Saki East L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

(11 Wards )


(9 Polling Booths )
Aba arowomole, agbonle (PU: 30/31/01/006)
Aba ilado, agbonle (PU: 30/31/01/005)
Aba ilero, agbonle (PU: 30/31/01/004)
Aba isiaka, agbonle (PU: 30/31/01/009)
Aba olojola, agbonle (PU: 30/31/01/007)
Aba olugbemi (PU: 30/31/01/002)
Aba samburuku, agbonle (PU: 30/31/01/008)
Baptist primary school, agbonle (PU: 30/31/01/001)
Local government dispensary, agbonle (PU: 30/31/01/003)

Ago amodu i

(9 Polling Booths )
A.u.d. school, ago amodu (PU: 30/31/02/001)
Aba paanu, ago amodu (PU: 30/31/02/009)
Baptist primary school, ago amodu i (PU: 30/31/02/002)
Baptist primary school, ago amodu ii (PU: 30/31/02/003)
Ita alapo oke, ago amodu (PU: 30/31/02/008)
L.g. market, ago amodu (PU: 30/31/02/004)
Ode agoro, ago amodu (PU: 30/31/02/006)
Ode ikolaba, ago amodu (PU: 30/31/02/007)
Ode lobayanran, ago amodu (PU: 30/31/02/005)

Ago amodu ii

(9 Polling Booths )
Aba aladura (PU: 30/31/03/008)
Budo banki (PU: 30/31/03/009)
Ita oniwinde, ago amodu (PU: 30/31/03/006)
L.g. disp. ago-amodu (PU: 30/31/03/001)
Ode akinlapa, ago amodu (PU: 30/31/03/002)
Ode baba meta, ago amodu (PU: 30/31/03/005)
Ode oju oja, ago amodu i (PU: 30/31/03/003)
Ode oju oja, ago amodu ii (PU: 30/31/03/004)
Olusami transformer (PU: 30/31/03/007)

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Ogbooro i

(9 Polling Booths )
A.u.d. primary school, ogbooro i (PU: 30/31/04/005)
A.u.d. primary school, ogbooro ii (PU: 30/31/04/006)
Aba alajuba, ogbooro (PU: 30/31/04/008)
Aba ojumokan, ogbooro (PU: 30/31/04/009)
Ayetoro, ogbooro (PU: 30/31/04/007)
Baptist primary school, ogbooro i (PU: 30/31/04/003)
Baptist primary school, ogbooro ii (PU: 30/31/04/004)
Maternity centre, ogbooro i (PU: 30/31/04/001)
Maternity centre, ogbooro ii (PU: 30/31/04/002)

Ogbooro ii

(9 Polling Booths )
Aba amukoko, ogbooro (PU: 30/31/05/009)
Aba apata, ogbooro (PU: 30/31/05/008)
Aba daodu, ogbooro (PU: 30/31/05/005)
Aba olaniyan, ogbooro i (PU: 30/31/05/006)
Aba olaniyan, ogbooro ii (PU: 30/31/05/007)
Ayeboopo i, ogbooro a (PU: 30/31/05/001)
Ayeboopo i, ogbooro b (PU: 30/31/05/002)
Ayeboopo ii, ogbooro a (PU: 30/31/05/003)
Ayeboopo ii, ogbooro b (PU: 30/31/05/004)

Oje owode i

(11 Polling Booths )
Aba sango, oje owode (PU: 30/31/06/010)
Baa adamu, oje owode (PU: 30/31/06/011)
Baptist school, oje owode (PU: 30/31/06/001)
Community primary school, oje owode i (PU: 30/31/06/002)
Community primary school, oje owode ii (PU: 30/31/06/003)
Court hall, oje owode (PU: 30/31/06/004)
Gbelekale, ojo owode (PU: 30/31/06/006)
Information centre (PU: 30/31/06/007)
Ode balode, oje owode (PU: 30/31/06/009)
Ode ikolaba, oje owode (PU: 30/31/06/008)
Town hall, oje owode (PU: 30/31/06/005)

Oje owode ii

(11 Polling Booths )
Aba layipapa, oje owode (PU: 30/31/07/010)
Aba ogunlere, oje owode (PU: 30/31/07/009)
Ayetoro, oje owode (PU: 30/31/07/008)
Central market, oje owode (PU: 30/31/07/003)
Gaa baale, oje owode (PU: 30/31/07/011)
Maternity centre, oje owode (PU: 30/31/07/002)
N.u.d. school, oje owode (PU: 30/31/07/001)
Near post office i, oje owode (PU: 30/31/07/004)
Near post office ii, oje owode (PU: 30/31/07/005)
Ode olaleye, oje owode (PU: 30/31/07/007)
Ode onigbagbo, oje owode (PU: 30/31/07/006)

Sepeteri i

(9 Polling Booths )
Aba alesinloye, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/08/008)
Aba imodi, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/08/009)
Community primary school, sepeteri i (PU: 30/31/08/001)
Community primary school, sepeteri ii (PU: 30/31/08/002)
Ode alapo, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/08/003)
Ode laku, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/08/006)
Ode ogunte, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/08/007)
Ode otun agoro, sepeteri i (PU: 30/31/08/004)
Ode otun agoro, sepeteri ii (PU: 30/31/08/005)

Sepeteri ii

(8 Polling Booths )
Aba iyake, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/09/008)
Aba kanga, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/09/005)
Aba ogunsipe, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/09/006)
Aba onikosa, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/09/007)
Baptist primary school, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/09/001)
Ode alogunlode, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/09/002)
Ode asu, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/09/003)
Ode baba olaifa, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/09/004)

Sepeteri iii

(9 Polling Booths )
Court hall, sepeteri i (PU: 30/31/10/001)
Court hall, sepeteri ii (PU: 30/31/10/002)
Gaa kewulere, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/10/009)
Isale akindin, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/10/008)
Ode baale iyakun, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/10/003)
Ode iyalaje, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/10/004)
Ode kojusoba, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/10/006)
Ode oba onisanbo, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/10/005)
Ode owolabi dada, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/10/007)

Sepeteri iv

(8 Polling Booths )
Aba mangoro, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/11/006)
Aba mattew (PU: 30/31/11/007)
Aba okeho, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/11/005)
Aba woru, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/11/008)
L.a. primary school, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/11/002)
L.g. dispensary, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/11/003)
N.u.d. school, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/11/001)
Ode abijako, sepeteri (PU: 30/31/11/004)

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