Sardauna L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

(11 Wards )

Gembu ‘a’

(15 Polling Booths )
Bem, bem primary school (PU: 34/11/01/001)
Jauro, audu baju guest house (PU: 34/11/01/002)
Kwalip, nver down primary school (PU: 34/11/01/003)
Lainga, lainga primary school (PU: 34/11/01/004)
Mbu, mbu primary school (PU: 34/11/01/005)
Ngeah, ngeah primary school (PU: 34/11/01/006)
Nver, nver primary school (PU: 34/11/01/007)
Nyongor, nyongor primary school (PU: 34/11/01/008)
Pegi ii, in front of m/ung’s house (PU: 34/11/01/011)
Pegi, in front of gaskiya chambers (PU: 34/11/01/009)
Pegi, in front of gaskiya chambers (PU: 34/11/01/010)
Tamnviya, tamnviya primary school (PU: 34/11/01/012)
Tem, tem primary school (PU: 34/11/01/013)
Yambam, yambam primary school (PU: 34/11/01/014)
Yelwa, inf. of alh. bapetel’s house (PU: 34/11/01/015)

Gembu ‘b’

(18 Polling Booths )
Fadawa i, chief’s palace, gembu (PU: 34/11/02/001)
Fadawa ii, in front of alh. ali’s house (PU: 34/11/02/002)
Fed. low cost, wuro ardo adamu gembu (PU: 34/11/02/003)
Hospital, gen. hospital, gembu (PU: 34/11/02/004)
Kaka quarter i, g.s.s., gembu (PU: 34/11/02/005)
Kaka quarter ii, kaka quarter primary school (PU: 34/11/02/006)
Kambu quarter, independence hall (PU: 34/11/02/007)
Leme bora, bora primary school (PU: 34/11/02/008)
Leme fuah, fuah primary school (PU: 34/11/02/009)
Leme telah, telah primary school (PU: 34/11/02/010)
Mansur i, mansur primary school (PU: 34/11/02/011)
Mansur ii, power house gembu (PU: 34/11/02/012)
Ndum yaji, phc dispensary, gembu (PU: 34/11/02/013)
Ngikar, ngikar primary school (PU: 34/11/02/014)
Panso quarters, in front of mai ung’s house (PU: 34/11/02/015)
Teachers c.i., g.s.s., gembu (PU: 34/11/02/016)
Teachers c.ii, l.g. veterinary (PU: 34/11/02/017)
Wah, wah primary schoo. (PU: 34/11/02/018)

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(23 Polling Booths )
Bang d. kowa, dadin kowa primary school (PU: 34/11/03/001)
Barka, barka primary school (PU: 34/11/03/002)
Chabbal zance, chabbal zance primary school (PU: 34/11/03/003)
Chana, chana primary school (PU: 34/11/03/004)
Dembe i, dembe primary school (PU: 34/11/03/005)
Dembe ii, dembe market (PU: 34/11/03/006)
Dorofi i, dorofi market (PU: 34/11/03/009)
Dorofi i, gdss dorofi (PU: 34/11/03/007)
Dorofi ii, dorofi market (PU: 34/11/03/010)
Dorofi ii, gdss dorofi (PU: 34/11/03/008)
Hainare, hainare primary school (PU: 34/11/03/011)
Jonjah, jonjah nomadic school (PU: 34/11/03/012)
Kara, kara primary school (PU: 34/11/03/013)
Kilatin, kilatin primary school (PU: 34/11/03/014)
Kune, kune primary school (PU: 34/11/03/015)
Laiko, laiko primary school (PU: 34/11/03/016)
Luggungo, lugguno village (PU: 34/11/03/017)
Mayo-dule, mayo dule primary school (PU: 34/11/03/018)
Mayo-fouru, mayo fouru village (PU: 34/11/03/019)
Ngur, ngur village (PU: 34/11/03/020)
Ninge, ninge ‘a’ primary school (PU: 34/11/03/021)
Song barki, song barki primary school (PU: 34/11/03/022)
Tangana, tangana primary school (PU: 34/11/03/023)


