School Registration In Nigeria

rocedure for the Registration of a School in Nigeria
Pay a visit to the nearest Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to register the proposed name for your school. Make sure you have two other alternative names to be submitted in case the name you chose earlier is taken. The names chosen must not contain words like ‘national’, ‘government’, ‘state’ and other official terms. If you add keywords such as ‘consulting’, you may be asked to submit license for professional qualification. Also take note that your business name must not be similar to any previously registered name.
You will be provided with a form from the CAC to register your school. The name you choose will then be subjected to availability and reservation. This process can take about two weeks to be completed and a fee of five hundred Naira is charged.
After the time given has elapsed, you will get an approval if the name is available but if the name you choose is not available, a second round of check will be suggested with a new set of names and another payment of five hundred Naira.
Upon the approval of the name submitted, you will be given a registration form to fill. Information required include your approved business name(in this case the name chosen for your school), business address, name(s) of business owner(s), address of business owner(s), two passport photographs of business owner(s), nature of business (you will indicate that you want to register a school).
The filled form is then submitted along with a token of four thousand Naira. The whole process should last for about two to four weeks.
The Certificate of Business Name Registration is then issued to you. This is proof that you need to show that your school is a legitimate.

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