The Nigerian Prisons Service Works and Logistics Directorate

The Works and Logistics Directorate of the Nigerian Prisons Service is the infrastructural mainframe Directorate. This is the Directorate that caters for both mobile and immobile prison infrastructure.

The Directorate is divided into two broad sections, namely, the Works and the Logistic sections.

The Works section has the responsibility of articulating, planning, implementing, supervising/monitoring the construction of prison projects. As prison is mainly about buildings and walls, this section undertakes the construction/supervision of prison cells/walls, barracks and office as well as hospital buildings construction.

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The Maintenance Unit of the section undertakes the maintenance of prison infrastructures like offices, prison walls, cells, barracks etc.

The other section in the Directorate is the Logistics section. This is the section that is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the fleet of prison vehicles and plants. This means that this section is responsible for the maintenance of all departmental vehicles including farm machineries, plants and escort duty fleet.

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