(17 Polling Booths )
Antere, antere primary school (PU: 34/11/04/001)
Ardo gori, ardo gori primary school (PU: 34/11/04/002)
Bangoba, bangoba primary school (PU: 34/11/04/003)
Barup biwa, barup biwa village (PU: 34/11/04/004)
Barup jauro, barup primary school (PU: 34/11/04/005)
Galadima, galadima primary school (PU: 34/11/04/006)
Inkiri, inkiri primary school (PU: 34/11/04/007)
Kachalla sah, kachalla sah primary school (PU: 34/11/04/008)
Kakara, kakara g.d.s.s. (PU: 34/11/04/009)
Masoboyi, masaboyi primary school (PU: 34/11/04/010)
Ndunda, ndunda primary school (PU: 34/11/04/011)
Ngikar, ngikar primary school (PU: 34/11/04/012)
Nyiwa, nyiwa primary school (PU: 34/11/04/013)
Tappare lawal, tappare l. village (PU: 34/11/04/014)
Tappare yahaya, tappare yahaya village (PU: 34/11/04/015)
Yerimaru i, yerimaru primary school (PU: 34/11/04/016)
Yerimaru ii, yerimaru primary school (PU: 34/11/04/017)


(10 Polling Booths )
Furmi i, furmi primary school (PU: 34/11/05/001)
Furmi ii, tauro ahmadu atten’s r. (PU: 34/11/05/002)
Kusuku i, kusuku primary school (PU: 34/11/05/003)
Kusuku ii, crin office, kusuku (PU: 34/11/05/004)
Mayo-nyebbe, mayo-nyebbe primary school (PU: 34/11/05/005)
Mayo-sumsum, m/sumsum primary school (PU: 34/11/05/006)
Naso, naso primary school (PU: 34/11/05/007)
Nji, nji primary school (PU: 34/11/05/008)
Zongon ajiya i, zongon ajiya market (PU: 34/11/05/009)
Zongon ajiya ii, zongon ajiya primary school (PU: 34/11/05/010)


(26 Polling Booths )
Bariki, dev. area office (PU: 34/11/06/001)
Bundi, bundi primary school (PU: 34/11/06/002)
Dundere, dundere primary school (PU: 34/11/06/003)
Fada, phc. dispensary (PU: 34/11/06/004)
Gashiri, gashiri primary school (PU: 34/11/06/005)
Gikau, gikau primary school (PU: 34/11/06/006)
Gono, gono village (PU: 34/11/06/007)
Hurumgora, hurum gora primary school (PU: 34/11/06/008)
Jabu, jabu primary school (PU: 34/11/06/009)
Kan-iyaka i, kan-iyaka primary school (PU: 34/11/06/010)
Kan-iyaka ii, kan-iyaka primary school (PU: 34/11/06/011)
Kilayang, kilayang primary school (PU: 34/11/06/012)
Kuma, kuma primary school (PU: 34/11/06/013)
Liyam, liyam village (PU: 34/11/06/014)
Luggatari, sabon layi lugga (PU: 34/11/06/015)
Madaki, ung. hausawa m/ndaga (PU: 34/11/06/016)
Mayo bali, mayo-bali primary school (PU: 34/11/06/018)
Mayo wurbo, mayo-wurbo primary school (PU: 34/11/06/017)
Njawai, njawai primary school (PU: 34/11/06/019)
Njeke, njeke primary school (PU: 34/11/06/020)
Papa, papa primary school (PU: 34/11/06/021)
Shirip, shirip primary school (PU: 34/11/06/022)
Tangabo, tangabo primary school (PU: 34/11/06/023)
Tem petel, tem petel primary school (PU: 34/11/06/025)
Tikobi, tikobi primary school (PU: 34/11/06/026)
Tudun wada, special primary school, m/ndaga (PU: 34/11/06/024)


