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See List Of Lagos Courier Services In Nigeria


The following is a list of  lagos courier services in nigeria:

  • DHL International (Nigeria) Ltd
  • Kobo
  • ABC Express Courier Limited
  • Abex Express Parcel Service
  • ABX International
  • Africa Courier Express (ACE)
  • Bufast Courier and Logistics Limited
  • Ekeson Parcel Service
  • Ezex Courier Services Limited
  • Impex Worldwide Limited
  • JPON Express
  • Libra Circle Limited
  • MAS Global Express Logistics
  • Matt-Bim Aviation Services
  • Neuron Express Deliveries Limited
  • NIPOST EMS Speedpost
  • Oregun Freight Handling Limited
  • Parcel-it Nigeria
  • Red Star Express
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