Plantain Chips Recipe In Nigeria

Plantain Chips is a crunchy nibble made with either ready or unripe plantains or a mix of both. It is otherwise called sweet banana chips and incredible for all ages.


4 extensive green (unripe) plantains

Salt to taste

Vegetable, canola or groundnut oil for searing (around 3-6 mugs)


Add oil to extensive pot with profundity, put on medium warmth and leave to come to 375degrees ( you can simply test the warmth level of the oil with a little bit of plantain)

Meanwhile, peel the plantains. Utilizing a mandoline or sharp blade, daintily cut the plantains (length shrewd or width astute).

Broil the plantain 8-12 strips at once until brilliant. ( it is imperative that you don’t swarm the pot with plantain , on the off chance that you rotisserie an excessive number of at once there is potential for the chips to turn out spongy )

Exchange the plantains to a paper towel lined bow, sprinkle with salt.

Rehash the last 2 stages until the point that every one of the plantains are seared.

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