Some Funny Ibibio Names And Their Literally Meaning

Some funny Ibibio names and their literally meaning

1..Idopise Inyang Usoroh
Keep-quiet-look River Celebration

2..Ese-Abasi Udoette
Look-at-God Second son of the father

3..Aniebiet Udoeyop
Who-is-like Second son of palm fruit

4..Edet Essien Usoroh
Teeth Outside Celebration

5..Nkop Ufot Ekom
I-hear Middle Greetings

6..Itoro Akanawan
Praise Old-woman

7..Enang Edemekong
🐮Cow Back-of-war

8…Aniedi Ekpo
Who is coming-masqurade

9…Awawa Eka Enang
Incredibly-Large Cow🐮

10.. Utitofon Inuaeyen
End is good – mouth child😂😂😂

What’s your own name?

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