(14 Polling Booths )
Ardo adamu, wuru ardo adamu bang (PU: 34/11/07/001)
Bang – phc. dispensary bang (PU: 34/11/07/002)
Gdss mbamnga, gdss mbamnga (PU: 34/11/07/003)
Lip, lip village (PU: 34/11/07/004)
Mararraba, gdss bang (PU: 34/11/07/005)
Mbamnga petel – mbamnga petel primary school (PU: 34/11/07/007)
Mbar kano, mbar nwah primary school (PU: 34/11/07/008)
Mbar ntum – mbar ntum village (PU: 34/11/07/011)
Mbar tim, mbar tim primary school (PU: 34/11/07/010)
Mbar tule, mbar tule primary school (PU: 34/11/07/009)
Mbara, mbara primary school (PU: 34/11/07/006)
Saam, saam village (PU: 34/11/07/012)
Sanyere i, phc dispensary mbamnga (PU: 34/11/07/013)
Sanyere ii, phc dispensary mbamnga (PU: 34/11/07/014)


(7 Polling Booths )
Gam, gam village (PU: 34/11/08/001)
Kim, ndum-yaji primary school (PU: 34/11/08/002)
Magam/min, ndum yaji primary school (PU: 34/11/08/003)
Sahkaka, sahkaka primary school (PU: 34/11/08/004)
Tep babal, tep ning gabal (PU: 34/11/08/005)
Tep kwar, tep primary school (PU: 34/11/08/006)
Warkaka, warkaka primary school (PU: 34/11/08/007)


(18 Polling Booths )
Ardo juli, t.a.d.p. office, nguroje (PU: 34/11/09/001)
Ardo marafa, ardo marafa village (PU: 34/11/09/002)
Belel, belel primary school (PU: 34/11/09/003)
Bigoje, bigoje village (PU: 34/11/09/004)
Dujire, dujire primary school (PU: 34/11/09/005)
Gdss ngu i, g.d.s.s., nguroje (PU: 34/11/09/006)
Gdss ngu ii, g.d.s.s., nguroje (PU: 34/11/09/007)
Gurgu, gurgu primary school (PU: 34/11/09/008)
Hainare, hainare ardo ali (PU: 34/11/09/009)
Maisamari i, maisamari primary school (PU: 34/11/09/010)
Maisamari ii, maisamari primary school (PU: 34/11/09/011)
Mayo barkeje – mayo-barkeje village (PU: 34/11/09/012)
Pegi, pegi quarter, nguroje (PU: 34/11/09/013)
Sabon gari – sabon gari village (PU: 34/11/09/014)
Ung. bashiru – dev. area office, nguroje (PU: 34/11/09/015)
Ung. bashiru ii – dev. area office, nguroje (PU: 34/11/09/016)
Ung. shehu, nguroje pilot primary school (PU: 34/11/09/017)
Yelwa, yelwa primary school (PU: 34/11/09/018)


(12 Polling Booths )
Chabbal gudali – chabbal g. primary school (PU: 34/11/10/001)
Jauro saidu – jauro saidu primary school (PU: 34/11/10/002)
Kimbiyemin, kimbiyemin primary school (PU: 34/11/10/003)
Lekkitaba, lekkitabi gdss (PU: 34/11/10/004)
Mbaso, mbaso primary school (PU: 34/11/10/005)
Ngubin, ngubin primary school (PU: 34/11/10/007)
Njuge, njuge primary school (PU: 34/11/10/006)
Titong i, titong primary school (PU: 34/11/10/008)
Titong ii, titong primary school (PU: 34/11/10/009)
Tunga maina – tunga maina primary school (PU: 34/11/10/010)
Yana, yana primary school (PU: 34/11/10/011)
Yurum, yurum primary school (PU: 34/11/10/012)


(11 Polling Booths )
Bambam, vakude primary school (PU: 34/11/11/002)
Char, warwar ‘b’ primary school (PU: 34/11/11/001)
Kindin, warwar primary school (PU: 34/11/11/003)
Kwarakwara, kwarakwara primary school (PU: 34/11/11/004)
Mang, mang primary school (PU: 34/11/11/005)
Manip, manip village (PU: 34/11/11/006)
Ndarup, ndarup primary school (PU: 34/11/11/007)
Ndeng, ndeng village (PU: 34/11/11/008)
Ndiyal, ndiyal village (PU: 34/11/11/009)
Tamnya, phc. dispensary tamnya i (PU: 34/11/11/010)
Tamnya, phc. dispensary tamnya ii (PU: 34/11/11/011)

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