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Top Best HR Companies In Nigeria


For Every organization, they  must have a vibrant human resource (HR) department. And one of the ways of ensuring that is by consulting with top notch HR companies

There are several HR in Nigeria and we’ve highlighted in no order, the best 10 based on their experience and expertise.

1. Kimberley Ryan

With offices in Lagos, Abuja, Kampala, Nairobi, Accra and London, Kimberley Ryan isn’t just one of the major HR firms in the country; it is actually a world renowned HR Company.

The company is one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to attracting, developing and retaining superior human capital.

Over the years, Kimberley Ryan has formed strong partnership with reputable companies such as Staton Chase International and SFH.

Their focal services include providing creative HR solutions, reliable service, collaborative partnership.

Over the years, Kimberley Ryan has established a strong brand presence through their collaboration with companies in different sectors of the economy.

2. WorkForce Group

WorkForce Group is an HR company that is focused on human capital management, outsourcing and business consulting.

These divisions of the company have been reiterated by many industry experts as one of the best in country.

Workforce was established in 2004 and many of their clients attest to their unique ability to consistently adopt a thorough approach in understanding their peculiar needs and properly deploying innovative solutions to meet those needs.

Overall, the services offered at Workforce encompassing these aspects:

HR Consulting
Outsourcing and
And some of their popular products which are useful in training and assessment include:

Peerless LMS
Elearning A-Z
Native Smart

3. Ashford & McGuire Consulting
Located in Victoria Island, Lagos, Ashford & McGuire Consulting is one of the foremost HR consulting firms in the country.

The firm is focused on delivering unique value to the numerous clients while consistently redefining the consulting market space.

The consulting firm is made up of a group of consultants whose experience and expertise have been helpful in the course of their many projects.

A&M Consulting is a specialist company when it comes to recruitments, performance management and HR transformation.

They are also involved in financial management, industrial analysis and executing corporate strategy.

4. Gigastreams Consulting
One of the companies in the HR sector that has emerged as a strong player in recent times is Gigastreams Consulting.

The company has been able to leverage IT and value creation into HR development and training thereby providing client-specific and innovative solutions.

Their services have been known to enhance the performance and growth of their clients and these have translated to excellent business results.

The core areas of management consulting which this company is known for include project management training. Others include:

Human Capital Training & Development
Customized corporate trainings
Career Counseling & Development

5. Accenture Nigeria
Accenture Nigeria is one of the major HR consulting firms in the country. The company is a subsidiary of Accenture, a US based organization and a Fortune 500 company.

Overall, Accenture Nigeria is reputed for their ability to provide cutting edge solutions using both established and emerging technologies.

6. Adexen
If you’re looking to recruit competent staffs for your business, one of the best companies in Nigeria to use is Adexen.

Adexen is a global HR firm with a focus on headhunting and recruitment. The consultants at Adexen have expertise and experience working with different companies all over Africa.

This enables them analyze potential clients extensively prior to recruitment. Some of the sectors which they have been actively involved in include:

Oil and Gas
Finance and Agriculture
7. PeopleSource Consulting
Peoplesource Consulting is one of the top HR firms with a reputable team of highly experienced human resources and business development specialists.

The company provides HR consultancy services that provide the necessary support for the growth and developmental needs of organizations.

They known how to identify the best talents across industries and they are passionate about seeing people excel in an enabling environment.

Peoplesource is involved in:

International and Local recruitment
Learning and development
HR Business consulting
HR Resources & Software Solutions

8.Phillips Consulting
Phillips Consulting is a management and business consulting firm with a very vibrant HR department.

Founded by Folusho Philips in 1992, the company has grown to become one of the leading HR firms with influence in all the major sectors of the economy.

With offices in Lagos and Abuja, Philips Consulting is well known for their unique expertise in helping clients improve their efficiency and build their human capital capacity.

Additionally, they have a subsidiary – Phillips Outsourcing which is a reputable firm when it comes to outsourcing personnel to organizations.

Since inception, Phillips Consulting have been able to complete over 3000 projects with over 1000 happy and satisfied clients.

9. SENCE (Skill Enhancement Center)
SENCE has been involved in HR management in the last 25 years and the company has stood the test of time in the last 3 decades.

Their expertise is well known in the following area;

Outsourcing of HR staff/Temporary Staff
Developing HR structures
Recruitment of professional staff up to the CEO level.
Staff and career counselling
However their major area of strength is in HR consulting and they have built their market around small and medium scale companies.

Through their HR Concierge service, SENCE has been able to help small businesses acquire professionals as well as provide HR service at an affordable cost.

The company has a competent workforce and a highly experienced team of business partners and this group at SENCE knows what it is to run a business in the peculiar Nigerian clime.

9. Ace Human Resources Consulting
If you’re looking to improve your company’s HR department, one of the top class HR consulting firms that can help you make strategic decisions is Ace Human Resources Consulting.

Their services include:

HR Outsourcing
Payroll Outsourcing
HR Software
Compensation and salary surveys
Training and Development
Organizational Development
Some of their many satisfied clients include: Abuja Enterprise Agency, Value Seeds, Bestway Luxury Suites and Aframero Limited.

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