Planning A Traditional Marriage In Nigeria

See How to plan a Nigerian traditional wedding

1. Show off your engagement or better still announce it to friends, colleagues, family, everyone that needs to know.

2. The Groom to be will formally ask for his fiance’s hand in marriage, it’s very important as Nigerian parents take this very seriously.

3. Arrange for the Family INTRODUCTION ceremony, this is another highly important thing to do. Introducing each and every member of both families to each other ahead of the proper traditional wedding is part of the planning process.

The family INTRODUCTION ceremony is like a mini engagement too, so do not go empty handed. You have to go with loads of gifts for the brides family. And they are obliged to be extremely hospitable to the groom’s family too.

4. Now the families are introduced. During this meeting, they will decide on a suitable date for the traditional wedding and sometimes the church or “White” wedding. Once the date is decided and everyone is happy with it. Then the planning begin in full swing.

5. Remember, traditional wedding is all about the parents and of course the bride. The custom & traditions followed at the traditional wedding will be that of the bride to be. So if she’s Yoruba, prepare to have a Yoruba Traditional Wedding, if she’s Kalabari, prepare to have a Kalabari traditional wedding and so on.

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