Oyigbo L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

(10 Wards )


(6 Polling Booths )
C.p.s obeama (PU: 32/21/07/001)
Izuoma square (PU: 32/21/07/003)
Market square (PU: 32/21/07/006)
Mirnwanyi village (PU: 32/21/07/005)
Owulor compound (PU: 32/21/07/004)
Village square (PU: 32/21/07/002)


(5 Polling Booths )
C.p.s mari hall (PU: 32/21/05/004)
C.p.s okpontu hall (PU: 32/21/05/003)
C.p.s. azuogu hall (PU: 32/21/05/002)
Mgbu market square (PU: 32/21/05/001)
Mgbu town hall (PU: 32/21/05/005)


(9 Polling Booths )
Ideator royal close open space (PU: 32/21/10/008)
Market square (PU: 32/21/10/005)
Ohafia square (PU: 32/21/10/004)
Open space ukpabi (PU: 32/21/10/002)
Open space umusoya junction (PU: 32/21/10/003)
S.s.i kom kom hall (PU: 32/21/10/006)
Town hall umusoya (PU: 32/21/10/001)
Umuwarie open space (PU: 32/21/10/009)
Village square (PU: 32/21/10/007)


(15 Polling Booths )
G.c.d.c umuosi hall (PU: 32/21/02/014)
Mgboji court hall (PU: 32/21/02/012)
Mgboji market square (PU: 32/21/02/013)
Open space, abam street (PU: 32/21/02/008)
Open space, fillng station (PU: 32/21/02/005)
Open space, imo street (PU: 32/21/02/007)
Open space, mgbala ikoro (PU: 32/21/02/003)
Open space, plantaion (PU: 32/21/02/002)
Open space, shell junction (PU: 32/21/02/004)
Open space, vin square (PU: 32/21/02/006)
School hall, c.p.s. obeakpu (PU: 32/21/02/001)
School hall, state school umuosi (PU: 32/21/02/009)
Town hall obeakpu (PU: 32/21/02/015)
Umubele open space (PU: 32/21/02/011)
Umudike square (PU: 32/21/02/010)

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(10 Polling Booths )
Amaobu town hall (PU: 32/21/06/002)
Belle hall (PU: 32/21/06/010)
C.p.s ii hall (PU: 32/21/06/009)
C.p.s. obete hall (PU: 32/21/06/006)
C.s.s obete school hall (PU: 32/21/06/004)
Ekeator town hall (PU: 32/21/06/001)
Ohaobu market square (PU: 32/21/06/007)
Ohaobu town hall (PU: 32/21/06/003)
Postal agewui open space (PU: 32/21/06/005)
Umuchuta square (PU: 32/21/06/008)


(15 Polling Booths )
Afam nta town sqaure (PU: 32/21/03/012)
Afam ukwu village open square (PU: 32/21/03/011)
Afam ukwu town hall (PU: 32/21/03/015)
C.p.s. afam ukwu school hall (PU: 32/21/03/013)
Market square (PU: 32/21/03/002)
Ngwuro square (PU: 32/21/03/003)
Nwagbara’s comp. open square (PU: 32/21/03/006)
Nworgu’s comp. open square (PU: 32/21/03/005)
Oburu square (PU: 32/21/03/001)
Ohandu open square (PU: 32/21/03/007)
Okere’s comp. afam nta (PU: 32/21/03/014)
Okereukwu’s ext open square (PU: 32/21/03/008)
Okija comp. open square (PU: 32/21/03/009)
Umugbali open square (PU: 32/21/03/010)
Umuokere open space (PU: 32/21/03/004)


(6 Polling Booths )
Market square, obunku (PU: 32/21/01/006)
Open space, dike’s compound (PU: 32/21/01/003)
Open space, mark’s comp. ayama (PU: 32/21/01/005)
School hall c.p.s. okoloma (PU: 32/21/01/001)
School hall foundation college (PU: 32/21/01/002)
Village square, ayama (PU: 32/21/01/004)

Oyigba west

(9 Polling Booths )
Akparata maket square (PU: 32/21/08/006)
Open space express junction (PU: 32/21/08/004)
Open space location area (PU: 32/21/08/005)
Open space mbano camp (PU: 32/21/08/003)
Open space timber market (PU: 32/21/08/002)
Open space, police qtrs. (PU: 32/21/08/007)
Primary school hall oyilga west (PU: 32/21/08/001)
Shell primary school hall (PU: 32/21/08/008)
Uka/zion hall, abuja residents (PU: 32/21/08/009)

Oyigbo central

(17 Polling Booths )
Central school i hall (PU: 32/21/09/009)
Central school ii hall (PU: 32/21/09/010)
Charles ibe area open space (PU: 32/21/09/017)
Cp.s. oyigbo (PU: 32/21/09/004)
Down bello open space (PU: 32/21/09/014)
Governor’s office i front (PU: 32/21/09/001)
Governor’s office ii open space (PU: 32/21/09/002)
Market master i hall (PU: 32/21/09/007)
Market master ii office space (PU: 32/21/09/008)
Mayor’s comp open space (PU: 32/21/09/013)
Motor park i open office (PU: 32/21/09/005)
Motor park ii open office (PU: 32/21/09/006)
Nwafor junction open space (PU: 32/21/09/012)
Nwogu’s comp open space i (PU: 32/21/09/015)
Nwogu’s comp open space ii (PU: 32/21/09/016)
Oyibo market open space (PU: 32/21/09/011)
Town school hall (PU: 32/21/09/003)


(16 Polling Booths )
Agbomini hall (PU: 32/21/04/005)
Akawor hall (PU: 32/21/04/008)
Akwari square open space (PU: 32/21/04/013)
C.p.s. school, akawor (PU: 32/21/04/001)
College road open space (PU: 32/21/04/014)
G.s.s umuagba gate (PU: 32/21/04/012)
Okere town hall (PU: 32/21/04/007)
Open space akawor /uhuobu (PU: 32/21/04/004)
Open space ekerenta (PU: 32/21/04/010)
Open space ekeugbo (PU: 32/21/04/002)
Open space maternity (PU: 32/21/04/011)
Open space onwanne square (PU: 32/21/04/003)
Open space weaving centre (PU: 32/21/04/009)
Stream road open space (PU: 32/21/04/015)
Town hall umuagbai (PU: 32/21/04/016)
Uhuobu hall abam (PU: 32/21/04/006)

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