Tarauni L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

Babban giji Ward

(28 Polling Booths )
Babban giji ,dispensary vii (PU: 19/38/01/007)
Babban giji dispensary i (PU: 19/38/01/001)
Babban giji dispensary ii (PU: 19/38/01/002)
Babban giji, dispensary iii (PU: 19/38/01/003)
Babban giji, dispensary iv (PU: 19/38/01/004)
Babban giji, dispensary v (PU: 19/38/01/005)
Babban giji, dispensary vi (PU: 19/38/01/006)
Filin hockey i (PU: 19/38/01/008)
Filin hockey ii (PU: 19/38/01/009)
Filin hockey iii (PU: 19/38/01/010)
Filin hockey iv (PU: 19/38/01/011)
Filin hockey ix (PU: 19/38/01/016)
Filin hockey v (PU: 19/38/01/012)
Filin hockey vi (PU: 19/38/01/013)
Filin hockey vii (PU: 19/38/01/014)
Filin hockey viii (PU: 19/38/01/015)
Hausawa primary school i (PU: 19/38/01/017)
Hausawa primary school ii (PU: 19/38/01/018)
Hausawa primary school iii (PU: 19/38/01/019)
Hausawa primary school iv (PU: 19/38/01/020)
Hausawa primary school ix (PU: 19/38/01/025)
Hausawa primary school v (PU: 19/38/01/021)
Hausawa primary school vi (PU: 19/38/01/022)
Hausawa primary school vii (PU: 19/38/01/023)
Hausawa primary school viii (PU: 19/38/01/024)
Hausawa primary school x (PU: 19/38/01/026)
Hausawa primary school xi (PU: 19/38/01/027)
Hausawa primary school xii (PU: 19/38/01/028)

Darmanawa Ward

(23 Polling Booths )
Dantsinke i (PU: 19/38/02/006)
Dantsinke ii (PU: 19/38/02/007)
Darmanawa i (PU: 19/38/02/001)
Darmanawa ii (PU: 19/38/02/002)
Darmanawa iii (PU: 19/38/02/003)
Darmanawa iv (PU: 19/38/02/004)
Darmanawa v (PU: 19/38/02/005)
Filin sallari quarters i (PU: 19/38/02/017)
Filin sallari quarters ii (PU: 19/38/02/018)
Filin sallari quarters iii (PU: 19/38/02/019)
Filin sallari quarters iv (PU: 19/38/02/020)
Filin sallari quarters v (PU: 19/38/02/021)
Filin sallari quarters vi (PU: 19/38/02/022)
Filling sallari quarters (PU: 19/38/02/023)
Karkasara primary school i (PU: 19/38/02/008)
Karkasara primary school ii (PU: 19/38/02/009)
Karkasara primary school iii (PU: 19/38/02/010)
Karkasara primary school iv (PU: 19/38/02/011)
Karkasara primary school ix (PU: 19/38/02/016)
Karkasara primary school v (PU: 19/38/02/012)
Karkasara primary school vi (PU: 19/38/02/013)
Karkasara primary school vii (PU: 19/38/02/014)
Karkasara primary school viii (PU: 19/38/02/015)

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Daurawa Ward

(26 Polling Booths )
Daurawa primary school i (PU: 19/38/03/001)
Daurawa primary school ii (PU: 19/38/03/002)
Daurawa primary school iii (PU: 19/38/03/003)
Daurawa primary school iv (PU: 19/38/03/004)
Daurawa primary school ix (PU: 19/38/03/009)
Daurawa primary school v (PU: 19/38/03/005)
Daurawa primary school vi (PU: 19/38/03/006)
Daurawa primary school vii (PU: 19/38/03/007)
Daurawa primary school viii (PU: 19/38/03/008)
Daurawa primary school x (PU: 19/38/03/010)
Daurawa primary school xi (PU: 19/38/03/011)
Filin protocol i (PU: 19/38/03/012)
Filin protocol ii (PU: 19/38/03/013)
Filin protocol iii (PU: 19/38/03/014)
Filin protocol iv (PU: 19/38/03/015)
Filin protocol v (PU: 19/38/03/016)
Filin protocol vi (PU: 19/38/03/017)
Filin protocol vii (PU: 19/38/03/018)
Kundila primary school i (PU: 19/38/03/019)
Kundila primary school ii (PU: 19/38/03/020)
Kundila primary school iii (PU: 19/38/03/021)
Kundila primary school iv (PU: 19/38/03/022)
Kundila primary school v (PU: 19/38/03/023)
Kundila primary school vi (PU: 19/38/03/024)
Kundila primary school vii (PU: 19/38/03/025)
Kundila primary school viii (PU: 19/38/03/026)

