Salary Of A Civil Servant In Nigeria

A graduate on GL 08 – S15 will get a yearly compensation of N978,663 which when isolated by 12 gives N81,555.25. Then again, an executive on GL 17 – S9 will be paid a yearly pay of N5,452,136 which means a month to month salary of N454,344.67.

A breakdown of the units in the middle of the ones said above demonstrates that officers on GL02 – S1 will get a yearly compensation of N230,128 and get N311,935 at same GL on S15. A similar type of restriction that applies to the ones specified before likewise apply to these center officers in that they won’t be permitted to advance past specific strides in their profession as itemized in the said round.

GL 03 – S1 officers will get a yearly pay of N232,970 and this implies they will gather N333,522 consistently once they accomplish S15 while officers on GL05 – S1 will get a yearly compensation of N261,298 and once they achieve S15 will get N401,637. It ought to be remembered that the pay scales depicted in this round is comprehensive. This means the world the central government employee will be paid in type of stipends have all been incorporated into the bundle being exhibited.

Those officers, who are by and by on GL06 – S1, will be paid a yearly compensation of N316,229 and once they achieve S15, they will be paid N487,295 on yearly premise. Then again, their partners on GL09 – S1 will be paid N780,656. Things will change once these officers have accomplished S15 at once they will begin getting N1,152,698 per annum.

Those officers that are on GL10 – S1 will get a yearly pay of N914,511. Once these officers achieve S15 then again, they will be paid N1,323,635 on yearly premise by the central government. Besides, their partners that are on GL 12 – S1 will be paid N1,053,208 on yearly premise and their pay rates will increment to N1,506,493 on ending at S11 where they stop. This is totally not quite the same as the end result for their subordinates who achieve S15.

Officers who are on GL 13 – S1 will be paid a yearly pay of N1,174,233. Be that as it may, their compensations will be expanded to N1,653,453 once they have out in a few years in the central government common administration and have achieved S11. You should likewise realize that government common administration laborers who have accomplished GL14 – S1 will be paid a yearly compensation of N1,295,818. In any case, things will change when these officers achieve S11; this is the point at which they will begin getting N1,811,724 as their yearly compensations.

On their part, officers on GL 15 – S1 will get a yearly compensation of N1,778,616 and on ending at S9, their pay rates will be expanded to N2,363,140. For those of their partners, who are on GL 16 – S1 will get a yearly pay of N2,197,677 and furthermore on ending at S9 will get N5,452,136.

As indicated by the Chairman of the NSIWC Chief Richard Egbule, the table which was endorsed by President Goodluck Jonathan, will become effective from the date the President marked the new the lowest pay permitted by law of N18,000 last March.

Presenting the table, he said the “Leader of the Federal Republic has endorsed the alteration of the Consolidated Public Service Salary Structure (CONPSS), with impact from 23rd March 2011.”

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