Salary Of Sterling Bank Workers

Sterling Bank is one the thriving banks in Nigeria and it pays its staff a good salary compared to some other banks. Sterling Bank Plc is also among those few banks that offer their workers impressive allowances.

See Sterling Bank Salary Structure Below

Sterling Bank Graduate Trainees’ Salary

No matter how good the résumé of someone was or his or her grades in school, no one working in a bank, enters the system without undergoing some sort of training.

Every bank including Sterling bank makes training compulsory at least especially the first four months. During this training or probation period, graduate trainees get paid N55, 000 and N65, 000 naira per month. The training lasts for more than 1 month, but less than 1 year.

Sterling Bank Entry Level Staffs’ Salary

After a new recruit has successfully completed his or her training at Sterling Bank, he or she become an entry level staff, and on getting to this point, the person’s take home package is automatically upgraded.

Entry level staffs at Sterling Bank get paid N145, 000 per month because the person is now confirmed a staff in the company.

Sterling Bank Loan Officers’ Salary

Loan Officers’ salary is a lot more than that of entry level staffs. Loan officers at Sterling Bank get paid N500, 000 per month. This monthly salary sum up to N6, 000,000 per annum.

Sterling Bank Credit Analysts’ Salary

Only a handful of people become credit analyst, compare to the total number of people working in the bank. Credit Analysts get paid a very good salary of N610, 000 per month. This monthly salary is the same as N7, 320, 000 per year.

Sterling Bank Branch Managers’ Salary

The aspiration of many bank workers is becoming a branch manager someday. Every bank worker wants this position because of the enormous salary received by branch managers. Branch managers at Sterling Bank earn N600, 000 per month, that is about 7,200,000 annually.

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