The Nigerian Prisons Service Administration and Supplies Directorate

The Administration, and Supplies directorate of the Nigerian Prisons Service owns the responsibility of properly articulating and implementing policy on personnel matters such as appointment, promotion, staff distribution, posting, discipline and training.  This is the Directorate that sees to the recruitment and documentation of new staff.

It also coordinates promotions and plans the training programmes of the various training institutions which it supervises and ensures the discipline of staff of all categories.  In addition to the above, the Directorate also sees to the proper processing of staff wastages through:

  1. Death
  2. Voluntary retirements
  3. Compulsory retirements
  4. Dismissals / Terminations etc.

Through its pension unit, it ensures that retired/dead officers’ entitlements are promptly and properly computed and paid.

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The supplies section is charged with the responsibility of:

  1. Administering the prison stores.
  2. Procuring and distributing the necessary stores and generally seeing to the regular provision of the stores necessary for the smooth running of the Service.

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