Top Etisalat Data Plan And Subscription Codes

Etisalat Daily Data Plans

These bundles are for users that are on a tight budget and need great alternatives instead of monthly subscriptions.

10MB FOR N50 – Validity of 24 Hours

I bet you wouldn’t get a decent plan less than this, although Globacom offers a whooping 30MB of data. The Etisalat plan is suitable for low internet users.

To subscribe to this plan

Dial *229*3*8#

50MB FOR N100

If 10MB wouldn’t do, here Etisalat is offering your 50MB worth of data with a validity period of 24hours.

To opt in,

Dial *229*1#


200MB FOR N200

You don’t need to break the bank for the Etisalat weekly plan because they are easy on the pocket. And thanks to this plan you can get 200MB with just N200.

I believe it’s a fair offer, considering regular weekly plan use to cost over N500.

To get 200MB for as little as N200 valid for 7 days.

Dial *229*2*10#


Text LCD2 to “299”


Are you Looking for internet packet to see you through the month?

Sure the monthly internet packages will suit your data use.

500MB FOR N500

200MB ain’t enough? Then this plan is just what you need.

At this rate, 1MB should cost just about N1. This mobile plan is ideal for average data users.  You can use this plan for your laptop, modem, laptop and Pc.

This plan is valid for 30  days.

To get this incredible plan

Dial *229*2*12#


Text LCD2 to “299”

Etisalat 1GB Data Plan

I will say this, MTN’s  1GB for N1,000 plan is better than Etisalat data bundle plan 1GB @ N1,000. However, this plan is better than it was, therefore you have nothing to lose.

To get this plan for 30 days.

Dial *229*2*7#

Valid for 30 days.

1.5GB FOR N1,200

In my point of view, Etisalat’s 1.5GB  of data for N1,200 is rather expensive compared to MTN, GLO & AIRTEL DATA PLANS.

I’d advise you check out GLO Plans as they offer more for about N200 less.

To get 1.5MB worth of Etisalat data.

Dial *229*2*25#


Text AND11 to “229”

Valid for 30 days.

Get 2.5GB FOR N2,000

This Etisalat data plan in its category is on level with  other network providers. I’ll have to chip in here, Etisalat did a great job of making the 2.5GB affordable, despite the price, Etisalat can still improve on this offer.

Please, Etisalat do something about it, boys ain’t smiling.

That aside, to subscribe to 2.5GB for N2,000

Dial  *229*2*8#


Text AND2 to “299”

This plan is Valid for 30 days.

GET 3.5GB FOR N2,500

N500 makes a lot of difference, as you can see, N500 can get you from 2.5GB to 3.5GB worth of data. If you ask me, that’s a good deal.

To opt-in

Dial *229*2*26#


Text AND2 to 299

GET 5GB FOR N3,500

With just N3,500 you can get up to 5GB of data. At the very least, this plan is an upgrade to what we were used to before.

Of course, this is not the cheapest plan but you can make do and use the 5GB satisfactorily. Need I say more, this plan is valid for 30 days, so you could enjoy 5BG with N3,500

Subscription code for this plan

Dial *229*2*9#


Text AND3 to “229”

Validity period of 30 days.

Get 11.5GB FOR N8,000

At this point, 11.5GB for N8,000 is quite pricey, despite the price. Considering how expensive data plans were before NCC removed the data floor price, I’d say Etisalat Nigeria have tried, although there’s still room to improve on this offer.

To subscribe to this plan,

Dial *229*5#


Text MB6 to “229”

Validity period of 30 days.

GET 27.5GB FOR N18,000

To get 27.5GB worth of data for N18,000

Dial *229*4#


Text SM3 to “229”

GET 100GB FOR N84,992

Etisalat Nigeria is willing to dish out 100GB for roughly N85,000. This plan is for the power user’s that would like to go on a downloading spree.

To subscribe

Dial *229*4*5#


Text SM5 to “229”

Also valid for 30 days.

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GET 120GB FOR 110,000

We’ve reached the most expensive Etisalat data plan which is valid for 365 days. In my point of view, this plan is an excellent choice for companies to carry menial tasks online in the absence of Wi-Fi network.

To get this yearly plan

Simply Dial *229*5*3#


Alternatively Text 12M to “229”

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