The Nigerian Prisons Inmates’ Training and Productivity

The Inmates’ Training and Productivity (ITP) Directorate of the Nigerian Prisons service has the responsibility of training inmates specifically in Prison Farms and Industries for the purpose of not only imparting self-sustaining skills on them but also in the process inculcating in them the positive orientation of finding dignity in labour.

To that extent, this Directorate manages the Prisons workshops earlier mentioned.  There are also cottage industries which train inmates in mid-range industrial production.  Some of these are furniture making, soap making, toilet roll, manufacturing aluminum pots and metal works fabrications etc.  These are all geared towards giving our inmates practical skills that can help them live self-sustaining lives on discharge.

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The other branch of this Directorate is the Agric section.  This is the section that manages the Prison Farm Centres as well as the subsidiary farms and the market gardens.  The fundamental objective of the section is the training of inmates in farming methods, in Animal husbandry and other agricultural extension techniques.

The purpose being to teach agricultural skills to inmates to enable them stand on their own in these vocations on discharge.  Although the primary objective of the farms is essentially to train inmates as stated above, the Mechanized farm is capital intensive so much so that these farms are not only expected to generate commensurate revenue, they are expected to impact positively on the food situation in the country, by making cheap food available to the national economy.

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