Registered Companies in Nigeria Carefully Listed

The following are the carefully listed  list of Registered Companies in Nigeria with their symbols 

7 UP Bottling Co PLC (7UP) 7UP:NL Common Stock Beverages-Non-alcoholic
Abbey Building Society PLC(ABBEYBDS) ABBEYBDS:NL Common Stock Finance-Mtge Loan/Banker
Access Bank PLC (ACCESS) ACCESS:NL Common Stock Commer Banks Non-US
Adswitch PLC (ADSWITCH) ADSWITCH:NL Common Stock Electric Products-Misc
Africa Prudential Registrars Plc(AFRIPRUD) AFRIPRUD:NL Common Stock Finance-Other Services
African Alliance Insurance PLC(AFRINSUR) AFRINSUR:NL Common Stock Life/Health Insurance
African Paints Nigeria PLC(AFRPAINT) AFRPAINT:NL Common Stock Coatings/Paint
Afriland Properties PLC (0102583D) 0102583D:NL REIT Inactive/Unknown
Afromedia Nigeria Ltd (AFROMEDI) AFROMEDI:NL Common Stock Advertising Sales
AG Leventis & Co PLC (AGLEVENT) AGLEVENT:NL Common Stock Retail-Automobile
Aiico Insurance PLC (AIICO) AIICO:NL Common Stock Multi-line Insurance
Airline Services and Logistics PLC(AIRSERVI) AIRSERVI:NL Common Stock Food-Catering
Aluminum Extrusion Industries PLC(ALEX) ALEX:NL Common Stock Metal Processors&Fabrica
Ashaka Cement PLC (ASHAKACE) ASHAKACE:NL Common Stock Bldg Prod-Cement/Aggreg
ASO Savings and Loans PLC(ASOSAVIN) ASOSAVIN:NL Common Stock Finance-Mtge Loan/Banker
Associated Bus Co PLC(ABCTRANS) ABCTRANS:NL Common Stock Transport-Services
Austin Laz & Co PLC (AUSTIN) AUSTIN:NL Common Stock Bldg Prod-Air&Heating
Avon Crowncaps & Containers(AVONCROW) AVONCROW:NL Common Stock Containers-Metal/Glass
Beco Petroleum Product PLC(BECOPETR) BECOPETR:NL Common Stock Oil Refining&Marketing
Berger Paints Nigeria PLC(BERGER) BERGER:NL Common Stock Coatings/Paint
Beta Glass Co PLC (BETAGLAS) BETAGLAS:NL Common Stock Containers-Metal/Glass
BOC Gases Nigeria PLC (BOCGAS) BOCGAS:NL Common Stock Industrial Gases
C&I Leasing PLC (CILEASIN) CILEASIN:NL Common Stock Finance-Leasing Compan
Cadbury Nigeria PLC (CADBURY) CADBURY:NL Common Stock Food-Confectionery
Capital Hotel PLC (CAPHOTEL) CAPHOTEL:NL Common Stock Hotels&Motels
Capital Oil PLC (CAPOIL) CAPOIL:NL Common Stock Oil Refining&Marketing
Cement Co Northern Nigeria PLC(CCNN) CCNN:NL Common Stock Bldg Prod-Cement/Aggreg
Champion Breweries PLC(CHAMPION) CHAMPION:NL Common Stock Brewery
Chams Nigeria PLC (CHAMS) CHAMS:NL Common Stock Computers-Peripher Equip
Chellarams PLC (CHELLARA) CHELLARA:NL Common Stock Diversified Manufact Op
Chemical and Allied Products PLC(CAP) CAP:NL Common Stock Coatings/Paint
Conoil PLC (CONOIL) CONOIL:NL Common Stock Oil Refining&Marketing
Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC (HMARKINS) HMARKINS:NL Common Stock Property/Casualty Ins
Continental Reinsurance PLC(CONTINSU) CONTINSU:NL Common Stock Reinsurance
Cornerstone Insurance PLC(CORNERST) CORNERST:NL Common Stock Multi-line Insurance
Courteville Investments PLC(COURTVIL) COURTVIL:NL Common Stock Consulting Services
Crusader Nigeria PLC (CRUSADER) CRUSADER:NL Common Stock Multi-line Insurance
Custodian and Allied Insurance PLC(CUSTODYI) CUSTODYI:NL Common Stock Property/Casualty Ins
Cutix PLC (CUTIX) CUTIX:NL Common Stock Wire&Cable Products
DAAR Communication PLC (DAAR) DAAR:NL Common Stock Web Portals/ISP
