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Traditional Marriage In Imo State Nigeria


 See below The Traditional Marriage In Imo State Nigeria And How It Is Done;

Marriage or wedding functions among the Igbos of eastern Nigeria isn’t very different today to what it used to be 100 years prior. A wedding is called “Igba Nkwu” in customary Igbo dialect, and it an undertaking that joins two families and towns together, not just the man and the lady.

In the long time past days, guardians get a marriage issue for the benefit of their child or girl – a couple with an eligible child visits a family companion or another couple with an eligible little girl and requested their girl to wed their child. In any case, today, a man is allowed to bring home whoever he picks or a woman whoever she picks insofar the guardians affirm of the other.

In basic strides, beneath are the ways circumstances that happen before a marriage is culminated in Igboland:

A man sees a woman of his decision and opens up his brain and expectations to her. In the event that she concurs, they start an attentive dating issue that must not be made so open.

The man at that point insinuate his folks of his want to wed the specific woman, and the guardians illuminate the whole family who researches the woman’s family to make sure she’s from a decent and sound family.

The man together with his folks at that point visits the guardians of the woman, who engages them with beverages and nourishments until the night. At that point guardians of the man or their representative makes a sound as if to speak and uncovers the explanation behind their visit to the group of the woman – to wed their little girl who is distinguished by name in the event that they have a few eligible young ladies.

In a few towns, the guardians of the woman may get her out and inquire as to whether she knows the suitor and intrigued by wedding him; and in some different towns the guardians of the young lady will just comprehend the reason for the visit and request time to talk with their little girl.

Before the following gathering which may take weeks, the guardians of the woman would have explored the group of the suitor to be sure he is from a decent and sound family.

Upon the arrival of the following gathering, the group of the man comes back again to the lady’s family who says they have acknowledged the offer of marriage; and after that rundowns out the lady’s share and different things that must be displayed for the wedding to hold.

A portion of the things requested by the woman’s family incorporate –

The lady of the hour endowment (Ika Akalika)

Kegs of palm-wine

Bottles of gin, wine, spirits

Kolanuts and intense kola

A goat or chickens

Bags of rice

Tubers of yam

Crates of soda pops

Packs of stockfish

Bales of conventional materials or wrappers


viii. A day is settled for every one of these things to be conveyed to the family compound of the woman. The quantities of yam, beverages, chicken, or different things shift from town to town. When these things are submitted and acknowledged, at that point a wedding date is set.

Upon the arrival of the wedding, there is devouring all around and loved ones and villagers from different spots come to go to the event. A gourd containing palm-wine (Iko) is given to the lady of the hour to be given to her better half who is situated among the visitors or group. She pays special mind to her significant other even as distractors coax her to bring the palm-wine, however she decays and hands it over to her better half – stooping down. At that point is the marriage culminated.

In some different towns, they may require the lady of the hour to peddle or offer a plate of desserts or bubbled eggs or other paltry things among the watching group and guests to demonstrate she is innovative and would be exceptionally useful to her significant other in the home. This may go before the palm-wine offering function to her significant other.

In a few groups, they hone the “Idu Uno” where the lady of the hour’s family visits the lady of the hour’s new home some days after the wedding to give her family unit things, for example, cooking utensils, bed-sheets, boxes, sewing machine, bed, pad cases, plates, garments and different things recently wedded couples need to begin an existence and family.

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