Traditional Marriage In Akwa Ibom

Like in most traditions in Nigeria, the traditional marriage precedes other forms of marriage e.g white, court or religious, In Akwa Ibom it is unique and stylish, although it varries slightly depending on the location.

See the common process of traditional marriage in Akwa Ibom below;

Step 1 is called “NDIDIONG UFOK” Which literally means “to know the house” in some Nigerian cultures this is termed Introduction
Step 2 is called “NKONG UDOK /NKONG USONG” Which literally means “knocking of the door” This is the stage is the formal declaration of intentions, where the man visits the woman’s home again to officially ask for the lady’s hand and collect the traditional marriage list. During this visit The date of the delivery of the items is usually settled.

Step 2 is called “UNÓ MKPO” Which literally means “to give something”, during this visit the grom is expected to return to the bride’s house with the items and some members of his family, the major highlight of this is the “Arguing of the list”

Akwa Ibom Arguing of Traditional wedding List.

Step 3 is called “USORO NDO” Which is the traditional marriage ceremony proper

Step 4 is called “Usio Unyong” and it is the post marriage phase , this is a silent part and if you are not too observant, you may not witness this.

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