Profile Of Toni Tones (Nigerian Actress)

Date Of Birth: 31 August

Movies Acted: What Lies Untold (2015); U-turn; It’s Her Day (2016); Rumour Has It (2016); Head over Heels (2017); 5th Floor (2017)etc.

Toni Tones is a Nigerian photographer, singer and actor. She has appeared on TV and film and is known as a media personality in Nigeria.

Born Gbemi Antonia Adefoye, Toni was the youngest of a family of five and her early education was in Lagos which she completed at Queen’s College. She did some modelling for Durovo because he was a friend of the family when she was fourteen.

Her full name is Gbemi Antonia Adefoye (Another source says “Anthonia Gbemisola Damilola Adegbite”) and she went to the University of Lancaster in the UK where she studied Marketing and Economics. When the course was complete she returned to Nigeria in 2009 where she belatedly explored her ambition for show business. Her parents had made sure that she finished college before she indulged her career of choice. Her brother had been a musician with the band Oxygen and Tones initially decided to be a show business photographer. Her portfolio caught the attention of D’banj’s reality show, Koko Mansion. She still (2017) does photographic work but now both behind and in front of the camera.[4] She has appeared as an actor in the Web TV series “Gidi-culture”; in several films including “Its Her Day” in 2016

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