Pineapple Business In Nigeria

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All its value chain are very profitable. First we have those who cultivate especially in large scale with modern technology and improved sucker and crown varieties with a much higher turnover in a shorter period of time. The pineapple cultivator can also diversity, sell the planting materials for money as well do contracting and consulting services. Sure! This is a money maker. Secondly, the pineapple merchants who buys the fruits at a lower price (N50) and resell especially to those residing in Cities such as Port Harcourt, Lagos, Abuja etc at a much higher price (N150). This is very profitable especially in commercial supply. Then, the processors or manufacturers who processes pineapple into fruit juice of different mixtures metamorphosing into different brands. This gives greater value because of increased shelve life and packaging. The producer here can also earn from offering training and contracting services as well.  Another group are the exporters. Though it is a perishable item, it can also be stacked in boxes and sends to foreign buyers. To avoid spoilage, the service of air freight and couriers companies will be needed.

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