Prisoners Sentenced To More Than 1,000 Years In Prison

A day in a prison might not be that funny, imagine 365,000,000 days in prison. The list below contains names of people sentenced to over 1000 years in prison and the country.

Name Sentence start Sentence term Country Description
Chamoy Thipyaso 1989 141,675 years  Thailand World’s longest sentence for corporate fraud according to Guinness World Records 2006. She defrauded more than 16,000 Thais in a pyramid scheme worth $204 million at the time. However, the Thai law of the time specified that those convicted of fraud could not serve more than twenty years in prison, and she was released after only eight.
Otman el-Gnaoui 2007 42,924 years  Spain Sentenced for their roles in the 2004 Madrid train bombings. Under Spanish law, the maximum sentence that any of them can serve is 40 years.
Jamal Zougam 42,922 years
Emilio Suárez Trashorras 34,715 years
Charles Scott Robinson 1994 30,000 years  United States Longest jail term to a single American on multiple counts. Sentenced to 5,000 years for each of the six counts against him.
Allan Wayne McLaurin 20,750 years Accomplice of Darron Bennalford Anderson. Upon appeal, his sentence was reduced by 500 years.
Darron Bennalford Anderson 11,250 years Greatest amount of jail time given as a result of an appeal. Found guilty of crimes ranging from rape of an elderly woman in Tulsa County, to larceny, robbery and kidnapping, and sentenced to 2,250 years. He appealed, was reconvicted, re-sentenced and received an additional jail term of 9,500 years, later reduced by 500 years.
Carlos Antonio Carias López 2011 6,060 years  Guatemala Former soldiers sentenced for their roles in the 1982 Dos Erres massacre.
Daniel Martínez Martínez 6,060 years
Reyes Collin Gualip 6,060 years
Manuel Pop 6,060 years
Pedro Pimentel Ríos 2012 6,060 years
Henri Parot 1990 4,797 years  Spain ETA member found guilty of 26 murders and 166 attempted murders between 1978 and 1990.
Inés del Río Prada 1989 3,828 years Perpetrator of the Plaza República Dominicana bombing and other attacks by ETA. Released in 2013 after an attempt by the Spanish government to delay her release until 2017 was overruled by the European Court of Human Rights.
Ronnie Shelton 1989 3,195 years  United States Serial rapist known as Cleveland’s “West Side Rapist”, terrorized Ohioans for over 5 years in the 1980s, amassing 49 counts of rape and 230 criminal charges overall.
Francisco Mujika Garmendia 2003 2,442 years  Spain Perpetrator of the 1987 Zaragoza Barracks bombing.
Moses Sithole 1997 2,410 years, minimum 930 years  South Africa Serial killer responsible for most of the so-called “ABC Murders” in Gauteng province, South Africa. Found guilty of 40 counts of rape, 38 counts of murder and six counts of robbery.
José María Arregi Erostarbe 2003 2,354 years  Spain Perpetrator of the 1987 Zaragoza Barracks bombing.
Antón Troitiño 1989 2,232 years Perpetrator of the Plaza República Dominicana bombing. Released in 2011.
José Luis González González 2012 2,035 years  Mexico Businessman convicted of repeated fraud starting in 2000. Longest sentence ever handed in Mexico.
Thomas Halliday 2013 1870 years, minimum 935 years  United States Convicted of 234 counts of sexual abuse, creating and possessing child pornography for abusing a teenage girl for four years, filming and photographing the abuse.
Henri Parot 1994 1,802 years  Spain For his part in the 1987 Zaragoza Barracks bombing.
Ronald Yarber 2017 1,652 years  United States Convicted of raping a disabled child over the course of twelve years.
Rene Lopez 2016 1,503 years Convicted of repeatedly raping his daughter over a four-year period. Based on a diary in which she recorded the attacks, corroborated by other evidence, he was convicted of 186 separate assaults. He had rejected 13 and 22 year plea bargain deals, as he maintained his innocence.
Juan Antonio Olarra Guridi 2007 1,243 years  Spain Perpetrators of the 1995 Vallecas bombing.
Ainhoa Múgica Goñi 1,243 years
Richard Speck 1972 1,200 years, minimum 400 years  United States Mass murderer who systematically tortured, raped, and murdered eight student nurses from South Chicago Community Hospital on July 14, 1966. Sentenced originally to death in the electric chair in 1967, sentence commuted in 1972. Died of a heart attack on December 5, 1991.
Igor Portu 2010 1,040 years  Spain Perpetrators of the 2006 Madrid-Barajas Airport bombing.
Mattin Sarasola 1,040 years
Mikel San Sebastián 1,040 years

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