Tarka L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

(10 Wards )

Mbaajir akaa

(5 Polling Booths )
Lgea primary school, uku/lgea primary school, uku (PU: 07/20/01/005)
Near agamber dura/agamber dura (PU: 07/20/01/001)
Near ikyegh vanger com./ikyegh vanger compound (PU: 07/20/01/004)
Near iwar dye comp/iwar dye compound (PU: 07/20/01/002)
Near tsavza nentger com/tsavza nenger compound (PU: 07/20/01/003)

Mbaayo Ward

(3 Polling Booths )
Aboho market square i/aboho (PU: 07/20/02/002)
Aboho market square ii/aboho (PU: 07/20/02/003)
Near amee comp./amee compound (PU: 07/20/02/001)

Mbachaver ikyondo Ward 

(12 Polling Booths )
Akpa agudo market square/akpa agudo market square (PU: 07/20/03/001)
Akpa mbakor market square/akpa mbakor market square (PU: 07/20/03/010)
Asukunya garage/asukunya garage (PU: 07/20/03/009)
Asukunya market square/asukunya market square (PU: 07/20/03/008)
Chia market square/chia market square. (PU: 07/20/03/012)
Lgea primary school, asukunya/lgea primary school, asukunya (PU: 07/20/03/006)
Near gever ingbian comp./near gever ingbian compound (PU: 07/20/03/007)
Near gyakpo anema comp./near gyakpo anema compound (PU: 07/20/03/004)
Near tse leke comp./near tse leke compound (PU: 07/20/03/011)
Near tse yave comp./near tse yave compound (PU: 07/20/03/005)
Tse ukondo market square i/tse ukondo market square (PU: 07/20/03/002)
Tse ukondo market square ii/tse ukondo market square (PU: 07/20/03/003)

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Mbaigba Ward 

(6 Polling Booths )
Lgea primary school, sende/lgea primary school, sende (PU: 07/20/04/002)
Lgea primary school, tiam/leea primary school, tiam (PU: 07/20/04/001)
Near ategba comp./near ategba compound (PU: 07/20/04/003)
Near tse feese comp./near tse feese compound (PU: 07/20/04/004)
Tarhembe market square/tarhembe market square. (PU: 07/20/04/005)
Wergba market square/wergba market square (PU: 07/20/04/006)

Mbaikyaa Ward 

(4 Polling Booths )
Gwarche market square i/gwarche market square i (PU: 07/20/05/002)
Gwarche market square ii/gwarche market square ii (PU: 07/20/05/003)
Lgea primary school, konikya/lgea primary school, konikyar (PU: 07/20/05/004)
Lgea primary school, uyio/lgea primary school, uyio (PU: 07/20/05/001)

Mbaikyo/mbayia Ward 

(13 Polling Booths )
Akoodo market square/akoodo market square (PU: 07/20/06/003)
Annune market square (mbakor y.c.)/annune market square (mbakor y.c.) (PU: 07/20/06/009)
Annune market square (way-in) annune market square (way-in) (PU: 07/20/06/007)
Annune market square (way-out) annune market square (way-out) (PU: 07/20/06/008)
Govt. sec. school, annune/annune (PU: 07/20/06/013)
Lgea primary school, annune/lgea primary school, annune (PU: 07/20/06/011)
Lgea primary school, buter/lgea primary school, buter (PU: 07/20/06/004)
Lgea primary school, salem i/lgea primary school salen i (PU: 07/20/06/001)
Lgea primary school,salen ii/lgae primary schoolsaleem ii (PU: 07/20/06/002)
Near iorkyase anember comp. i/near iorkyase compound i (PU: 07/20/06/005)
Near iorkyase anember comp. ii/near iorkyase compound ii (PU: 07/20/06/006)
Near tse gyer comp./near tse gyer compound (PU: 07/20/06/010)
Nkst. primary school, annune/nkst primary school, annune (PU: 07/20/06/012)

Mbakwakem Ward

(4 Polling Booths )
Lgea primary school kontien/lgea primary school, kontien (PU: 07/20/07/003)
Lgea primary school, ijor-imenger/lgea primary school, ijor-imenger (PU: 07/20/07/001)
Nkst primary school, mtso ii/mtso (PU: 07/20/07/004)
Nkst. primary school mtso i/nkst primary school, mtso (PU: 07/20/07/002)

Mbanyagber Ward 

(3 Polling Booths )
Lgea primary school, manger i/lgea primary school, manger i (PU: 07/20/08/002)
Lgea primary school, manger ii/lgea primary school, manger ii (PU: 07/20/08/003)
Nkst primary school, usombo/nkst. primary school, usombo (PU: 07/20/08/001)

Shitile Ward 

(7 Polling Booths )
Lgea primary agbe anyeke/lgea primary school, agbe anyeke (PU: 07/20/09/003)
Lgea primary school, chieke/lgea primary school, chieke (PU: 07/20/09/006)
Lgea primary school, ifegher/lgea primary school, ifegher (PU: 07/20/09/002)
Lgea primary school, imina/lgea primary school, imina (PU: 07/20/09/001)
Near tse ihyar comp/near tse ihyar compound (PU: 07/20/09/004)
Rcm primary school, tarbo/rcm primary school, tarbo (PU: 07/20/09/005)
Tiortyu market square/tiortyu square (PU: 07/20/09/007)

Tongov Ward 

(5 Polling Booths )
Ihuma market square/ihuma market square (PU: 07/20/10/002)
Lgea primary school, uchi/uchi (PU: 07/20/10/005)
Lgea school, bashibo/lgea school, bashibo (PU: 07/20/10/004)
Near atighir compound/near atighir compound (PU: 07/20/10/001)
Uchi market square/uchi market square (PU: 07/20/10/003)


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