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Requirements For Trademark Registration In Nigeria



Basically, there are two noteworthy stages associated with trademark enrollment, which I will quickly clarify as takes after:


The initial step required to be taken for any individual or association craving to enlist a trademark is to brief an Agent, for the most part an attorney with the trademark or the depiction of an image or logo or configuration to be enrolled.

A pursuit is directed on the said trademark, and in the event that it doesn’t damage or outrage any current trademark, an application for the enlistment can continue.

The Registrar will issue an affirmation upon the beneficiary of any due application. At this stage, the candidate can have a bit certainty, not affirmation, in the likelihood or accomplishment of the whole enlistment.

It is imperative to know that distinctive installments are to be made at this phase for hunt and application handling.


The second stage includes distribution in diary and accreditation. This is a finishing stage.

Upon the acknowledgment of the enrollment of a trademark, the Registrar will guarantee the notice of the application is distributed in the Trademark Journal. Such warning will incorporate the conditions and impediments connected to the application.

By excellence of this production, any intrigued individual would have the chance to restrict or question the enrollment. Any individual or association who looks at that as a trademark being looked for may likely befuddle or misdirect people in general in light of any previous trademarks may challenge to the Registrar to stop such enrollment.

Challenges or resistances containing the grounds whereupon the dissent is influenced must to be sent to the Registrar of Trademarks inside two months of production of notice in diary.

The Registrar will advise the candidate of any challenge or resistance got. The candidate may react to such resistance inside one month from the date of receipt of such notice from the Registrar. A candidate who neglected to react to the restriction got with his or her own counter-articulation might be esteemed to have surrendered his or her application.

Where Registrar got the reaction of the candidate expressing why he or she is qualified for such trademark, the Registrar of Trademark might constitute a Tribunal to decide the contention for one of the battling parties.

Where there is no resistance to the production in the diary, or restriction has been made and effectively settled for the candidate, the Certificate of Registration will be issued for the trademark looked for.

The testament of enlistment demonstrates the confirmation of due enrollment and fruition of all procedures. It presents a privilege on the proprietor or the proprietor to utilize the trademark to the avoidance of each other substance.

Be that as it may, where some other individual or element effectively tested the candidate in restricting a trademark enlistment, the Registrar will issue a letter of refusal to the candidate.


At long last, individuals frequently need to think about-what amount does it cost it cost to enroll a trademark in Nigeria ? What’s more, cost of recording a patent application in Nigeria ? The costs could be contrasted most circumstances thinking about the expert expense of legal counselor dealing with such application and some extra administrations (where important) like drafting exchange and proprietorship concession to benefit of a customers, which a trademark legal counselor may draft after enlistment. It is therefore exhorted that one ought to counsel an operator or legal counselor to get a reasonable and exact cost for such administrations.

There are a few advantages appended to trademark enrollment. Aside from the way that it ensures the development and thought of the proprietor, it likewise gives the proprietor a seal of legitimacy in the business, which can help the marking of such element.

A proprietor or proprietor of a trademark can offer or rent out his or her trademark to someone else or association. It is additionally workable for the proprietor of a trademark to enable certain people or association to utilize his trademark with him.

Trademark goes on for period 7 years and can be recharged after termination every once in a while. Each ensuing enrollment goes on for a long time.

Organizations and people that require an administration of trademark enlistment in Nigeria are encouraged to address Trademark Lawyer in Nigeria.

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