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Top 10 Hotels In Abia State


Top 10 Hotels In Abia state

  1. Hotel Royal Damgrete
    Umuahia, Abia – 13/14 Factory Road, GRA
  2. Villa Roy Hotels
    Umuahia, Abia – 19 Mission Hill
  3. Eastern Comfort Hotels
    Umuahia, Abia – 134/136 Aba Road, Umuahia
  4. Evergreen Hotel
    Aba, Abia – No 6 Umola Road Off Ikot Ekpene Road Ogbor Hill
  5. Hotel De La Paix
    Aba, Abia – 60 Ekenna Avenue/38 Brass Street.
  6. Hotel Terminus
    Aba, Abia – Â 230/246 Azikiwe Road
  7. Gado International Hotels
    Umuahia, Abia – 59 Mission Hil, Umuahia, Nigeria.
  8. City Global Hotels
    Aba, Abia – 32 Ekenna Avenue Off Okigwe Road
  9. Luxury City Royal
    Aba, Abia – 84b, Aba-Owerri Road
  10. Lekota Springs Hotel
    Aba, Abia – 47-51 Ikot Ekpene Road, Ogbor Hills

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