Dangote Cement PLC (DANGCEM) DANGCEM:NL Common Stock Bldg Prod-Cement/Aggreg
Dangote Flour Mills PLC(DANGFLOU) DANGFLOU:NL Common Stock Food-Flour&Grain
Dangote Sugar Refinery PLC(DANGSUGA) DANGSUGA:NL Common Stock Sugar
Deap Capital Management and Trust PLC (DEAPCAP) DEAPCAP:NL Common Stock Invest Mgmnt/Advis Serv
Diamond Bank PLC (DIAMONDB) DIAMONDB:NL Common Stock Commer Banks Non-US
DN Meyer PLC (DNMEYER) DNMEYER:NL Common Stock Coatings/Paint
Dunlop Nigeria PLC (DUNLOP) DUNLOP:NL Common Stock Rubber-Tires
E-Tranzact International PLC(ETRAN) ETRAN:NL Common Stock Internet Financial Svcs
Ecobank Transnational Inc (ETI) ETI:NL Common Stock Commer Banks Non-US
Ekocorp PLC (EKOCORP) EKOCORP:NL Common Stock Medical-Hospitals
Ellah Lakes PLC (ELLAHLAK) ELLAHLAK:NL Common Stock Fisheries
Equity Assurance PLC (EQUTYASU) EQUTYASU:NL Common Stock Property/Casualty Ins
Eterna Oil & Gas PLC (ETERNAOI) ETERNAOI:NL Common Stock Oil Refining&Marketing
Evans Medical PLC (EVANSMED) EVANSMED:NL Common Stock Medical-Drugs
FBN Holdings Plc (FBNH) FBNH:NL Common Stock Commer Banks Non-US
Fidelity Bank PLC (FIDELITY) FIDELITY:NL Common Stock Commer Banks Non-US
Fidson Healthcare PLC (FIDSON) FIDSON:NL Common Stock Medical-Drugs
First Aluminium Nigeria PLC(FIRSTALU) FIRSTALU:NL Common Stock Metal Processors&Fabrica
First City Monument Bank PLC(FCMB) FCMB:NL Common Stock Commer Banks Non-US
Forte Oil PLC (FO) FO:NL Common Stock Petrochemicals
Fortis Microfinance Bank Plc(FORTISMF) FORTISMF:NL Common Stock Commer Banks Non-US
FTN Cocoa Processors PLC(FTNCOCOA) FTNCOCOA:NL Common Stock Food-Misc/Diversified
GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Nigeria PLC (GLAXOSMI) GLAXOSMI:NL Common Stock Medical-Drugs
Great Nigerian Insurance PLC (GNI) GNI:NL Common Stock Life/Health Insurance
Greif Nigeria PLC (VANLEER) VANLEER:NL Common Stock Containers-Metal/Glass
Guaranty Trust Bank PLC(GUARANTY) GUARANTY:NL Common Stock Commer Banks Non-US
Guinea Insurance PLC (GUINEAIN) GUINEAIN:NL Common Stock Multi-line Insurance
Guinness Nigeria PLC (GUINNESS) GUINNESS:NL Common Stock Brewery
Honeywell Flour Mill PLC(HONYFLOU) HONYFLOU:NL Common Stock Food-Flour&Grain
IHS Nigeria PLC (IHS) IHS:NL Common Stock Building-Heavy Construct
Ikeja Hotel PLC (IKEJAHOT) IKEJAHOT:NL Common Stock Hotels&Motels
Intercontinental Wapic Insurance PLC (WAPIC) WAPIC:NL Common Stock Multi-line Insurance
Interlinked Technologies PLC(INTERLIN) INTERLIN:NL Common Stock Miscellaneous Manufactur
International Breweries PLC(INTBREW) INTBREW:NL Common Stock Brewery
International Energy Insurance PLC(INTENEGI) INTENEGI:NL Common Stock Multi-line Insurance
IPWA PLC (IPWA) IPWA:NL Common Stock Coatings/Paint
Japaul Oil & Maritime Services PLC(JAPAULOI) JAPAULOI:NL Common Stock Building-Heavy Construct
John Holt PLC (JOHNHOLT) JOHNHOLT:NL Common Stock Diversified Manufact Op
JOS International Breweries PLC(JOSBREW) JOSBREW:NL Common Stock Brewery
Juli PLC (JULI) JULI:NL Common Stock Distribution/Wholesale
Julius Berger Nigeria PLC(JBERGER) JBERGER:NL Common Stock Building&Construct-Misc
Lafarge Cement WAPCO Nigeria PLC (WAPCO) WAPCO:NL Common Stock Bldg Prod-Cement/Aggreg
Lasaco Assurance PLC (LASACO) LASACO:NL Common Stock Multi-line Insurance
Law Union & Rock Insurance PLC(LAWUNION) LAWUNION:NL Common Stock Multi-line Insurance
