: 16/25/03/001)
Mann st. primary school ii (PU: 16/25/03/002)
Mann st. primary school iii (PU: 16/25/03/003)
Mann st. primary school iv (PU: 16/25/03/004)
Oha owerri hall i (PU: 16/25/03/013)
Oha owerri hall ii (PU: 16/25/03/014)
Okigwe road park i (PU: 16/25/03/015)
Okigwe road park ii (PU: 16/25/03/016)
Sam njemanze primary school i (PU: 16/25/03/009)
Sam njemanze primary school ii (PU: 16/25/03/010)
Sam njemanze primary school iii (PU: 16/25/03/011)
Sam njemanze primary school iv (PU: 16/25/03/012)
Township primary school i (PU: 16/25/03/005)
Township primary school ii (PU: 16/25/03/006)
Township primary school iii (PU: 16/25/03/007)
Township primary school iv (PU: 16/25/03/008)

  • Ikenegbu ii-Wards

(12 Polling Booths )
First nursery/primary school i (PU: 16/25/04/004)
First nursery/primary school ii (PU: 16/25/04/005)
G.t.c. i (PU: 16/25/04/011)
G.t.c. ii (PU: 16/25/04/012)
Ikenegbu secondary school i (PU: 16/25/04/001)
Ikenegbu secondary school ii (PU: 16/25/04/002)
Ikenegbu secondary school iii (PU: 16/25/04/003)
Main stadium i (PU: 16/25/04/007)
Main stadium ii (PU: 16/25/04/008)
Main stadium iii (PU: 16/25/04/009)
Main stadium iv (PU: 16/25/04/010)
St. juliana int. nursery/primary school (PU: 16/25/04/006)

  • New owerri i-Wards

(9 Polling Booths )
Eton day primary school i (PU: 16/25/10/008)
Eton day primary school ii (PU: 16/25/10/009)
Model primary school i (PU: 16/25/10/001)
Model primary school ii (PU: 16/25/10/002)
Model primary school iii (PU: 16/25/10/003)
Urban secondary school (PU: 16/25/10/004)
World bank primary school i (PU: 16/25/10/005)
World bank primary school ii (PU: 16/25/10/006)
World bank primary school iii (PU: 16/25/10/007)

  • New owerri ii-Wards

(9 Polling Booths )
Concord hotel (PU: 16/25/11/009)
Fizz primary school i (PU: 16/25/11/005)
Fizz primary school ii (PU: 16/25/11/006)
Holy ghost college i (PU: 16/25/11/001)
Holy ghost college ii (PU: 16/25/11/002)
Holy ghost park i (PU: 16/25/11/007)
Holy ghost park ii (PU: 16/25/11/008)
Owerri girls’ secondary school i (PU: 16/25/11/003)
Owerri girls’ secondary school ii (PU: 16/25/11/004)

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