Gyadi-gyadi arewa Ward

(21 Polling Booths )
Gyadi gyadi-islamiyya school i (PU: 19/38/04/001)
Gyadi gyadi-islamiyya school ii (PU: 19/38/04/002)
Gyadi gyadi-islamiyya school iii (PU: 19/38/04/003)
Gyadi gyadi-islamiyya school iv (PU: 19/38/04/004)
Gyadi gyadi-islamiyya school ix (PU: 19/38/04/009)
Gyadi gyadi-islamiyya school v (PU: 19/38/04/005)
Gyadi gyadi-islamiyya school vi (PU: 19/38/04/006)
Gyadi gyadi-islamiyya school vii (PU: 19/38/04/007)
Gyadi gyadi-islamiyya school viii (PU: 19/38/04/008)
Gyadi gyadi-islamiyya school x (PU: 19/38/04/010)
Gyadi gyadi-islamiyya school xi (PU: 19/38/04/011)
Unguwar inji i (PU: 19/38/04/012)
Unguwar inji ii (PU: 19/38/04/013)
Unguwar inji iii (PU: 19/38/04/014)
Unguwar inji iv (PU: 19/38/04/015)
Women centre i (PU: 19/38/04/016)
Women centre ii (PU: 19/38/04/017)
Women centre iii (PU: 19/38/04/018)
Women centre iv (PU: 19/38/04/019)
Women centre v (PU: 19/38/04/020)
Women centre vi (PU: 19/38/04/021)

Gyadi-gyadi kudu Ward

(18 Polling Booths )
Gyadi gyadi, girls secondary school i (PU: 19/38/05/014)
Gyadi gyadi, girls secondary school ii (PU: 19/38/05/015)
Gyadi gyadi, girls secondary school iii (PU: 19/38/05/016)
Gyadi gyadi, girls secondary school iv (PU: 19/38/05/017)
Gyadi gyadi, girls secondary school v (PU: 19/38/05/018)
Gyadi-gyadi, central primary school i (PU: 19/38/05/001)
Gyadi-gyadi, central primary school ii (PU: 19/38/05/002)
Gyadi-gyadi, central primary school iii (PU: 19/38/05/003)
Gyadi-gyadi, central primary school iv (PU: 19/38/05/004)
Gyadi-gyadi, central primary school ix (PU: 19/38/05/009)
Gyadi-gyadi, central primary school v (PU: 19/38/05/005)
Gyadi-gyadi, central primary school vii (PU: 19/38/05/007)
Gyadi-gyadi, central primary school viii (PU: 19/38/05/008)
Gyadi-gyadi, central primary school x (PU: 19/38/05/010)
Gyadi-gyadi, central primary school xi (PU: 19/38/05/011)
Gyadi-gyadi, central primary school xii (PU: 19/38/05/012)
Gyadi-gyadi, central primary school xiii (PU: 19/38/05/013)
Gyadi-gyadi, central primary schoolvi (PU: 19/38/05/006)

Hotoro (nnpc) Ward

(23 Polling Booths )
Filin maradin i (PU: 19/38/06/001)
Filin maradin ii (PU: 19/38/06/002)
Filin maradin iii (PU: 19/38/06/003)
Filin maradin iv (PU: 19/38/06/004)
Filin walawai i (PU: 19/38/06/005)
Filin walawai ii (PU: 19/38/06/006)
Filin yanawaki (PU: 19/38/06/007)
Filin yanawaki (PU: 19/38/06/008)
Filin yanawaki (PU: 19/38/06/009)
Filin yanawaki (PU: 19/38/06/010)
Gindin mangwaro i (PU: 19/38/06/011)
Gindin mangwaro ii (PU: 19/38/06/012)
Gindin mangwaro iii (PU: 19/38/06/013)
Gindin mangwaro iv (PU: 19/38/06/014)
Hotoro nnpc i (PU: 19/38/06/015)
Hotoro nnpc ii (PU: 19/38/06/016)
Hotoro nnpc iii (PU: 19/38/06/017)
Hotoro nnpc iv (PU: 19/38/06/018)
Limawa gidan mai unguwa i (PU: 19/38/06/019)
Limawa gidan mai unguwa ii (PU: 19/38/06/020)
Limawa gidan mai unguwa iii (PU: 19/38/06/021)
Police out post i (PU: 19/38/06/022)
Police out post ii (PU: 19/38/06/023)

