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Salary Of Guaranty Trust Bank Workers


Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) is one of the banks that have endeared itself to many Nigerian bank customers, with their staffs usually very friendly and willing to help customers at all times.

GT Bank has two categories of staffs: Permanent staffs and Contract staffs.

Contract Staffs – N70,000 monthly

I.T students – Minimum of N40,000 monthly


Permanent staffs entry-level positions earn a minimum of 209,000 naira monthly.

Assistant Banking Officers – N250,000 every month.

Banking Officers – N350,000 monthly

Senior Banking Officers – N500,000 monthly.

Assistant Managers – N650,000 monthly.

Deputy Managers – N800,000 monthly.

Branch Managers – N1.3 million monthly.

Note: Asides the basic salary, permanent staffs also have access to a number of benefits and allowances; and, their salary also increases as they stay longer in the system and climb up the ladder of leadership and relevance in the organization.

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