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Pineapple Spacing In Nigeria


Commercial Pineapple Farming
You can plant pineapple at your backyard but if you want to go into commercial pineapple farming, there are few things you need to take into consideration.

You must choice a suitable land and ensure that the soil condition is suitable for pineapple farming. Ensure that the soil is well drained and the topography of the land is not sloppy. If you have to plant on a sloppy land area, try to make your ridges across the slop to prevent the erosion of soil nutrient.

The soils must be well drained and loose to help the tender roots penetrate easily into the soil for easy access to available nutrients.

Ensure the suckers or crowns you use for planting are healthy and from a desirable specie to get a great yield. You also need to use a suitable spacing to ensure that the pineapple have enough nutrient to support its growth.

Proper spacing is also helpful especially when the wedding time comes. It as well makes for easy access and movement round the farm. A hectare of land should have roughly 50,000 plants.

Pineapple farming is a great way to invest in agro-business. It would yield fast money but it ensures steady and sustainable income for the farmer when the harvest time comes.

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