Learn Africa Plc (LEARNAFR) LEARNAFR:NL Common Stock Publishing-Books
Linkage Assurance PLC (LINKASSU) LINKASSU:NL Common Stock Multi-line Insurance
Livestock Feeds PLC (LIVESTOC) LIVESTOC:NL Common Stock Agricultural Operations
Mansard Insurance PLC(MANSARD) MANSARD:NL Common Stock Multi-line Insurance
MAY & Baker Nigeria PLC(MAYBAKER) MAYBAKER:NL Common Stock Medical-Drugs
McNichols Consolidated PLC(MCNICHOL) MCNICHOL:NL Common Stock Sugar
Mobil Nigeria PLC (MOBIL) MOBIL:NL Common Stock Oil Refining&Marketing
Morison Industries PLC (MORISON) MORISON:NL Common Stock Medical-Drugs
MRS Nigeria PLC (MRSOIL) MRSOIL:NL Common Stock Oil Refining&Marketing
Multi-Trex Integrated Foods PLC(MULTITRE) MULTITRE:NL Common Stock Food-Misc/Diversified
Multiverse PLC (MULTIVER) MULTIVER:NL Common Stock Quarrying
Mutual Benefits Assurance PLC(MBENEFIT) MBENEFIT:NL Common Stock Multi-line Insurance
National Salt Co Nigeria PLC(NASCON) NASCON:NL Common Stock Food-Misc/Diversified
NCR Nigeria PLC (NCR) NCR:NL Common Stock Retail-Computer Equip
Neimeth International Pharmaceuticals PLC (NEIMETH) NEIMETH:NL Common Stock Medical-Drugs
NEM Insurance Co Nigeria PLC(NEM) NEM:NL Common Stock Property/Casualty Ins
Nestle Nigeria PLC (NESTLE) NESTLE:NL Common Stock Food-Confectionery
Niger Insurance Co PLC (NIGERINS) NIGERINS:NL Common Stock Multi-line Insurance
Nigeria Enamelware Co PLC(ENAMELWA) ENAMELWA:NL Common Stock Housewares
Nigeria Energy Sector Fund (NESF) NESF:NL Common Stock Investment Companies
Nigerian Aviation Handling Co PLC(NAHCO) NAHCO:NL Common Stock Transport-Services
Nigerian Bag Manufacturing Co PLC(BAGCO) BAGCO:NL Common Stock Containers-Paper/Plastic
Nigerian Breweries PLC (NB) NB:NL Common Stock Brewery
Nigerian Eagle Airlines (788411Z) 788411Z:NL Common Stock Airlines
Nigerian Ropes PLC (NIGROPES) NIGROPES:NL Common Stock Textile-Products
Nigerian Wire and Cable PLC(NIWICABL) NIWICABL:NL Common Stock Wire&Cable Products
Nigerian-German Chemicals PLC(NIG/GERM) NIG/GERM:NL Common Stock Chemicals-Specialty
Northern Nigeria Flour Mills PLC(NNFM) NNFM:NL Common Stock Food-Flour&Grain
NPF Microfinance Bank PLC(NPFMCRFB) NPFMCRFB:NL Common Stock Commer Banks Non-US
Oando Plc (OANDO) OANDO:NL Common Stock Oil Comp-Integrated
Oasis Insurance PLC (OASISINS) OASISINS:NL Common Stock Multi-line Insurance
Okomu Oil Palm PLC (OKOMUOIL) OKOMUOIL:NL Common Stock Agricultural Operations
Omatek Ventures PLC (OMATEK) OMATEK:NL Common Stock Computers
Paints & Coatings Manufacture PLC(PAINTCOM) PAINTCOM:NL Common Stock Coatings/Paint
Pharma-Deko PLC (PHARMDEK) PHARMDEK:NL Common Stock Medical-Drugs
Portland Paints & Products Nigeria PLC (PORT) PORT:NL Common Stock Coatings/Paint
Premier Breweries PLC(PREMBREW) PREMBREW:NL Common Stock Brewery
Premier Paints PLC (PREMPAIN) PREMPAIN:NL Common Stock Coatings/Paint
Presco PLC (PRESCO) PRESCO:NL Common Stock Agricultural Operations
Prestige Assurance Co PLC(PRESTIGE) PRESTIGE:NL Common Stock Life/Health Insurance
PS Mandrides PLC (MANDRID) MANDRID:NL Common Stock Food-Misc/Diversified
PZ Cussons Nigeria PLC (PZ) PZ:NL Common Stock Appliances
Red Star Express PLC (REDSTARE) REDSTARE:NL Common Stock Transport-Air Freight
