Registration Trademark Nigeria

A trademark is an image or a sign which separates the products and enterprises of one business from another. You can enroll your trademark – a name, logo, motto, space name, shape, shading or sound with the Commercial Law division, Ministry of Trade and Investment in Nigeria.


This can legitimately shield your trademark from use by a contender. The trademark must be unmistakable for the products and enterprises that you give, not be misleading, unlawful or corrupt and not be like existing trademarks


1. Your full name(s), nationality and physical address

2. The trademark data: The portrayal must be clear and particular. In the event that to be recorded on the web, delicate duplicates are to be given in jpeg design at least 1200 dpi.

3. For products, a full scope of merchandise secured or proposed to be secured by the exchange stamp.

4. A Power of Attorney basically marked, with full particulars of name(s), address (es) and nationality of the applicant(s). Full name(s) and limit of the signatory when candidate is a firm/organization.


1. The typical market rehearse is to train a nearby Attorney/Agent in Nigeria, who might record and process applications at the Nigerian Registry of Trade Marks, Patents, Designs and Copyright. A Power of Attorney/Authorization of Agent Form would be finished for such nearby Agent, as the empowering instrument to represent the primary/Applicant.

2. Subsequent to recording the application for exchange check enlistment, the Registrar issues an official affirmation mirroring the official number and documenting date of the application.

3. A hunt is directed in order to affirm in the event that it is not the same as existing or pending enlistment. In the event that the Registrar finds the trademark worthy for enlistment, the candidate will be outfitted with a letter/notice of acknowledgment.

4. Each exchange check application must be publicized in the Nigerian Trademark Journal, and is available to restriction for a time of two (2) months from the date of commercial.

5. In the event that no complaints are gotten inside the predefined period or no protests are maintained, the Registrar will issue the candidate with a declaration of enlistment.

6. Whenever issued, the Registration Certificate will have the date of beginning documenting of enrollment

7. Nigerian exchange stamp enrollments have an underlying legitimacy of seven (7) years, and are from there on uncertainly inexhaustible for times of fourteen (14) years. An application for reestablishment ought to be made at least three (3) months from the due date.

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