Supplier Registration In Nigeria

Nigerian Vendors Registration Process
The process for Vendor Registration with ExxonMobil Upstream Nigeria Affiliates is
highlighted in the following steps:
1. Prospective supplier downloads Contractor Registration Form on Company website.
2. Alternatively, MPN Procurement Department emails Contractor Registration Form to
prospective supplier via [email protected]
3. Supplier completes registration form and emails completed form along with copies of
required documents to [email protected]
4. Procurement department receives completed form (including required additional
documents) from vendor and with the use of Contractor Registration Assessment
Checklist conducts the following checks:
i. Checks for completeness
ii. Checks to confirm that the vendor was not previously deregistered and that its officers
are not same as officers of a previously deregistered company
5. Reviews application and obtains approval for registration
6. Supplier is issued a registration letter
7. Supplier is registered on eRFX and receives email notification containing unique user ID
and password to vendor in separate mails.

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