Kauyen alu Ward

(17 Polling Booths )
Goribar isiyaku i (PU: 19/38/07/001)
Goribar isiyaku ii (PU: 19/38/07/002)
Goribar isiyaku iii (PU: 19/38/07/003)
Goribar isiyaku iv (PU: 19/38/07/004)
Goribar isiyaku v (PU: 19/38/07/005)
Goribar isiyaku vi (PU: 19/38/07/006)
Goribar isiyaku vii (PU: 19/38/07/007)
Kauyen mohammadu i (PU: 19/38/07/008)
Kauyen mohammadu ii (PU: 19/38/07/009)
Kauyen mohammadu iii (PU: 19/38/07/010)
Kauyen mohammadu iv (PU: 19/38/07/011)
Kauyen mohammadu v (PU: 19/38/07/012)
Kauyen mohammadu vi (PU: 19/38/07/013)
Kavyen alu (PU: 19/38/07/017)
Kinana shida i (PU: 19/38/07/014)
Kinana shida ii (PU: 19/38/07/015)
Kinana shida iii (PU: 19/38/07/016)

Tarauni Ward

(21 Polling Booths )
Tarauni dispensary i (PU: 19/38/08/017)
Tarauni dispensary ii (PU: 19/38/08/018)
Tarauni dispensary iii (PU: 19/38/08/019)
Tarauni dispensary iv (PU: 19/38/08/020)
Tarauni dispensary v (PU: 19/38/08/021)
Tarauni garden i (PU: 19/38/08/001)
Tarauni garden ii (PU: 19/38/08/002)
Tarauni garden iii (PU: 19/38/08/003)
Tarauni garden iv (PU: 19/38/08/004)
Tarauni garden ix (PU: 19/38/08/009)
Tarauni garden v (PU: 19/38/08/005)
Tarauni garden vi (PU: 19/38/08/006)
Tarauni garden vii (PU: 19/38/08/007)
Tarauni garden viii (PU: 19/38/08/008)
Tarauni garden x (PU: 19/38/08/010)
Tarauni garden xi (PU: 19/38/08/011)
Tarauni garden xii (PU: 19/38/08/012)
Tarauni garden xiii (PU: 19/38/08/013)
Tarauni garden xiv (PU: 19/38/08/014)
Tarauni garden xv (PU: 19/38/08/015)
Tarauni garden xvi (PU: 19/38/08/016)

Unguwa uku Ward

(21 Polling Booths )
Kauyen nono a i (PU: 19/38/10/001)
Kauyen nono a ii (PU: 19/38/10/002)
Kauyen nono b i (PU: 19/38/10/003)
Kauyen nono b ii (PU: 19/38/10/004)
Kauyen nono b iii (PU: 19/38/10/005)
Unguwa uku s.p.s. i (PU: 19/38/10/006)
Unguwa uku s.p.s. ii (PU: 19/38/10/007)
Unguwa uku s.p.s. iii (PU: 19/38/10/008)
Unguwa uku s.p.s. iv (PU: 19/38/10/009)
Unguwa uku s.p.s. ix (PU: 19/38/10/014)
Unguwa uku s.p.s. v (PU: 19/38/10/010)
Unguwa uku s.p.s. vi (PU: 19/38/10/011)
Unguwa uku s.p.s. vii (PU: 19/38/10/012)
Unguwa uku s.p.s. viii (PU: 19/38/10/013)
Unguwa uku s.p.s. x (PU: 19/38/10/015)
Unguwa uku s.p.s. xi (PU: 19/38/10/016)
Unguwa uku s.p.s. xii (PU: 19/38/10/017)
Unguwa uku s.p.s. xiii (PU: 19/38/10/018)
Unguwa uku s.p.s. xiv (PU: 19/38/10/019)
Unguwa uku s.p.s. xv (PU: 19/38/10/020)
Unguwa uku s.p.s. xvi (PU: 19/38/10/021)

Unguwar gano Ward

(20 Polling Booths )
Rinji quarters i (PU: 19/38/09/001)
Rinji quarters ii (PU: 19/38/09/002)
Rinji quarters iii (PU: 19/38/09/003)
Unguwar gano primary school xi (PU: 19/38/09/014)
Unguwar gano, primary school i (PU: 19/38/09/004)
Unguwar gano, primary school ii (PU: 19/38/09/005)
Unguwar gano, primary school iii (PU: 19/38/09/006)
Unguwar gano, primary school iv (PU: 19/38/09/007)
Unguwar gano, primary school ix (PU: 19/38/09/012)
Unguwar gano, primary school v (PU: 19/38/09/008)
Unguwar gano, primary school vi (PU: 19/38/09/009)
Unguwar gano, primary school vii (PU: 19/38/09/010)
Unguwar gano, primary school viii (PU: 19/38/09/011)
Unguwar gano, primary school x (PU: 19/38/09/013)
Yar akwa quarters i (PU: 19/38/09/015)
Yar akwa quarters ii (PU: 19/38/09/016)
Yar akwa quarters iii (PU: 19/38/09/017)
Yar akwa quarters iv (PU: 19/38/09/018)
Yar akwa quarters v (PU: 19/38/09/019)
Yar akwa quarters vi (PU: 19/38/09/020)

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