Regency Alliance Insurance PLC(REGALINS) REGALINS:NL Common Stock Life/Health Insurance
Resort Savings & Loans PLC(RESORTS) RESORTS:NL Common Stock Finance-Mtge Loan/Banker
Roads Nigeria PLC (ROADS) ROADS:NL Common Stock Building-Heavy Construct
Rokana Industries PLC (ROKANA) ROKANA:NL Common Stock Rubber/Plastic Products
Royal Exchange Assurance PLC(ROYALEX) ROYALEX:NL Common Stock Multi-line Insurance
RT Briscoe Nigeria PLC(RTBRISCO) RTBRISCO:NL Common Stock Retail-Automobile
S C O A Nigeria PLC (SCOA) SCOA:NL Common Stock Home Furnishings
Secure Electronic Technology PL(NSLTECH) NSLTECH:NL Common Stock Gambling (Non-Hotel)
Skye Bank PLC (SKYEBANK) SKYEBANK:NL Common Stock Commer Banks Non-US
Skye Shelter Fund PLC(SKYESHEL) SKYESHEL:NL Common Stock REITS-Diversified
Smart Products Nigeria PLC(SMURFIT) SMURFIT:NL Common Stock Food-Misc/Diversified
Sovereign Trust Insurance PLC(SOVRENIN) SOVRENIN:NL Common Stock Multi-line Insurance
Staco Insurance PLC (STACO) STACO:NL Common Stock Multi-line Insurance
Stanbic IBTC Holding Co (STANBIC) STANBIC:NL Common Stock Commer Banks Non-US
Standard Alliance Insurance PLC(STDINSUR) STDINSUR:NL Common Stock Multi-line Insurance
Sterling Bank PLC (STERLNBA) STERLNBA:NL Common Stock Commer Banks Non-US
Studio Press Nigeria PLC(STUDPRES) STUDPRES:NL Common Stock Containers-Paper/Plastic
Tantalizers PLC (TANTALIZ) TANTALIZ:NL Common Stock Retail-Restaurants
Thomas Wyatt Nigeria PLC(THOMASWY) THOMASWY:NL Common Stock Printing-Commercial
Total Nigeria PLC (TOTAL) TOTAL:NL Common Stock Oil Refining&Marketing
Tourist Co of Nigeria PLC (TOURIST) TOURIST:NL Common Stock Travel Services
Trans-Nationwide Express PLC(TRANSEXP) TRANSEXP:NL Common Stock Transport-Truck
Transnational Corp of Nigeria PLC(TRANSCOR) TRANSCOR:NL Common Stock Investment Companies
Tripple GEE and Co PLC(TRIPPLEG) TRIPPLEG:NL Common Stock Paper&Related Products
UAC of Nigeria PLC (UACN) UACN:NL Common Stock Retail-Restaurants
UACN Property Development Co PLC (UACPROP) UACPROP:NL Common Stock Real Estate Oper/Develop
UBA Capital PLC (UBCAP) UBCAP:NL Common Stock Diversified Banking Inst
Unic Insurance PLC (UNIC) UNIC:NL Common Stock Multi-line Insurance
Unilever Nigeria PLC (UNILEVER) UNILEVER:NL Common Stock Food-Misc/Diversified
Union Bank of Nigeria PLC (UBN) UBN:NL Common Stock Commer Banks Non-US
Union Diagnostic & Clinical Services PLC (UNIONDAC) UNIONDAC:NL Common Stock MRI/Medical Diag Imaging
Union Homes Real Estate Investment Trust PLC (UHOMREIT) UHOMREIT:NL Common Stock REITS-Mortgage
United Bank for Africa PLC (UBA) UBA:NL Common Stock Commer Banks Non-US
Unity Bank PLC (UNITYBNK) UNITYBNK:NL Common Stock Commer Banks Non-US
Universal Insurance Co PLC(UNIVINSU) UNIVINSU:NL Common Stock Multi-line Insurance
University Press PLC (UPL) UPL:NL Common Stock Publishing-Books
UPDC Real Estate Investment Trust/Nigeria (0702492D) 0702492D:NL Unit Inactive/Unknown
UTC Nigeria PLC (UTC) UTC:NL Common Stock Food-Meat Products
Vitafoam Nigeria PLC (VITAFOAM) VITAFOAM:NL Common Stock Home Furnishings
Vono Products PLC (VONO) VONO:NL Common Stock Home Furnishings
Wema Bank PLC (WEMABANK) WEMABANK:NL Common Stock Commer Banks Non-US
Zenith Bank PLC (ZENITHBA) ZENITHBA:NL Common Stock Commer Banks Non-US

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