Step-By-Step Guide To Beans farming In Nigeria

The following are the stages to venture into Beans farming;

1. Site Selection:
Into beans farming Before venturing The first thing you have to do before you embark on farming to ascertain the viability of the land. The lands in South Eastern and South Western parts of Nigeria are very good for beans farming. However, beans don’t grow well in areas with too much rain.

2. Seed Selection:
There are different varieties of bean and you should properly select the seeds that you’ll be using for planting. This is to ensure you are planting healthy seeds and not the shriveled or damaged ones.

3. Planting:
The beans should be planted with the eye of the beans facing downwards. The seeds should be planted 4 to 6″ apart. You should water the soil immediately and continue to water it regular until it sprouts. When watering the plant, ensure the leaves don’t get wet, this will prevent mould growth.

4. Harvesting:
Harvesting beans is a very diligent process. A dry weather is very essential for harvest and will prolong the dry conditions and extreme wetness is harmful to the crop.

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