Tofa L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

Dindere Award

(4 Polling Booths )
Dindere primary school (PU: 19/39/01/001)
Sire health post (PU: 19/39/01/002)
Yalwa health post i (PU: 19/39/01/003)
Yalwa health post ii (PU: 19/39/01/004)

Doka Award

(6 Polling Booths )
Beche/ gindin bishiya` (PU: 19/39/02/001)
Doka cikin gari, primary school i (PU: 19/39/02/002)
Doka cikin gari, primary school ii (PU: 19/39/02/003)
Doka cikin gari, primary school iii (PU: 19/39/02/004)
Farun-ruwa-k mai unguwa (PU: 19/39/02/005)
Katsalle-bakin kwalta (PU: 19/39/02/006)

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Gajida Award

(4 Polling Booths )
Bugayawa turaki (PU: 19/39/03/001)
Daguriba/hissata-k mai unguwa (PU: 19/39/03/002)
Gajida, primary school (PU: 19/39/03/003)
Jarkasa, kofar g. mai unguwa (PU: 19/39/03/004)

Ginsawa Award

(4 Polling Booths )
Ginsawa c/gari-gindin tsamiya (PU: 19/39/04/001)
Ginsawa dandali, health post i (PU: 19/39/04/002)
Ginsawa dandali, health post ii (PU: 19/39/04/003)
Makaurata, primary school (PU: 19/39/04/004)

Janguza Award

(9 Polling Booths )
Army barracks, primary school i (PU: 19/39/06/001)
Army barracks, primary school ii (PU: 19/39/06/002)
Army barracks, primary school iii (PU: 19/39/06/003)
Army barracks, primary school iv (PU: 19/39/06/004)
Janguza c/gari, health post i (PU: 19/39/06/005)
Janguza c/gari, health post ii (PU: 19/39/06/006)
Janguza c/gari, health post iii (PU: 19/39/06/007)
Tudun malama c/gari, health post (PU: 19/39/06/008)
Unguwar fako-gidin bishiya (PU: 19/39/06/009)

Jauben kudu Award

(5 Polling Booths )
Bugai, gindin bishiya i (PU: 19/39/05/001)
Bugai, gindin bishiya ii (PU: 19/39/05/002)
Jauben kudu c/gari, primary school (PU: 19/39/05/003)
Larabawa, gindin bishiya (PU: 19/39/05/004)
Mai gwarje, k mai unguwa (PU: 19/39/05/005)

Kwami Award

(5 Polling Booths )
Gudda, primary school i (PU: 19/39/07/001)
Kwami c/gari, primary school (PU: 19/39/07/003)
Kwami, primary school ii (PU: 19/39/07/002)
Rinji, k. mai unguwa (PU: 19/39/07/004)
Ruga, primary school (PU: 19/39/07/005)

Lambu Award

(12 Polling Booths )
Bakin kare, primary school i (PU: 19/39/08/001)
Bakin kare, primary school ii (PU: 19/39/08/002)
Dansudu, primary school i (PU: 19/39/08/003)
Dansudu, primary school ii (PU: 19/39/08/004)
Fanshata, primary school i (PU: 19/39/08/005)
Fanshata, primary school ii (PU: 19/39/08/006)
Gajerawa, primary school i (PU: 19/39/08/007)
Gajerawa, primary school ii (PU: 19/39/08/008)
Kahotara, primary school (PU: 19/39/08/009)
Lambu c/gari, primary school i (PU: 19/39/08/010)
Lambu c/gari, primary school ii (PU: 19/39/08/011)
Lambu c/gari, primary school iii (PU: 19/39/08/012)

Langel Award

(6 Polling Booths )
Jama’ar zailani, open space (PU: 19/39/09/001)
Langel c/gari, primary school i (PU: 19/39/09/002)
Langel c/gari, primary school ii (PU: 19/39/09/003)
Launawa, islamiyya primary school (PU: 19/39/09/004)
Yandadi ,open space i (PU: 19/39/09/005)
Yandadi, open space ii (PU: 19/39/09/006)

Tofa Award

(17 Polling Booths )
Anas, l.i.p. primary school i (PU: 19/39/10/001)
Anas, l.i.p. primary school ii (PU: 19/39/10/002)
Danda’ k.danadala i (PU: 19/39/10/003)
Danda’ k.danadala ii (PU: 19/39/10/004)
Fadi sonka, j.s.s. k/kudu i (PU: 19/39/10/005)
Fadi sonka, j.s.s. k/kudu ii (PU: 19/39/10/006)
Kofar arewa, women centre i (PU: 19/39/10/007)
Kofar arewa, women centre ii (PU: 19/39/10/008)
Kofar arewa, women centre iii (PU: 19/39/10/009)
Kofar gabas’ l’i.p. primary school i (PU: 19/39/10/010)
Kofar gabas’ l’i.p. primary school ii (PU: 19/39/10/011)
Kofar gabas’ l’i.p. primary school iii (PU: 19/39/10/012)
Kofar kudu j.s.s. k/kudun iii (PU: 19/39/10/015)
Kofar kudu’ j.s.s. k/kudun i (PU: 19/39/10/013)
Kofar kudu’ j.s.s. k/kudun ii (PU: 19/39/10/014)
Kofar yamma’ islamiyya primary school i (PU: 19/39/10/016)
Kofar yamma’ islamiyya primary school ii (PU: 19/39/10/017)

Unguwar rimi Ward

(10 Polling Booths )
Fanshata, kofar mai unguwa (PU: 19/39/11/001)
Jigawa, open space i (PU: 19/39/11/002)
Jigawa, open space ii (PU: 19/39/11/003)
Jigawa, yan garki open space (PU: 19/39/11/004)
Sabon gari, kofar mai unguwa i (PU: 19/39/11/005)
Sabon gari, kofar mai unguwa ii (PU: 19/39/11/006)
Unguwa rimi c/gari, primary school i (PU: 19/39/11/007)
Unguwa rimi c/gari, primary school ii (PU: 19/39/11/008)
Yan garki-yangarki i (PU: 19/39/11/009)
Yan garki-yangarki ii (PU: 19/39/11/010)

Wangara Ward

(7 Polling Booths )
Fako, fako open space (PU: 19/39/12/001)
Tababni, k. mai unguwa (PU: 19/39/12/002)
Wangara c/gar, primary school i (PU: 19/39/12/003)
Wangara c/gar, primary school ii (PU: 19/39/12/004)
Wangara c/gar, primary school iii (PU: 19/39/12/005)
Yandadi- yankuni (PU: 19/39/12/006)
Zangon – kamfa zango (PU: 19/39/12/007)

Yalwa karama Ward

(4 Polling Booths )
Karal boko, open space (PU: 19/39/13/001)
Saburawa, k. mai unguwa (PU: 19/39/13/002)
Yalwa karama c/gari, primary school i (PU: 19/39/13/003)
Yalwa karama c/gari, primary school ii (PU: 19/39/13/004)

Yanoko Ward

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